Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 5, May 2006 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Bodrov V. E., Krayachich A. V., Podboronov B. P., Svirskiy Yu. A. TENZOR small-size measuring and computing system for structure health monitoring

An approach to the development of a measuring and computing system for mechanical structures stress-strain state data acquisition and operation monitoring is discussed. Functional principle, features, functionality, and performance data are presented.

Balakin S. V., Sterligov D. V. Simulation of liquid-propellant rocket fuel level meters

Main features of simulation model development for fuel consumption system's level sensor are discussed. The model is intended for measurement error and mechanical availability evaluation. An example of simulation model implementation is adduced including statistical treatment of key error components.

Babayan R. R., Morozov V. P., Oganian T. R. HF voltage mean-square value converter

The challenges faced when converting the mean-square value of HF ac voltage into dc voltage are discussed.

Vokhryshev V. E. An adaptive self-adjusting system with oscillations amplitude and frequency stabilization

The paper discusses the relay control law to stabilize the amplitude and frequency of self-oscillations in a linear dynamic system under parameters uncertainty and unstable environment.

Afonin S. M. Static and dynamic characteristics of a piezoelectric scanning device

Static and dynamic characteristics of a piezoelectric scanning device are investigated; the problems of calculating the characteristics of a compound piezoelectric motor for a scanning device are discussed.

Zyubin V. E. Reflex Language. A mathematical model of control algorithms

The paper describes a mathematical model of the programs in Reflex problem-oriented language which is a dialect of C intended for control algorithms programming as a set of weakly dependent concurrent run-units. The specificity of control systems software is considered. Existing approaches are overviewed and the requirements to the language tools for describing industrial automation objects operation are formulated. A new type of functional polymorphism named event polymorphism is discerned.

Raspopov V. Ya. Microelectromechanical systems

Lecture 8. Measuring circuits and transfer functions for direct conversion accelerometers

Andreev M. Ya., Gasparov P. M., Gerkus A. A., et al. A small-size position control system for towed marine floaters

The paper briefly describes a small-size position control system for towed vessels and equipment. The system provides real-time measurements of course and roll angles, trim difference, submergence depth, and water temperature at submergence horizon and transfers the measuring data to the upper level controller through RS485 interface.

Belov B. A., Burtsev Yu. A., Kiriakov V. Kh., Lyubimov V. V. Digital quartz magnetic variation stations

Digital variation stations used for recording the variations of terrestrial magnetic field are briefly outlined. The features of a special optical system implemented in Quartz-3E instrument are considered. The optical system enabled maximum utilization of all merits of magnet-sensitive element.

Yusupbekov N. R., Gulyamov Sh. M., Mukhamedkhanov U. T., Yeshmatova B. I. Electrochemical gas analyzer for multi-component gas mixtures

A continuously working portable automatic electrochemical analyzer for selective mercaptan detection in a multi-component mixture containing hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide is described.

Turgunbaev A. SHF wave interaction with damp grain

A unit for grain humidity measurement by SHF method is described. Experimental results are included.

Khurtsilava A. K.; Japaridze T. D. Experimental investigation of equivalent pure resistance of cereals humidity capacitance transmitter

The results of experimental research are presented for establishing equivalent resistance changeability of cereals humidity capacitance transmitter when cereals humidity changes as well as in case of series switching of constant capacity coupling capacitor. The results of experimental investigation of electrode isolation thickness influence on the transmitter’s Q-factor and sensitivity are included.

Nefediev D. I. Calibration technique for heavy dc current resistance transducers

The paper examines a calibration technique for heavy dc current resistance transducers (dc shunt) based on using compound shunt, reference resistance coil, and differential voltage comparator as standard measures. The application of the technique proposed ensures the simplification of calibration tools’ design and enables dc shunts calibration in a wide measurement range.

Kovchin I. S., Kovchin M. I., Stepanyuk A. I. Wind characteristics change at sea

Meteorological analysis of wind characteristics change for moving marine objects such as vessels or stand-alone buoy-based stations is undertaken. Optimal structures of marine instruments for wind characteristics measurement are determined; key directions of instrument error minimization are examined, the algorithms for wind characteristics data processing are developed that enable significant reduction of truncation errors when similar measurements are undertaken.









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