Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 4, April 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Velít I. D., Mikhailova Yu. V. Experimental investigation of electromagnetic flowmeters


The paper reviews extensive investigations of electromagnetic flowmeters necessary for the design of new instrument types. Flowmeter testing with the help of flow plants is compared with the application of the simulation techniques.



Raspopov V. Ya., Matveev V. V., Malyutin D. M., et al. Informating-controlling systems based on microgyroscopes rotating according to the aircraft roll


The paper examines the application opportunities of micro-mechanical gyroscopes rotating according to the roll of an unmanned aircraft. A sensor data collection algorithm is offered that contributes to the stabilization and control of such aircraft with the help of specially oriented microgyroscopes.



Mikhlyaev S. V. Measurement inaccuracies of laser triangulation distance meter at angled mirrored surface sensing


The measurement inaccuracies of laser triangulation distance meter that arise due to the variations of the slope of the mirrored surface under investigation are estimated. A measuring system with Gaussian anisotropic probing beam and an optical system meeting the Scheimpflug Principle is considered. A case study of melt level measurement in a rotating melting-pot in process of crystal growth by Chokhralsky method is included.



Urakseev M. A., Solovey K. V. Design concepts of magneto-optical current sensors


Design concepts of magneto-optical current sensors are briefly overviewed based on domestic and foreign publications.



Tsypin B. V., Mikhailov P. G., Myasnikova M. G. Prony transformation in the measurement of harmonic signal parameters in noises


The application of Pronyís method for harmonic signal parameters evaluation is discussed. Simulation results are included. The errors of signal amplitude and phase measurement are estimated and some recommendations to reduce them are made.



Gorlov M. I., Anufriev D. L., Shishkina N. A. A microelectronic humidity sensor


The design of a microelectronic surface-condensation-type humidity sensor and a methodology for vapor content measurement inside IC housing are presented.



 Lemaev R. A. Spectral kilovoltmeter as a power quality control device


The specificity of power quality control is discussed. Kilovoltmeter is proposed as a power quality control device and its design philosophy is described.



Zavodovskiy A. G., Plusnin I. I., Sysoev S. M. Small-size laser locator of methane leeks


A He-Ne laser-based detector of methane leaks from gas pipeline is described. The device uses a single-beam circuit with a reflector and magneto-optical modulator. During the locatorís laboratory testing, small methane levels (10Ö20 ppm) were detected.



Baranov V. A. Photosensors improvement on the basis of the extrinaic photoeffect


The photosensors sensitivity improvement methodology based on the extrinaic photoeffect with operating voltage up to 20 kV is described. The improvement is achieved due to the decrease of the voltages formís error at the secondary emission anodes.



Diachkov E. A., Goryunov V. A., Burkov Yu. G. Pneumatic time relay with improved performance


The paper describes the operation principle and the circuit of a pneumatic time relay with improved accuracy and a wider performance adjustment range.



Ushakov P. A. A tunable active RC filter with distributed parameters


The paper suggests to apply the change of the rule of running parameters distribution in a resistive-capacitive distributed parameter element for independent tuning of the frequency and transfer function poleís Q-factor of an active RC filter unit.



Lazarev E. K. Contact characteristics of instrument coring mounts with polymer saddles


The admissible depth of metallic stippler penetration into the polymer abutment and the contact stiffness of a metal-polymeric tribological pair are evaluated experimentally. The equations for the reduced elastic modulus of polymer material and the maximum permissible bearing load are derived necessary for calculating vibration and shock strength of coring mounts in measuring instruments.



Arbuzov V. P. Temperature error correction in capacitive measuring circuits


The paper considers the additive-logometer correction of temperature error of capacitive parametric transducer. Such correction is possible owing to the structural redundancy of transducerís measuring circuit and the availability of temperature-dependent capacitor. Measuring circuit structures ensuring both the sensorís temperature error correction and the invariance to jumper cable parameters are presented.



Dewey A. R. Teamwork: Interaction of HART and Foundation fieldbus protocols in the integrated environment


The features of HART and Foundation fieldbus (FF) protocols and different variants of their teamwork within an integrated system are briefly discussed.



Mekid S. Further structural intelligence for sensors cluster technologies in manufacturing


With the ever increasing complex sensing and actuating tasks in manufacturing plants, intelligent sensors cluster in hybrid networks becomes a rapidly expanding area. They play a dominant role in many fields from macro and micro scale. Global object control and the ability to self-organize in fault tolerant and scaleable system are expected for high-level applications. The paper presents new structural concepts of intelligent sensors and networks with new intelligent agents. Embedding new functionalities to dynamically manage cooperative agents for autonomous machines are interesting and enabling technologies most required in manufacturing for zero defects production.









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