Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 6, June 2006 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Mokrov E. A., Belozubov E. M., Gherasimov O. N. Generalized system model of new generation thin-film tensoresistive melting sensors

The problems of developing a generalized system model of tensoresistive thin-film sensor for airspace applications with minimum effect of stationary temperatures and vibration accelerations are discussed.

Bodrov V. E., Krayachich A. V., Podboronov B. P., Svirskiy Yu. A. TENZOR measuring and computing system: check measurements, calibration, and the correction of measurement results

The paper describes an approach to automatic calibration done in parallel with data acquisition based on using software-rearrangeable structure of the measurement part and performing check measurements in the measuring and computing system intended for the acquisition of sensor data about deflected mode of structures. Higher reliability of the data obtained under this approach is proved.

Balakin S. V. The measurement of single-port equivalent circuit parameters

The paper describes a method for measuring the parameters of single-port equivalent circuits, in particular, for the sensors of physical quantities (temperature, pressure, liquid and loose material level, etc.). An application example for a long communication line is included. 

Pivkin A. G. Conversion function of differential fiber-optic transducer with reflective attenuator

For the first time, a differential circuit is implemented in a fiber-optic displacement transducer with reflective attenuator. A mathematical model of the conversion function of differential fiber-optic displacement transducer with reflective attenuator is developed. The mathematical expression for the conversion function of the transducer with rectangular reflective surface is determined.

Lazarev E. K. Stress calculation of coring mounts with polymer axial bearings for the horizontal position of the axis of electrical-type instrument’s moving element

Maximal contact stresses and deformations in the coring mounts made of formaldehyde copolymer with elliptic and circular contact patches are determined. It was established that the maximum stress in the coring mount with elliptic contact patch is 20% less than with the circular one, and 7.2 times smaller than in stone bearings.

Yegorov F. A., Neugodnikov A. P., Potapov V. T., Pospelov V. I. Fiber-optic temperature sensor with semiconductor sensitive element

A fiber-optic temperature sensor operable in –60…300ºC temperature range under heavy electromagnetic fields and high radiation levels without accuracy loss is described.

Varfolomeev S.P., Mazina N. E. Immersion photovoltaic IR radiation detector for axle-box overheat sensor

The possibility of creating an immersion photovoltaic IR radiation detector with low-sized solar cell for railway applications is examined. The device can be used in the equipment for noncontact railcar axle-box overheat detection in motion without additional optics.

Andreev M. Ya., Busher M. K., Popov V. P., Rubanov I. L. Heat-resistant ultrasonic piezoceramic sensor

The design and key characteristics of an ultrasonic piezoceramic sensor operable up to 140ºC are described.

Shavykin N. A., Petrukhin B. P. Reliability indicators evaluation for mechanical elements of instrumentation

A model for evaluating the failure rate of mechanical components, parts, and modules taking into account the materials, design, and various influencing factors is offered. The data are presented that allow to estimate the failure rate of various devices.

Gavrischuk V. I., Kalyuk A. V. Thermoelectric method for predicting bimetallic sensitive elements’ properties

A research was undertaken to determine the thermostatic sensitivity of bimetal used for producing sensitive elements of commercial devices. The measurement results show the application prospect of thermoelectric method for increasing non-defective sensitive elements yield.

Ruzhitskaya E. V. A new series of valve blocks and clusters

A new range of valve blocks and clusters from Metran Production Company is presented. Technical and operational advantages of the new devices that enable their effective application in the mountings of manometers, pressure relays< and other similar process control devices are discussed.

Vasiliev V. G. CD9904 speedometer for car tire test rig

Destination, application areas, and key performance attributes of CD9904 digital speedometer are discussed.

Kostykovsky S. R., Nikolaev R. V., Grachev V. A., Zhakovsky E. V. Application experience of DIPOLE Design Office’s KELVIN pyrometer in housing and communal services

Application experience of DIPOLE Design Office’s KELVIN pyrometer for remote temperature measurements in housing and communal services is discussed.

Sapozhnikova K. V., Henry M., Taimanov R. E. The need for standards for self-diagnosable and self-certifiable instrumentation

The paper notes that modern technologies make it possible to create intelligent instrumentation with automatic metrological self-diagnosis that improve the measurements reliability The features of such intelligent instruments are examined, and the need for developing international recommendations for their design. Authors’ suggestions are proved by their experience in the development of intelligent instrumentation and national guideline documents. The paper is a version of the authors’ contribution to 2005 IMEKO TC1+TC7 Symposium in Ilmenau, Germany, and this is the first project of Russian and British scientists in the field of intelligent measurements and instrumentation.

Knorring V. G. Computer Science Faculty of SPSPU – from sensors to systems

The Computer Science Faculty (more precise translation of the Russian name – Engineering Cybernetics Faculty) of the Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic University celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. The paper briefly reviews the scientific activities of its eight departments for both the latest thirty and the earlier years.







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