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Antsev I. G., Bogoslovsky S. V., Vinogradov A. V. Modulation type optimization for inquiry signals of SAW (surface acoustic wave) wireless sensors


Study results of SAW based sensor characteristics influence of modulation type and frequency deviation of inquiry signals of wireless passive sensors on surface acoustic waves based on dispersive delay lines are presented. Suboptimal type of phase variation law was determined which ensures high sensitivity to external influences. Proposed approach guarantees high interference immunity and also measurement accuracy with increased operating radius. Physical limitations to an implementation of proposed devices were considered.

Key words: pressure transducers, passive, dispersive delay lines.



Avanesyan H. R. Method of definition of non-linear distortions of random signals based on a statistical evaluation of changes of a differential gain


In the article the method permitting to determine non-linear distortions of signals with any spectrum, containing the useful information is circumscribed. Feature of a method is the application as a criterion of an evaluation of distortions, probabilistic parameter of dispersion of instantaneous values of a differential gain. The features of engineering realization of a method are considered.

Key words: dispersion, nonlinear distortions, evaluation criterion, gain factor, random signal.



Stepanov S. N., Belov A. A., Voloshin A. E. Universal controlling system of the crystal growth apparatus for the growing crystals from water solution


The crystallization arrangement controlling system for crystal growth apparatus for the growing crystals from water solution is described. Their main features are high degree of reliability and ability to sustain stable parameters in the arrangement. This system has important advantages comparably usually used industrial controlling systems. Using of this controlling system permits to grow large crystals with preprogrammed optical properties.

Key words: crystal growth, crystallization arrangement, water solution, controlling system, durability, parameter stability.



Goshlya R. Yu., Zakharenko V. A., Ponomarev D. B. Thermal control sensor based on piezoelectric quartz


Thermal radiation detector with frequency output signal and sensitive element made from piezoelectric quartz. Experimental data and mathematical model of this type of radiation detector are presented.

Key words: thermal control sensor, quartz piezoelectric element, resonance frequency.



Abdullayev N. A., Asadov H. H. New concept for development of acoustometric complex using photometer controlled higher atmospheric channel


Тhe new concept for development of acoustometric atmospheric complex, designed for location of acoustic-shock waves sources is described. The method for development of photometric system, used for control of solar activity, effected on atmospheric channel is suggested.

Keywords: acoustometric complex; atmosphere; photometer; solar activity.



Polokhov A. N. Sensor for electrostatic field strength vector measurement


Experimental system for the determination of the existence of electrostatic field and the value of its strength based on the measurement of displacement current and corresponding computer processing was described.

Key words: electrostatic field, displacement current, measuring circuit, data input device to computer, processing algorithm.



Khmarov I. M., Kondrashov N. G. Techniques and measuring installation for definition of a wide set of optical characteristics of samples of materials


In given article multipurpose measuring installation for definition of a wide set of optical characteristics of samples of materials is presented, including: indicatrix of diffusion, spectral dependences of factors of reflexion, factor of mirror reflexion, degree когерентности a mirror component, thermodynamic reflective characteristics. Synthesis of parametrical model of dispersion of a material (covering) and its entering in a database in interests of maintenance of monitoring and the analysis of reflective characteristics of various objects is thus provided.

Keywords: external covering, indicatrix of diffusion, reflexion factor.



Patyukov V. G., Patyukov E. V., Galeev R. G. Assessment of SNR signals frequency sensors


Problems of devices design for an evaluation of interference immunity during frequency sensors signals processing were considered. Used method of frequency sensors signals processing is based on phase fluctuation analysis and it allows to perform operative control of  measured parameters of frequency sensors signals with a limitation of used data.

Key words: frequency sensors, the variance of phase fluctuations, the SNR



Sushkin I. N. Application of system igs for the forecast and registration of earthquakes


In article change of electronic concentration in an ionospheric layer of the Earth in seismic activity in Haiti is considered applications of system IGS for forecasting of earthquakes for a basis during earthquake on January, 12th, 2010 by magnitude 7 points under the Richter scale. The period Definition of electronic concentration is considered from December, 23rd, till February, 4th, 2010 spent on the measured radio navigating parameters of navigating satellite system GPS.

Key words: IGS system, GLONASS satellite navigational system, GPS, ionosphere, electron concentration, earthquake



Shevchenko I. N., Panko S. P. A method for increasing the accuracy of measuring the coordinates of point target in the subsurface sounding


The method, which allows more accurate measurement of coordinates of the point target at subsurface sounding by emission of the probe signal in the subsurface space and reception reflected from the point target signal with three spaced antennas. We estimate the error of a discrete definition of the coordinates of the point target.

Keywords: probing signal, subsurface sensing, point target.



Aleshechkin A. M. Metrological support of a UHF-band high-precision radio-navigation system


In this article is discussed a high-precision radionavigation system (RNS) Krabik, intended for sea objects navigation support. The method of determination the radio navigation paramenetrs measurements basic error is considered. Are represented the RNS test results in laboratory and field conditions, obtained during function of the RNS prototype in Dvinskiy gulf of the White Sea.

Keywords: radionavigation, position determination, user coordinates, errors, phase measurements methods, ranges, tests



Romanov A. P. System of indemnification of the structural hindrance in the form of the pseudo-casual signal


Possibility of an exception of influence of the powerful signal accepted from the nearest coastal station of radio navigating system, on synchronization of the weak signals accepted from essentially remote coastal stations is considered. The block diagramme of formation of a compensating signal is defined. The parameters influencing degree of suppression of a powerful signal in the presence of a normal hindrance are received.

Keywords: a pseudo-casual signal, a signal with frequency-phase manipulation, a structural hindrance, the jack of hindrances



Kuzmin E. V., Senchenko Y. I. Accuracy of digital receiver spread spectrum at interconnecting with stand-alone speed sensor


Influence of the stand-alone speed sensor on accuracy digital receiver spread spectrum with minimum-shift keying phase-locked loop system is considered. The presented phase-locked loop system with stand-alone speed sensor allows to exclude dynamic errors at movement of sea object with acceleration to 0,1 мeter for a second in a square.

Keywords: stand-alone speed sensor, spread spectrum, minimum-shift keying, phase-locked loop.



Levitskiy A. A., Marinushkin P. S. Research of the modes of operation of the oscillatory type piezoelectric vibratory gyroscope


The present article considers the problems concerning modeling of piezoelectric vibratory gyroscope with the help of ANSYS finite element software package. The numerical results of piezoelectric vibratory gyroscope modeling for estimation of natural frequencies, primary mode frequency splitting, sensitivity and difference between primary and secondary oscillation frequencies are presented. Correlation between piezoelectric gyroscope performance characteristics and its design parameters are also considered.

Keywords: vibratory gyroscopes, microsystem technologies, piezoelectric sensors.



Matveev E. V., Glinchikov V. A. Model of fuzzy control systems aircraft


Construction of control systems on the basis of a method linear by a feedback with application of an indistinct logic conclusion is considered. Computer modelling with adaptive reference model when for identification of changing parametres of object and the subsequent adaptation of reference model the block identifier constructed with application of an indistinct logic conclusion is used is shown.

Keywords: the indistinct logic, identification of conditions, training of indistinct model.



Voloshin A. M., Shaidurov G. Y. On error measuring water level in hydrostatic levels of hydroelectric power plants


In the article we examine physical foundations, methods of assessment influence basic factors on pressure depth sensor error and practical recommendations on automatic checkout system making in altitude error on the example of Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power plant.

Keywords: measuring, level, error, hydrostatic level, monitoring system, hydroengineering, structure.



Dreizin V. E., Brezhneva E. O. Comparative analysis of industrial gas sensitive sensors


Review of most significant metrological and operational characteristics of industrial gas sensitive sensors from different manufacturers.

Keywords: gas sensor, humidity influence, temperature influence, accuracy, selectivity, operation speed, stability.



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