Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 4, April 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Soborover E. I., Bessonov S. G., Abashkin A. Yu., Orlov E. S. Surface acoustic waves element without sensitive coating as gas and gas mixtures analyzer. Results obtained with double delay line for individual gases and air


Results of study of gas loading effect on surface acoustic wave (SAW) in vacuum for SAW sensor of "double delay line" design without sensitive coating are presented. Stable correlations between SAW sensor sensitivity value and gas physical parameters (molecular mass, viscosity, compressibility factor, sonic velocity and critical pressure) were found for inorganic gases, methane and air. Similar correlation dependences were found for some hydrocarbon gases, basic components of natural gas, excluding methane.

Keywords: transducer, sensor, surface acoustic waves, double delay line, gas analyzer.



Brago E. N., Martynov D. V. Methods of increasing the sensitivity of the measuring transducer moisture content oil.


The article deals with some methods of increasing the sensitivity of the dielectric the transducer moisture content oil are considered at use of various types of oscillators. On the basis of the spent comparative analysis conclusions are drawn and recommendations about possibilities of increasing the sensitivity and accuracy of dielectric method are made.

Keywords: measurement of water content in oil, dielectrometric method , auto-generator metering transducer.



Isayev M. M., Mehdizade E. K. Algorithmic correction of errors in vibro-frequency converter of density of oil products


An algorithmic correction method is given for increasing accuracy in vibro-frequency converters which allow realizing systems of control and measurement.

Keywords: algorithm, error correction, measurement, density, vibro-frequency, converter.



Chernyavskiy A. G., Danilin A. I., Adamov S. I. Hardware/software blade pulses emulator for measuring parameters of control systems of turbomachines blades deformation condition


The realization of hardware/software blade pulses emulator is considered for functional and calibration testing of control systems of turbomachines blades deformation condition. The designed hardware/software emulator allows operationally change emulated information parameters of the blade disks, shape of the output analog signals and set the required statistical laws of their variation.

Keywords: discrete phase method, deformation, лопатка, control system, signal emulator.



Esipov V. N., Neznanov A. I. The mathematical modeling of the static characteristic of a hydroacoustic sensor of a deviation from a horizontal with the mechanical pendular sensitive element


A new mathematical model, which describes the experimental static characteristic of a hydroacoustic pendular sensor of angle of a deviation from a horizontal (or vertical) better, has been found out

Keywords: sensor, hydroacoustic, pendular, angle, model, railway.



Kotelnikov A. А., Kotelnikova M. G., Belyaev U. I., Golcev A. U. The recursive multiscale analysis of audio signals in real-time mode


The recursive algorithm of the multiscale analysis of audio signals by step filters is offered. The obtained outcomes allow to draw a conclusion about a feasibility of the tendered multiscale analysis for construction of the classifier and systems of recognition of audio signals in real-time mode.

Keywords: the multiscale analysis, audio signal, classifier, step filter, voice call.



Kiriakov V. Kh., Lyubimov V. V. New developments: digital geomagnetic observatory


Digital geomagnetic observatory consisted of geomagnetic variations station, proton recording magnetometer, digital data summator, GPS receiver and personal computer, intended for relative and absolute magnetic induction measurements of geomagnetic field components and modulus at magnetic observatories and recording stations.

Keywords: geomagnetic observatory, geomagnetic variations station, proton magnetometer, magnetic measurements, magnetic induction, measurements of components, digital databases, digital data collection systems.



Shishkin V. V., Romanov U. V., Mishin V. A. Efficiency enhancement of non-failure operation assurance process of embedded avionics


The article looks into the problems of efficiency enhancement of non-failure operation assurance of embedded avionics on the basis of complex life cycle analysis. The methods and tools employed to enhance the efficiency of the process and integrate the activities aimed at non-failure operation into embedded avionics life cycles are being considered.

Keywords: non-failure operation, embedded avionics, life cycle, approach-correcting and prevention operations, information-analytical system, frame-production model.



Alyushin M. V., Alyushin A. V., Kolobashkina L. V. Electronic systems for human eye movement analysis


Practically realized eye tracking system classification is presented. Infrared lightening technology is analyzed. Built-in technology patented by Tobii Technology AB is discussed. Monitor reflected image registration technology is presented.

Keywords: man-machine interface, human sight tracking systems, biological feedback.



Olejnik A. S. Sensing transducers linear and angular motions on the basis of films of dioxide of vanadium


Designs of sensing transducers linear and angular motions set up on a new physical principle of the work, distinguished surveyed by simplicity and tall longevity. Technical data’s and scopes are instanced.

Keywords: heat sensor, linear and angular movement, internal memory.



Volkov V. Yu., Egorov D. V. Remote access concentration measurement system for pollution substances in atmospheric air


Method of improvement of information storage subsystem and remote access arrangement for concentration measurement system for pollution substances in atmospheric air is proposed and  advantages of proposed approach are shown.

Keywords: system, environmental monitoring, automated, database management system, remote access, environmental science, atmospheric air, pollution substance, mobile access.



Voloshinovsky K. I. Hardware and software gas account system based on the gas account flowmeter PRIZ with PRIZ-WIN database


Suggested software platform PRIZ-WIN for methane account system PRIZ with implementing draft projects for this appliances.

Keywords: gas account devices and sensors, methane account system.



Grishin A. V., Strashun Y. P. Technical means of data acquisition for industrial IT systems


Choice of technical means for industrial IT systems is considered. Examples of some perspective data acquisition means, produced by companies SixNet, Korenix and RuggedCom, are given.

Keywords: industrial IT system, data acquisition, PLC, RTU, DCS.



Granovskiy V. A. National system of measurements: retrospective and perspective


A review of national system of measurements from 1960s is presented. Main components of  the  system are considered: instrument engineering, methodical, reference and regulatory bases, scientific metrology, organizational base . Current status of national system of measurements, conditional on new economical and legal circumstances, including Act  "On integrity of measurements" 2008 (No. 102-FЗ). Problems of measurements business in the country are analyzed  and considerations on development perspective of the whole system and its components are presented on this basis.

Keywords: system of measurements, management, development, problem, instrument engineering, metrology, etalon.

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