Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 5, May 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Agamalov Yu. R. Optimization of outgoing inspection of multifunctional immitance meters


The ways to optimize the outgoing inspection (primary calibration) of immitance parameters meters  based on the adaptation principle are discussed. A structural-analytical method is proposed for synthesizing optimal calibration procedure with respect to the criteria of minimizing check measurements and the number of reference gages as well as their pattern rationalization. The methodís effectiveness is evaluated for the case of commercial R5058 ac bridge.



Yerofeev A. N., Yudin V. I. Neuron networks application for determining spectral channels in laser gas analysis tasks


A neuron network-based algorithm for express analysis of compound gas mixtures is offered. The original gas analysis problem is transformed to a similar one of smaller dimension.



Serkin A. G., Sizov V. P. Slight displacement simulation in laser interferometer-based measurement transducers


A mathematical model for slight displacement measuring process based on laser interferometers is developed and investigated subject to the vector-type nature of laser emission and the Abbe calibration principle. The feasibility of measurable linear displacement range extension and reflectorís angular rotation control are vindicated theoretically.



Tikhonenkov V. A., Sorokin M. Yu. Temperature error compensation in a sensor with vibrating element


A method for temperature error compensation in a sensor with vibrating element is discussed. The compensation is made by introducing a temperature-dependent resistor into the sensor circuit to change the generator frequency following temperature changes.



Kuznetsov S. I., Shubladze A. M. PID controllers optimal with respect to degree of stability for typical industrial plants


Analytical relationships between the parameters of typical industrial processes and PID controller settings optimal with respect to degree of stability are presented. The processes whose behavior can be approximated with sufficiently high accuracy by 3 dynamic models (sequentially connected inertial links, inertial link with a time lag, and 2 inertial links with an oscillatory link) are considered.



Kuznetsov N. A., Teterin E. R. A digital technique for evaluating piezotransduserís Q-factor in ultrasonic measuring systems


The paper discusses piezotransduserís Q-factor evaluation technique based on the mathematical model of the frequency response and describes its digital implementation. Experimental data for a ring piezotransduser are included.



Stepanova L. N., Kabanov S. I., Lebedev E. Yu., Kozhemyakin V. L. Measuring transducer of a high-speed strain-gage circuit


Dynamika-1 high-speed multi-channel strain-gage circuit for dynamic testing of engineering structures in the frequency range up to 1 kHz with 0.5% error is described. The design concept of the systemís measuring transducer is examined in detail.



Boykov A. U., Zak E. A. Water content measurement technique for light oil products based on fiber-optic transducers


The paper vindicates the need for water content measurements in oil products. The existing techniques of water content measurement in light products are overviewed, their flaws are identified, and a new method based on fiber-optic transducers is offered. A generic mathematical model of a fiber-optic water content sensor is presented as well as a block diagram of a water content analyzer for light oil products.



Vasíkovsky S. V., Morozov V. P. Monitoring of variablesí values in a distributed microprocessor system


The problem of real-time monitoring of a set of variables in a data transfer channel during distributed microprocessor system debugging is discussed.



Bulgakov A. Yu., Vyukhin V. N. A universal highly sensitive measuring module


The paper describes a four-channel module for measuring signals from active and passive sensors such as thermocouples, RTDs, and bridge pressure sensors with signal ranges from 20 mV up to 2.5 V, 16/24 bits, and  0.2 μV noise level. The moduleís output interface is RS485.



Kozichev A. V. A non-contact optoelectronic vibrometer for ultrasonic oscillations


The paper describes a non-contact optoelectronic vibrometer intended for monitoring the mechanical vibration parameters of ultrasonic toolís working surface. The device analyzes surface video images recorded both with and without vibrations.



Evtushkina M. P., Zavodovsky A. G., Plyusnin I. I., Sysoev S. M. A magneto-optical modulator for laser methane leak detector


A magneto-optical modulator used for laser detector of methane leaks from gas-main pipelines is described. The results of experiments on modulatorís operation optimization are presented; a tuning and testing technique is proposed.



Mischenko S. V., Zhilkin V. M., Ilyasova S. A. A device for measuring moisture-retaining properties of vegetable materials


The paper discusses a method and a device for on-line measurement of moisture-retaining properties changes in raw vegetable materials. The evaluation is based on the phase change of the electric signal in the material under investigation.



Khurtsilava A. K.; Japaridze T. D. Calibration of a capacitance moister meter for loose materials


A calibration technique for a loose material moister meter is described. The procedure does not require test sample dehydration.


Soloviova N. A. Vibrator Instrument-Making Works ensure electromagnetic compatibility of equipment


The paper shows the significance of electromagnetic capability of equipment for its correct operation under electromagnetic interferences. The experience of Vibrator works in electromagnetically compatible instrumentation manufacture is discussed.








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