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Bushev E. E., Stuchebnikov V. M. MIDA industrial group - 20 years at miniature pressure gauges market


Microelectronic pressure gauges based on "silicon on sapphire" structures produced by MIDA, are considered. Their metrological characteristics are presented, and fields of application are given.

Keywords: microelectronic pressure gauges, zone of thermal inaccuracy, temperature stability.



Dolgikh L. A., Myasnikova N. V., Myasnikova N. G. Use of empirical modes decomposition in digital signal processing problems


The approaches to determination parameter signal of the complex form on base of the preliminary decomposition on components with different sign are considered. It is shown that approach gives the essential reduction of temporary expenses of the analysis in contrast with using the parametric methods

Keywords: digital signal processing, virtual measuring means, Prony's method, empirical modes decomposition.



Kochetkov S. A. Increase of measurements accuracy in systems with differential sensors


Algorithmic method of measurement accuracy increase in systems with differential inductive primary transducers (PT) using PT mathematical model in measuring system structure, which allow to reduce technological requirements to sensors manufacturing and to minimize system adjustments. Simulation results are presented, which demonstrate advantages of proposed method in comparison with traditional one.

Key words: differential sensor, accuracy, observer, zero-overshoot response, adaptive system.



Grodetsky Yu. A., Dukarevich Yu. E., Ivanov Yu. M. New generation absolute angle sensors


The description of new designs of absolute angle sensors based on modern electronic elements base (megapixel CCD and CMOS arrays) is presented. Communication between measured object and receiver module in these designs is enables through optical channel without moving parts and connection couplings. Principle of operation of new devices is based on reception and analysis of an image of signal stroke, connected with measured object, by CCD array and a calculation of rotation angle of this stroke around optical axis of a device. Device designs, computational algorithms and an analysis of angle sensor accuracy, and results of laboratory tests of accuracy of measurements on experimental models of devices are presented. Random component of measurement accuracy is estimated in 0.2 - 0.3 seconds of arc.

Keywords: absolute angle sensor, CCD array, collimation scheme, auto-reflector scheme, signal mask, computational algorithms.



Tokarev A. D., Leonets V. A., Chaus L. M. Measuring transducer of "single" tension sensor with compensation tension resistor


Differential circuit of measuring transducer of single tension sensor is proposed. Proposal advantages in comparison with tension measuring systems based on unbalanced Whitestone bridge were determined. The field of most effective practical application of this proposal is determined.

Keywords: single tension sensor, tension resistor, thermal compensation circuit.



Bushmeleva K. I., Plyusnin I. P., Uvaisov S. U. Aviation system of remote sensing of gas-main pipelines


The key components of the data processing and recoding system of the soft-hardware diagnostic complex on the aircraft board used for the main pipelines remote sensing have been considered. The survey results of the JSC “Gasprom” gas transportation enterprises’ property by the means of the complex have been reflected.

Keywords: data processing and recoding system, soft-hardware diagnostic complex, gas leakage locator, main pipelines, methane, software.



Mammadov R. M., Asadov H. H., Garayev V. M. On possibility of utilization of sonar's for finding of elevated tropospheric temperature inversion


It is shown, that reflection of acoustic signals from distinct layers of troposphere may be interpreted as reflection from the layer of temperature inversion, or from layer of turbulence. The algorithm for discrimination of possible reason of reflection for identification of presence of elevated tropospheric temperature inversion is suggested.

Keywords: temperature inversion, troposphere, sonar, non-homogenities, turbulence.



Timakov S. V., Blinov A. V. Use of current sensors based on Hall effect for a control of technological processes of coating deposition


The analysis of working conditions of current sensors in technological equipment was carried out. Features of current control in vacuum thermoresistive deposition and magnetron sputtering facilities were considered. Program algorithms of signal processing were proposed.

Keywords: Hall effect, resistive molybdenum vapor source, current transformer.



Ivanov Yu. M., Katushkin V. P., Kosenkov B. V., Urakov V. A. Measurement of air micro-humidity at high pressures and relative air humidity using chemical current sources


The device for gas humidity variation control at high pressures (up to 39.2 MPa) without reducing is presented. Principle of operation of developed and series-produced device for humidity control, measuring directly at high pressure, is described. Relative air humidity sensor based on chemical current sources, not requiring power supply source, is proposed.

Keywords: measurement of micro-humidity, humidity sensor, high pressure, chemical current sources, relative humidity, moisture sensitive element, humidity transducer.



Borikov V. N. Module system for electrical conductivity measurement of liquids


Computer-aided system for electrical conductivity measurement of liquids is described. The system is based on modular approach to measurement instrumentation design. Structure, conductivity cell, operation, and metrological parameters of system are given.

Keywords: module measurement system, conductivity, conductometry, cell modeling, virtual instrumentation.



Feshchenko V. S., Altukhov A. A., Lvov S. A., et al. Photodetecting device of a UV spectral range on the basis of the diamond single photodetector.


New photodetecting device of a UV spectral range on the basis of the diamond single-element photodetector is designed, made and explored. The device has spectral range from 180 nanometers to 225 nanometers, with a maximum around 220 nanometers, threshold of sensitivity 8,7∙10–11 Вт/Гц1/2. The further paths of enhancement of characteristics of the device and possible applications are discussed.

Keywords: diamond, the single-element detector, registration of UV radiation, solar-blind range, photodetecting device.



Bocharov Y. I., Butuzov V. A., Osipov D. L. Low-power high-speed ADC for multi-channel systems


A pipelined analog-to-digital converter with an area and power efcient architecture is described. By sharing ampliers and comparators along the pipeline 9-bit pipeline ADC is realized using just 4 amplifiers and 11 comparators instead of 8 amplifiers and 17 comparators with conventional pipeline architecture. A 20 MHz prototype ADC that is intended for multi-channel systems has been implemented in a 180 nm mixed-signal and CMOS technology. The device occupies 0.55 mm2 and dissipates 9 mW from a 1.8 V supply.

Keywords: analog-to-digital conversion, pipelined ADC, power efficient ADC architecture, CMOS technology, multi-channel system.



Igaeva M. A., Khabarov A. V. Research of an opportunity of use of a field of power line for the purposes of navigation


Results of an experimental research of distribution of electric field power line above road are shown, the opportunity of use of field power line for the purposes of navigation is estimated.

Keywords: field navigation, power lines, correction of navigational sensors.



Adamov Y. F., Sibagatullin A. G., Somov O. A. The development of intelligent sensor systems


The estimation of the level and the tendencies of sensor systems development is carried out in this paper. For this purpose the statistical analysis of papers in scientific journals in this field, such as IEEE Sensors Journal for 2009–2010 and also Russian journal "Sensors and systems" for 2009–2010, was performed. Systems of medical and environmental monitoring are the most perspective direction.

Keywords: tendencies of sensor systems development, statistical analysis, perspectives of development, coordination centre.

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