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Kudryashov E.A. Estimation of frequency response simulation reliability for a moving cantilevered accelerometer system

A methodology is considered where the simulation reliability is determined by modeling a test problem with a precise analytical solution such as an eigenfrequency and waveform spectrum problem for a moving system like a cantilever bar. Simulation error estimates are derived for the eigenfrequencies and bending vibration forms of such moving system.

Lеn’коv S.V. Signals restoration at bump tests

An FFT-based algorithm for signal restoration in a dynamic measuring system is proposed. The restoration error estimates are derived and experimental results are included.

Kasianov V.A., Kasianov S.V., Osipov S.P. High-energy deceleration emission recording in customs inspection

The features of high-energy deceleration emission recording in customs inspection are discussed. Upper estimates for jitter buildup factor are obtained. Based on numerical experiment results analysis, the paper proves that the secondary electrons leakage does not entail inspection performance degradation for CsI, CdWO2, CaF4, and C10H14 scintillation detectors with transverse size exceeding 3 mm.

Tikhonenkov E.V., Mishin V.A. Circuitry minimization of additive temperature error of pressure load cells with bridge metering circuit

The paper offers the methods for quantitative assessment of compensating elements for the 2 most prevalent ways of circuit compensation of temperature error for all types of load cell pressure sensors with bridge metering circuit.

Vinogradov A.N., Chipulis V P. Efficiency analysis of heat consumption regulation

The criteria and techniques to estimate heat consumption regulation efficiency are proposed. The problem is solved on the basis of historized instrument readings. The case study of mixed control implemented both at thermal energy source and consumer is examined.

Raspopov V.Ya. Microelectromechanical systems
Lecture 7. The dynamics of accelerometers’ sensing elements

Firago V.A., Krot V.V., Manak I.S., Drozd S.N. Laser monitoring of CO and O2 concentration in boiler flue gases

The application efficiency of absorption laser spectroscopy in the equipment for CO and O2 monitoring in boiler flue gases is examined. Tie lines for these gases absorption in near infrared are selected, and the relationships between their intensity and half-width and the gaseous medium temperature and pressure are derived. Numerical methods were used to analyze laser monitoring errors for key laser spectroscopy techniques. The paper shows that under dissipative losses and fluctuations of probing flux level, the minimum error is provided by the modified correlation method.

Nikolaev I.N., Unichenko P.O. MIS sensors sensitivity to organic vapors

The sensitivities of MIS sensors with Pd-Ta2O5-SiO2-Si structure to the vapors of 13 organic analytes are measured. The paper shows that the sensitivities are 104…106 times smaller than the sensitivities to low atomic gases. The sensitivities can be increased by the factor 103 using an external heating element. The results obtained are discussed in the context of a model presuming the availability of electrically active traps located along the metal-dielectric interface of MIS structure.

Yusupbekov N.R., Gulyamov Sh.M., Mukhamedkhanov U.T., Bandenok E.Yu. Electrochemical cell catalyst selection for natural gases analyzer

The paper discusses the results of experimental investigation of a coulometric method for determining mercaptans concentration in natural gas. The results obtained allowed to develop an electrochemical analyzer for gas mixes.

Tashmatov H.K. A thermal transducer for water level

A basic modular structure of a thermal transducer for water level is presented. The device was tested during water level control and monitoring in drain wells.

Andreev I.P. Portable and embedded flowrate calibrators: a theoretical background of spinner’s skid compensation

Theoretical background of a antiskid measuring spinner and its application prospect for gas flowrate accounting unit. An example of antiskid implementation in aircraft engine testing is adduced.

Biryukov S.Yu. Process controls modernization at electric power units

The experience of PJSC Eletrocentronaladka in process control systems commissioning and application at electric power units is outlined.

Mozheyko A.A., Kuznetsova L.P. Virtual devices implementation with CT3400 multiprocessor

The paper informs about virtual devices implementation on the basis of CT3400 multiprocessor. Key phases of translation process from textual description of virtual devices into the parallel assembler code for CT3400 multiprocessor’s coprocessors are described. Code optimization problems are discussed; the problem of developing a more effective algorithm for code allocation among coprocessors is formulated.

Doroshko V.V. Radar level meters from Metran Industrial Group

The featured properties and capabilities of radar level meters offered by Metran Industrial Group are outlined. The 5400 Series level meters are examined as an example.

Khoruzhev G.M. Application of Irga-RV vortex flowmeters in harsh environments

Brief performance data of Irga-RV vortex flowmeter are presented. The operation principle of a vortex flowmeter is described, and the advantages of Irga-RV are listed that allow the flowmeter to operate in harsh environments.

Granovsky V.A. Metrology position in the system of sciences

The problem of synthesizing metrology place in the system of sciences is discussed. The problem’s solution is based on changing traditional Galileo’s paradigm with a new one proposed by G.P.Schedrovitsky. The paper shows metrology differences from other natural sciences built axiomatically and its community with other disciplines aimed at technosphere investigation and change. The results of the analysis of metrology relationships with natural and applied sciences are presented that allowed to identify both its structure and position in the system of ‘technospheric’ disciplines. The prospect of formulating the fundamental concepts of metrology is shown.

Gusev V.G. Modern measurements and instrumentation: a historical review

The paper discusses the problems that require special attention when preparing measurement engineers.









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