Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 6, June 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Nosov V. A., Makarov M. M., Nosov A. V. Evaluation of measurement assurance efficiency for special-purpose products


The problem of efficiency index evaluation and selection for the measurement assurance of armaments exploitation is discussed. A mathematical model for an integrated indicator is offered.



Sterligov D. V. Optimization of liquid-propellant rocket’s fuel level meter


The paper discusses a methodology for automating the synthesis of optimal parameters of a level meter in the fuel consumption control system of a liquid-propellant rocket. The problem is solved with the help of stochastic programming technique. The solution algorithm is presented using the gradient method with penalty functions allowing for constraints. Software implementation and numerical experiment’s results are included.



Rak V. S., Baitsar R. I. Decreasing the error of semiconductor resonance sensors oscillator


The influence of electronic circuit’s noises and random temperature fluctuations on the frequency errors of the test oscillator in a semiconductor resonance sensor with a filamentary monocrystal are investigated. The methods enabling to decrease the effect of destabilizing factors are proposed.



Krivulin N. P., Kolomiets L. N., Krupkina T. Yu., Murashkina T. I. Luminous flux distribution in fiber-optic transducers with reflecting control element


The effect of the change of design factor of reflector-type fiber-optic displacement transducers on the luminous flux conversion model is investigated.



Zelentsov Yu. A. Some features of metal-film pressure sensor manufacture


The problems of manufacturing metal-film pressure sensors related with the defectiveness of 36NHTYu alloy sticks structure are discussed. An engineering solution enabling the decrease of metal structure defectiveness by cold mass molding is described.



Alexeev V. A., Yuran S. I. Decreasing artifacts influence in photoplethysmogram recording


The paper discusses the ways to decrease the influence of disturbing factors (artifacts) in the construction of photoplethysmograms intended for investigating the cardiovascular system of animals.



Lebedev D. V. On physical principle selection in pressure measurements


Comparative analysis of capacitive and vibroresonance pressure measurement techniques based on modern microelectronic technologies of structural materials is undertaken. The paper shows that with regard to pressure sensors, the capacitive technique generally exceeds the vibroresonance one especially in harsh environments.



Vyalkov A. D. Electronic pressure switches


Features and characteristics of modern electronic pressure switches implementing “sensor to point” measurement scheme are examined. The transition from analog design concepts to the digital  ones is a new trend in electronic pressure switches evolution. A new small-size digital pressure switch that can be embedded into data communications LANs is briefly described.



Volodin Yu. G., Zakirov I. F., Fyodorov K. S., Yakovlev M. V. Investigation of microthermocouplesthermal inertia


The results of experimental investigation of microthermocouples’ dynamic response are presented.



Proshkin V. N. Magnetostriction linear displacement transducers for specific applications


The requirements to magnetostriction linear displacement transducers for control systems are formulated. Comparative performance data of such transducers used in vehicle simulators are included.



Gasyuk I. M., Ugorchuk V. V., Streletsky Yu. I., et. al. An automated multi-channel unit for electrochemical cells cycling


A cost-effective automatic device for electrochemical cells cycling in galvanostatic mode with a wide range of specified charge/discharge currents is developed. The software enabling easy control of  electrochemical cells cycling process is created.



Lupey A. G. Thermal energy accounting rules and mass difference measurement


The expediency of changing thermal energy accounting rules is grounded.



Ilyashenko E. V., Romanov K. K. Resource Series instruments for quality control and measurement assurance of power accounting


The features of measurement assurance tasks of power accounting are discussed. The paper suggests to use Resource Series power quality control instruments for this purpose.



Ghiniyatullin I. A., Sergheev S. R. New master measuring tools for industrial electric power from Mars-Energo Scientific and Production Company


The paper describes new master measuring tools for power industry and the tookits for measuring instruments.








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