Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 3, March 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Khranilov V. P. Interactive computational resource allocation in a smart sensor system


The paper describes a mathematical model of an interactive computational resource allocation process for smart sensor system design on the basis of optimum alternative choice. A case study is included.



Raspopov V. Ya., Tovkach S. E. Navigation system of a pilotless mini aircraft


The navigation system structure for a pilotless mini aircraft by weight of up to 4 kg is discussed. The system is designed as a stand-alone module intended for unmanned autonomy, takeoff and landing under the supervision of a ground operator. The modules and components providing aircraft orientation and navigation in all flight regimes are identified. System resolution in navigational parameters measurement is analyzed.



Chub E. G., Pogorelov V. A., Klodina T. V. Application of finite rotation vector for gyro-stabilized platform models synthesis


The equations for gyro-stabilized platform placed on the Earth are derived. The equations characterize the time variation of its instantaneous rotation velocity vector in the gyroscope coordinate system.



Zadvornov S. A., Sokolovsky A. A. On fire and explosion safety of fiber-optic sensor systems


Some fire and explosion safety issues for fiber-optic sensor systems with high optical radiation levels are analyzed. The paper shows that the threshold power level of explosion safety in the harshest environment is 40…50 mW in the optical fiber with the core diameter 100 μm.



Raspopov V. Ya. Microelectromechanical systems


Lecture 11. Direct conversion pressure sensors



Babayan R. R.


Research results and a brief description of an electrometric amplifier with signal modulation and demodulation with the current susceptibility threshold ca. 8Ч10–14 and voltage susceptibility threshold 1..2 μV are presented.



Lobanov A. Y., Makhnev V. B., Sal’nikov A. F. Kamerton analyzer for dynamic load evaluation in transportation systems


The paper discusses the enhancement of the capabilities of Kamerton synchronous multi-channel analyzer for load evaluation in transportation systems (transmission of gas, liquid and other media). The way to solve the problem is demonstrated based on the research undertaken for the exhaust tract of Ural gas compressor unit.



Kolomiets L. N., Badeeva E. A., Murashkina T. I. To the implementation of differential signal transformation in fiber-optic reflection-type pressure transducers


Design data for a differential fiber-optic reflection-type transducers providing differential signal transformation are determined.



Rubanov V. V., Nikonenko V. A. New products of Etalon Scientific and Production Company for process control applications


Destination, functionality, and performance data of temperature transducers and controllers manufactured by Etalon Scientific and Production Company (Omsk, Russia) are overviewed.



Rudnev P. I., Dorofeev P. G. Charge amplifier for vibration and shock meters


CA-2614 shock amplifier developed by ADC Center, LLC is described. Measurement error sources are investigated. Recommendations on noise rejection and differential output sensors connection are made.



Zhukov B. V., Solyarsky N. F., Tarasov I. A., Berezin E. I. Low-frequency modifications of acoustic transducers of Zond-3M acoustic level meter


Low-frequency modifications of acoustic transducers of Zond-3M acoustic level meter are described including the ones based on plane acoustic wave. The data for distance dependencies of the absolute error in rangefinder mode are presented.



Kasatkin S. I., Vasilieva N. P., Muraviov A. M. A pathogen detection device based on thin-film magnetoresistive biosensors


The paper discusses recent advances in the development of LOC (lab on a chip) biosensor-based pathogen detection devices whose sensing element is an array of thin-film anizotropic spin-gate or spin-tunnel magnetoresistive magnetic field sensors based on multi-chip planar technology.








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