Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 4, April 2006 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Voschinin A.P., Skibitsky N.V. Interval approach to single-factor multi-sensor systems analysis


New interval approach to the analysis of multi-sensorís systems is presented under the assumption about the boundedness of calibration errors. A calibration technique is developed that allows to cull known bad sensors and select the best one from the specified sensors set. Within the interval paradigm, the problems of best and worst sensor selection are solved. Calibration curve plotting procedure with selected sensorsí readings integration is suggested. Sensor data fusion criteria are also included.



Balakin S.V., Sterligov D.V. Simulation of liquid-propellant rocket fuel level meters


Main features of simulation model development for fuel consumption systemís level sensor are discussed. The model is intended for measurement error and mechanical availability evaluation. An example of simulation model implementation is adduced including statistical treatment of key error components.



Prasov M.T., Pecheroviy A.V. A method for accuracy improvement of wavelength setting in optical detectors of liquid chromatography devices

A method for accuracy improvement of wavelength setting in chromatographs is offered. The method is based on improving the control system of diffraction lattice drive without toughening the requirements to optomechanical module manufacturing accuracy.


Pivkin A.G. Conversion functions for fiber-optic attenuator displacement transducers.


Mathematical models of conversion functions for displacement transducers with reflective attenuators are developed. The conversion functions for attenuator transducer with rectangular reflecting surface are built.


Ishkov A.S., Litvinov L.N. A measuring-calculating complex for investigating magnetic characteristics of electric steel


A calculation algorithm for a transducer intended for magnetic characteristics investigation is offered, transducer design is described and its behavior is simulated under different values of engineers factors.



Soborover E.I., Abashkin A.Yu., Bessonov S.G. SAW Element without sensing layer as a gas and gas mixture sensor. Part 6. A sensing element for Freon-134a leak detector


The paper provides the investigations results of surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensor in a double delay line structure without sensing layer as a sensor of Freon-134a leak detector. It was determined experimentally that the mode where Freon is let to one SAW element only should be used for getting better signal-to-noise ratio.



Paschenko F.F., Torshin V.V. Dynamic parameters measurement at electric liquid discharge


A combined technique for dynamic parameters measurement at electric liquid discharge is considered. A layout of a device for measuring the parameters of an explosion associated with the discharge is presented, Experimental data collected during electrohydraulic tests are included.


Limanova N.N. Vibration parameters monitoring technique and its application in automatic systems


The problem of vibration measurements execution under the instability of the gap between the research surface and the fiber-optic guide ends is solved. The developed vibration measurement technique and two-channel fiber-optic sensor are used for non-contact vibration measurements in the hard-to-reach places and under the influence of destabilizing factors such as light emitter power variations, research surface reflecting, scattering properties changes, external light sources, etc. An example of the device application in vibration diagnosis of car body during bending and torsional testing is adduced.


Pirogov A.V., Stuchebnikov V.M. Experimental evaluation of eigenfrequencies of two-membrane strain-gage pressure transducers


Dynamic behavior of mechanoelectrical transducer of a strain-gage pressure sensor is evaluated experimentally.


Nefediev D.I. On the necessity of frequency responses diagnosis for measuring transformer


The problems of frequency responses diagnosis for current and voltage measuring transformers applied for power monitoring and accounting in general-purpose electricity supply systems are discussed.


Redíko V.V. Korona-PN high-voltage cable sheath tester for optical communication cables


The paper describes high-voltage tester for outer sheath isolation of optical communication cables at water testing. The tester ensures light and sound indication of sheath faults as well as an output signal to external automatics.


Tashmatov Kh.K. A water pipeline flowmeter based on heat-loss anemometer-type thermal transducer


The design of a thermal water flowmeter for hydraulic applications is proposed, its static characteristics are described.


Tugunbaev A. SHF measurement of silk cocoon moisture content


Operation principle and design of a measuring transducer for silk cocoon moisture content are described.


Fux M.L. A conductive fluid probe for table salt concentration measurement in cheeses


The paper considers sensor design for salt concentration measurement in cheeses using conductometry technique. The materials which the sensor is made of were chosen subject to cheeses properties. Sensorís operation principle and maintenance are also discussed.


Khurtsilava A.K., Japaridze T.D., Maisashvili M.V. An induction sensor for loose materials with bound moisture


The design and operation principle of an improved differential induction humidity sensor are described as well as a functional diagram of a moisture meter mockup. The relationship between sensorís output voltage and dry milk sampleís humidity are established experimentally.


Borishpolísky L.I., Koryaghina E.V. METRAN-500 Vozduh Series pressure standards


Design, operation principle, featured properties, functionality, and metrological performance of METRAN-500 Vozduh Series pressure calibrators are briefly reviewed.


Kostyukovsky S.R. Kelvin-Technology IR thermometer


Application features and performance attributes of a stationary IR thermometer from Dipole Design Officeís KELVIN Series are described.


Samotaev N.N., Vasiliev A.A., Podlepetsky B.I. Low-power integrated semiconductor gas sensors


Various engineering solutions that enable to minimize gas sensors power consumption during combustible and toxic gases detection are analyzed.


Labutin S.A. An overview of measurement contributions to correspondence scientific conferences (December 2003 Ė April 2005)


The paper continues reviewing the measurement contributions to internal and correspondence All-Russian scientific and technical conferences organized by Interregional Upper-Volga Department of Russian Technological Sciences Academy and the Faculty of Information Systems and Technologies of Nizhni Novgorod State Technical University.


Khoruzhev G.M. Gas meter: a measuring system or an instrument? Terminology problems


The definitions of measuring system and measuring instrument used in reference literature are examined with the purpose of distinguishing these terms and their applicability to gas meter. The study concludes that according to the existing reference documents gas sensors are measuring instruments and therefore should not be certified as measuring systems.









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