Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 3, March 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Bogush M.V. Mechanical reliability evaluation for the sensing elements of piezoelectric sensors


The paper describes a mechanical availability evaluation method for a sensing element (SE) – a critical component of a piezoelectric sensor. The method is based on the analysis of a 3D model of the stress condition subject to the pressure affecting the SE and temperature changes. Such analysis improves the reliability of estimates under operation conditions.



Odivanov V.L., Kurbanov R.Kh., Sadykov I.I., Kharisov A.G. Canal Kvant hard-/software system for measuring the composition and flowrate of oil well fluid


The paper informs about hardware parameters and structure, software components and functionalities of a system intended for measuring the flowrate and watering of the oil produced from the well. The system is a part of oil well automation tools.



Buzanovsky V.A. The synthesis of agrochemical information-measuring systems


The problem of synthesizing information-measuring systems of physicochemical composition and properties of materials is considered. Design schemes meeting the requirements are determined and the technical feasibility is evaluated.



Pakholkin E.V., Podmasteriev K.V. Tribological monitoring instruments


The instruments for monitoring and diagnosis of tribological objects and materials based on electrical tribomonitoring technique are described. The most promising application areas are outlined.



Kuznetsova E.V. The influence of rubbing materials’ heterogeneity on temperature measurement performed in the friction area by a natural thermoelectric sensor


The paper shows the opportunity of estimating the probability of errors occurrence in process of instantaneous temperature measurements in the friction area using thermoelectric technique.



Afonin S.M., Afonin P.S. Static and dynamic characteristics of composite piezoceramic actuators for nano- and microdisplacements


The performance of composite piezoceramic actuators for longitudinal and transverse piezoeffects with parallel and code control is investigated. Static and dynamic characteristics of composite piezoceramic actuators for nano- and microdisplacements are modeled.



Miroshnichenko I.P., Serkin A.G. The correction of minor displacement measurement results by means of laser interferometers


A methodology for complex correction of the results of minor displacement measurements by means of laser interferometers is presented. The methodology is based on the integral estimation of the interferogram’s optical field intensity and allows for the influence of external destabilizing factors.



Andreev M.Ya., Klyushin V.V., Okhrimenko S.N., et al. Integration of underwater searching information systems on a surface ship


The development strategy of an integrated underwater searching information system for a surface ship is discussed. This new generation hydroacoustic equipment integrates all active and passive acoustic and nonacoustic tools of a ship and solves the complex task of target detection, tracking, classification, and data submission to the ship’s automated battle control system.



Ushakov A.Yu., Pimenov A.I., Zemlyanov M.M. Fault tolerance of an information system with multichannel backup


An emergency device deactivation subsystem intended for isolating the failed modules of digital signal processing equipment is considered. The results of such system implementation as a part of an industrial data acquisition complex are presented.



Rakhimov R.R., Nikanorov V.V., Stavitskiy V.A., et. al. Wireless information-measuring system for monitoring process parameters of gas wells and collectors


A wireless system intended for monitoring gas fields operation is described; its operation features are discussed. Basic performance attributes of its instruments are presented.



Orlov I.Ya., Yefimov V.S., Lukichev A.N. An automated measuring system for investigating integrated circuit characteristics


An automated measuring system is considered with a case study of digital and analog integrated circuits investigation. The system has demonstrated its high effectiveness in the scientific research related with the development of new instruments and devices with required performenace.



Mulev Yu.V., Mulev A.Yu. Pressure indicators in high temperature environments


A test bench and an investigation methodology for evaluating the influence of high measurand and environment temperatures on pressure gage readings are considered.



Alexeev V.L., Nikolaev O.M., Renkachishskaya E.I. New digital instruments for power industry


The experience of Electropribor works (Cheboksary, Russia) in supplying new digital measuring instruments for power industry is described.



Baskov P.B., Berikashvily V.Sh., Kasianov A.S., et al. Combined fiber-optic modules for sensors and data gathering systems


Optical fibers used in fiber-optic sensors and measuring systems are analyzed. New techniques for design and development of multifunctional light pipes and multicore-fiber modules are offered. Various structures of spectrum analyzing measuring systems using fibers and multicore-fiber modules are considered. The possibility of their application in Raman and emission spectroscopy systems is discussed.

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