Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 6, June 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Altyntsev A.T., Barmasov V.D., Gubin A.V., et al. Distributed control system for Siberian solar radiotelescope


The paper briefly describes the Siberian Solar Radar Telescope (SSRT) Ė the world largest radio heliograph. It discusses principal design concepts of the distributed multiprocessor control system for SSRT antenna-feeder complex created to replace the older one implemented according to CAMAC standard. Systemís advantages, main performance parameters and application experience are included.



Mokrov E.A., Belozubov E.M. A basic system model for new generation thin-film tensoresistive aerospace pressure sensors


A generic system model of commercial thin-film tensoresistive aerospace pressure sensors operating with minimum error under unsteady temperatures and high vibration levels is developed. Possible variants of subsystems design are offered.



Koptev V.S., Prokhorov A.V., Sychev G.I. State of the art and development prospect of electromagnetic flowmeters. Part I


The paper overviews the state of the art and development trends of electromagnetic flowmeters, describes the underlying physical principles, design features, and manufacturing technology and lists metrological and performance parameters.



Potashnikov A.K. Digital signal processing in X-ray luminescent diamond separators


A model of a detector signal in X-ray luminescent diamond separators and its digital processing techniques are considered as applied to the detection task. Experimental results of weekly luminescent diamonds detection in rock flow are presented.



Petrova I.Yu., Kiselev A.A. Energy-information model of optical polarization phenomena


The paper examines the possibility of applying energy-information method for optical polarization phenomena description. The Johns matrix tool is offered for describing optical physicotechnical effects in the energy-information model. The examples of describing several effects with the help of energy-information method and parametric structural diagrams are adduced.



Sultanov.B.V., Scherbakov M.A., Ivanov A.P., et al. Phase jitter measurement with a spectral method


Phase jitter measurement using a spectral method is examined. Simulation results affirming the calculations are presented. The research of errors, affirmed outcomes of simulation modeling is realized. Some considerations on the method application are offered.



Rembeza S.I., Mitrokhin V.I., Stukalov V.V. A remote monitoring system for gaseous medium


The circuits for transmitting resistive analog sensorís signal through a cable or telephone line with the help of signal conversion into pulse sequence with appropriate frequency are considered. Experimental data showing the influence of telephone channel characteristics on pulse waveform are presented; the ways to improve the measuring channel linearity are offered.



Nefediev D.I. A method for calibrating scale transducers with independent traceability maintenance


A scale transducer calibration method is considered that enables to maintain independent traceability during instrument operation. The method ensures structural simplification of calibration tools and allows to calibrate scale transducers of dc and ac voltages and heavy currents.



Sokolov L.V. The analysis of the increasing demand for micromechanical sensors and MEMS


The paper shows that the increasing demand in micromechanical sensors and MEMS, in particular, for creating new generation low-sized machines and devices, fuels their fast development and determine market dynamics.



Roitman M.S. Quantum metrology


The paper briefly outlines the possibilities of applying quantum physics advances and using the improved values of fundamental physical constants for increasing the accuracy of fundamental and derived SI units. It discerns that quantum metrology is a bedrock for precision instrumentation development. Some of its achievements and development trends are discussed, in particular in such a thriving area as cryoelectronics.








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