Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 4, April 2011 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Tsypin B. V., Trofimov A. A. Usage of information processing method for accuracy enhancement of transformer raster displacement controller


Possibilities of accuracy enhancement of controllers of linear and angular displacements based on transformer raster transducers due to an improvement of their design are limited by the technology of parts manufacturing. Two methods of accuracy enhancement of measurements are proposed which are based on complication of measuring information processing in secondary converter. Possibilities ande limitations of these methods are shown.

Keywords: measurement of linear and angular movements, raster transformer transducer, amplitude logical method/ electronic raster, inaccuracy.



Nefed'ev D. I., Zverev M. S., Golovanov D. A. Monitoring system of the condition of containment shell of power generating unit of nuclear power plant


Information-measuring system intended for the monitoring of the condition of stretching, integrity, tightness, and strength of the containment shell and the condition of the crane runway of the polar crane of nuclear power generating unit is considered. The description of system components and parts is presented.

Keywords: sensor, force sensor, deformation sensor, string sensor, security of nuclear power plant, control of security of nuclear power plant, armored rope, power generating unit of nuclear power plant, containment shell of reactor, control system.



Bodin O. N., Moiseev A. E., Loginov D. S., Ryabchikov R. V. Concept of a virtual medical diagnostic system


The concept of a virtual medical diagnostic system to assess the patient's heart based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, mobility and privacy. Using a personal miniature wireless ECG and subsequent transfer for processing electrocardiographic information on the application server provides the ability to assess the state of the patient's heart in a free physical activity.

Keywords: virtual medical diagnostic system, miniature wireless electrocardiograph.



Vershinin N. N., Kuznetsov P. V., Selivanov E. P., et al. About estimation of credibility of information in complex information systems


Matters of credibility of information transmission and processing from the point of view of criteria of systems functioning which are used in financial and economical activity of enterprises based on the use of noise combating code are considered. Results were obtained which allow to realize message transfer process with any credibility parameters. Coefficient method of transmission errors control was proposed which allows to achieve practically any error correction in digital messages processing at receiving side of transmission channel.

Keywords: binary codes, probability, reliability, credibility of information, synthesis, integrated approach, interference immunity, methodology, decoding, message transfer, optimization.



Bushuev O. Yu., Semenov A. S., Chernyavsky A. O. Study of dynamical characteristic of tensometric pressure transducer for the diagnostics of its condition


The method of diagnostics of technical condition of pressure transducer based on the determination of its dynamical characteristic is proposed. Pressure jump, incipient at ultrasonic pulse propagation through a liquid, was used as input action. Experimental estimates of dynamical characteristic of tensometric pressure transducers are presented, data analysis of an experiment with simulation results of transducer design is carried out.

Keywords: frequency characteristic, tensometric pressure transducers, diagnostics of technical condition of pressure transducer, evaluation methods of natural frequencies.



Dmitrienko A. G., Meshcheryakov V. A., Mokrov E. A., Tsypin B. V. Penza Scientific and educational center "Space-rocket and aviation instrument engineering


Matters of the organization of Scientific and educational center "Space-rocket and aviation instrument engineering" in Penza city and algorithm and methodology of target human resource development in sensor and instrument engineering field are considered.

Keywords: scientific and educational center, integration of industry and education, target human resource development, target postgraduate study, sensor, instrument engineering.



Fayans A. M. Determination of multielement RLC-two-terminal networks by transition process characteristics


The problem of fast unambiguous determination of parameters of multielement RLC-two-terminal networks by transition process characteristics, and conditions of the existence of solution of this problem are considered.

Keywords: multielement two-terminal networks, unambiguous analytic solvability, temporal characteristics of transition process.



Shalobanov S. S. Search of parametrical defects in continuous dynamical systems by the method of trial deviations of model parameters


Algorithms of defects search in continuous dynamical systems with a depth up to dynamical block parameter based on trial deviations of model parameters with using and without using of integral estimates of signal deviations for model and object are considered.

Keywords: trial deviations of model parameters, diagnostic model, integral estimates of signal deviations, integration parameter, diagnostic indicator.



Kizimov A. T., Berezin D. R., Karabash D. M., Letunov D. A. UAV inertial strapdown attitude and heading reference system


Designing of the inertial strapdown attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) based on measurements of angular rate, linear acceleration and terrestrial magnetic field is considered. The measurements are taken by sensors located at the vehicle airframe. High accuracy of calculated attitude is ensured by ARHS automatic initialization and angular rate sensors errors compensation without using external reference information.

Keywords: inertial strapdown attitude and heading reference system, angular rates, linear accelerations, terrestrial magnetic field, errors compensation.



Voskov L. S., Kurpatov R. O. An energy-efficient combined localization method for wireless sensor networks


In this paper considered possibility of using the combined lozalization methods in Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 802. 15. 4). Researched signal processing and analysis algorithms for each localization method. Analyzed the accuracy and energy efficiency of the researched method.

Keywords: wireless sensor network, localization.



Burtsev Yu. A., Kuznetsov V. D., Petrov V. G., Amiantov A. S. Quartz dynamical magnetometer for geomagnetic activity measurements


Magnetovariational station, providing measurement of magnetic filed H- and D- components used for magnetic activity indexes evaluation, and using only one quartz sensor, was developed and tested. Such station is substantially cheaper than standard magnetovariational station and it can provide real-time evaluation of magnetic storminess index for medical and industrial purposes.

Keywords: magnetic storminess, magnetic activity indexes, magnetovariational station.



Gusev D. V., Danilova N. L., Pankov V. V., Sukhanov V. S. Microelectronic pressure transducers for devices for adjustment and monitoring of technological processes in energy-saving systems


Designs of microelectronic pressure transducers based on silicon structures are considered. Design securing microelectronic transducer from environmental influence and also variants of usage in thermal automatics systems are presented.

Keywords: pressure sensing element, absolute pressure transducer, differential pressure transducer, thermal automatics, controller.



Rahimli I. N. Two-scaled coil sensor of mechanical shifts


The paper deals with the results of investigations of two-scaled electromagnetic coil sensors for mechanical shifts. The data given allow to decrease the scales of sensor as well as to draw characteristics of sensor.

Keywords: two-dimensional induction sensor, electrical magnet, linear shift, angle change, winding, control system, characteristics, magnetic system.



Lyubinsky S. I., Yatzeev V. A., Zotov A. M., et al. Multichannel fiber-optic interferometric system for deformation measurement


A multichannel fiber-optic interferometric system for deformation measurement is discussed. The system assures low level of nonlinear distortions due to usage of a see-through mirror.

Keywords: Multichannel fiber-optic interferometric system, Fabry-Perot interferometer, nonlinear distortions, see-through mirror, deformation sensors.



Tsytsulin A. K., Fahmi Sh. S. Videosystems on CHIP: new architectural decisions of videoinformation processing


New approaches of videosystems designing with plural videostreams on the basic technology "stem on chip"uniting within the limits of uniform technological and methodological whole the photoreception matrix including the block of direct measurement of mixture of movement and the processor. Schemes of a photodetector with gauges of acceleration and management of displacement of the image for creation of videosystems on chip of high clearness are described.

Keywords: system on chip, gauges of images stabilization, direct and indirect methods of mixture measurement.



Baksheeva Yu. V., Sapozhnikova K. V., Taymanov R. Ye. Resistance thermometers with metrological self-check


Brief analysis of principal methods which allow to perform testing of metrological serviceability of resistance thermometers is given. It is shown that these methods do not provide checking of measurement reliability directly in the operation process. A method of metrological diagnostic self-check, which enables to solve this problem is discussed. A theoretical and experimental basis of the proposed method is given.

Keywords: resistance thermometer, metrological serviceability, metrological self-check, platinum resistance thermometer



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