Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 4, April 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Kasimov A. M., Mamedli E. M. Combined aircraft control systems


The paper discusses the opportunities of fluidics-based implementation of the combined aircraft control system’s backup channel. The estimates of the required response speed of fluidic elements are included.



Kasatkin S. I., Vasilieva N. P., Muraviov A. M., et al. Magnetoresistive nanoelements and the instruments on their basis


The paper presents the development results of magnetoresistive nanoelements based on multilayer metallic ferromagnetic nanostructures. The work included instrumentation development, and the design and investigation of nanoelements and the instruments based on them.



Vyalkov A. V. Intelligent device system based on RS-485 networks


The design of intelligent device LAN based on RS-485 and using the key concepts of IEEE 802.3 is discussed. The frame structures, media access control, frame reception and transmission, collision detection, backoff and frame retransmission are briefly described.



Vyukhin V. N. Dynamic errors compensation in interleaved digital measuring systems


An algorithm for synchronization errors correction in interleaved systems is described, simulation results are included.



Chernetsova E. A. A Simultaneous processing of monochrome images with different noise levels


A method for determining the pixels belonging to an object is proposed. The method consists of morphological image filtering including pixel categorization as “true” and “mixed” which enables the improvement of object identification on images with different noise levels. The method’s software implementation can be included in various monitoring data processing systems such as the systems of oil pollution identification based on sea surface images.



Vershinin O. S., Sharov V. V. On error compensation in vehicle fuel rate measurements


An error compensation procedure for fuel rate measurements is proposed for automotive level sensors under operating conditions.



Likhosherst V. V., Raspopov V. Ya. Modeling the swinging process in LL type micromechanical gyroscopes


A mathematical model of the swinging process in LL type micromechanical gyroscopes is obtained for basic variants of metallic coating of drive’s comb structures. A swing generator circuit is proposed.



Mel’nikov O. N., Mityanov V. P., Azmaiparashvili Z. A. A system for measuring solid’s thermal diffusivity


A magneto-optical system for thermal diffusivity evaluation without temperature sensors is described. The evaluation is based on measuring the distribution of amplitude temperature values in a micron region of a sample thermally contacting a plate with the stripped domain structure in a local area.



Desova A. A., Dorofeyuk A. A., Maximov D. Yu. A portable computer system for pulse signals recording, processing, and storage


The paper describes the implementation of a computer system for collecting experimental data received from pulse sensor, their real-time visualization, processing, and database storage. System structure and the performance data of its key blocks are included.



Korolev V. V. Magnetoelastic transducers in ship’s hull strain measuring systems


A ship’s hull stressed state monitoring system is considered. The system meets the present day regulations and guidelines on hull stressed state monitoring with magnetoelastic transducers. System’s functional diagrams are presented including the module of digital signal processing with automatic measuring process recording. Future development of multi-channel hull strain monitoring systems is outlined.



Zainutdinova L. Kh., Tureysky G. G. Nonlinearity error reduction in magnetoelastic transducers of mechanical forces


To reduce the nonlinearity error reduction in magnetoelastic transducers of mechanical forces, a magnetoelastic transducer design is proposed enabling nonlinearity error reduction due to removing the non-monotony of the initial segment of the transformation function. An experimental investigation  of the transformation functions of the developed structure and a magnetoanisotropic transducer is undertaken. The advantage of the proposed design is confirmed.



Belozubov E. M., Belozubova N. E. Improving pressure sensors’ stability to vibration accelerations and transient temperatures


The problems of further improvement of thin-film resistive-strain pressure sensors’ tolerance to vibration accelerations and transient temperatures during their operation in liquid-propellant jet engines are discussed.



Farzane N. G., Farzane E. N. A liquid flow measuring system with automatic correction of restriction flow factor

A real-time liquid flow measurement system with automatic flow factor correction is proposed.



Kropachev D. Yu., Nikonenko V. A. Control and monitoring of barium chloride temperature in salt furnaces


The results of salt furnace temperature measurements with an IR thermocouple are discussed. A case study of furnace temperature control with an IR thermocouple is included.



Khurtsilava A. K., Kanteladze N. G. A wood moisture sensor


A wood moisture sensor is presented. The measurement is based on resistive technique where the moisture change is converted into resistance change.



Tashmatov Kh. K. Heat sensors for pumping stations control


Heat sensor designs for pumping stations control are proposed; their steady-state characteristics and dynamic behavior are investigated.

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