Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 5, May 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Ladughin D.V. An integrated system for commercial thermal energy and natural gas accounting based on Krug-2000 Series hard-/software complexes


The paper describes Krug-2000 Series hard-/software complex intended for automated accounting and controlling generated or consumed heat power (Krug-2000/T) and produced, processed and consumed gas and its components ((Krug-2000/G). The systemís advantages, functions, and typical structure are listed. performance data and implementation experience are also included.



Rudenko S.N. New MKTS multichannel heat meter


Brief description of MKTS heat meter and its new design concepts are presented and its advantages against existing heat counters are listed. The meterís principal modules such as the SBMKTS system module with a heat calculator and the measuring cells with flowrate, temperature, and pressure transducers are described. Key performance data are included.



Sokolov G.A., Syagaev N.A., Tugushev K.R. A dynamic convective technique for measuring binary liquid solution flowrates


A thermal convection marker method for measuring binary solution mass flowrates is proposed. Based on its mathematical description and using combined measurement techniques a two-channel marker flowmeter is invented, and its experimental investigation results are presented.



Ovchinnikov A.P. An electromagnetic compensation method for pulp parameters measurement during hydrotransportation


The paper discusses a compensation technique for measuring similarity parameter of two-phase pulp flow structure that characterizes the kinematic structure and phase composition of a flow in a pipeline in real time. Applying the two-phase flow structure parameter in the algorithm of pulp volumetric flowrate measurement enables accuracy improvement of the electromagnetic flow parameters measurement method.



Pistun E.P., Lesovoy L.V. Efflux coefficient adjustment for standard orifice plates of variable differential flowmeters


The paper presents the results of adjusting the efflux coefficient of standard orifice plates of variable pressure differential flowmeters and includes the efflux coefficient uncertainty values. The calculation and analysis of standard orifice plate efflux coefficient is undertaken in view of its adjustment.



Grishanova I.A., Pokras S.I., Pokras A.I. Ultrasonic flowmetering: expensive exotics or a modern measurement technique.


The paper evaluates the existing techniques of heat carrier flowmetering and especially discerns electromagnetic and ultrasonic methods. Despite the prevalent opinion about the superiority of electromagnetic flowmeters, they have multiple drawbacks that seriously narrow their measurement range and decrease the instrument service life. At the same time, ultrasonic flowmeters wrongly pushed off to background because of their slightly higher price and worse measurement performance, were significantly developed in recent years and can now successfully compete against electromagnetic devices.



Shinelev A.A., Burdunin M.N,.Medvedev V.A. On the existing methodology of hot water rating and accounting or how to get 100 million rubles annually from nothing


The paper offers a metrologically consistent technique for evaluating water consumption in housing and communal services.



Zatuliveter Yu.S. The ways of global control computer implementation


Fundamental issues of global control computer implementation are analyzed. The causes of informational noise reproduction in global cyberenvironment are disclosed in classical computer axiomatics. The differences in the universality of local and global computers are discussed. Structural principles of global computer implementation are considered in the axiomatics of a mathematically homogeneous cyberinformation field built in the model of tree structures calculus.



Kazakov V.A., Svetlov A.V. Investigation of measuring devices for active element parameters using circuit simulation


Application of circuit simulation programs for investigating measuring devices for board-mounted active element parameters is examined. The paper justifies the necessity of supplementing traditional general techniques of circuitry simulation with custom applications that enable to estimate various factors influence on the accuracy of board-mounted active element parameters measurement.



Melentiev V. S. Measuring techniques and instruments for capacitive differential sensors parameters


New techniques and instruments are offered for measuring capacitive differential sensor parameters subject to instant values of the measuring circuit transient. The implementation of the techniques ensures significant reduction of measurement time.



Soborover E.I., Zayblov V.L., Bessonov S.G. SAW Element without sensing layer as a gas and gas mixture sensor. Part 3. Superlight gases: hydrogen and helium; a horizon sensor


The relationships between hydrogen and helium pressures and the resonance frequencies of a SAW device are presented. The device has 170 MHz base frequency and is made on an AT-cut quartz without any sensing layer. The relationships that do not match gas load theory are obtained and described. Additionally, regular linear relationships between SAW frequency and the horizon angle of SAW element in ultra light gases are obtained.



Fyodorov D.V. An acoustic-emissive method for locomotive bearing units condition diagnosis


Basic methods and physical principles locomotive bearing units diagnosis are considered with the focus on acoustic emission method. The methodís application in locomotive shop conditions and its development prospect are discussed.








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