Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 6, June 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Mokrov E. A., Lebedev D. V., Bazaev V. P., et al. On design and technology improvement of thin-film resistive-strain pressure sensors


The problems of improving the technological level of thin-film resistive-strain Vt and DAV pressure sensors are outlined. These sensor types are widely applied in harsh environments such as aerospace applications. The paper proposes the optimization of sensors layout, and elastic elements profiling subject to width and thickness. The focus is made on vibration stability improvement and the selection of engineering and functional materials. The outlook for thin-film resistive-strain sensors based on carbon nanotubes and C60 fullerene is discussed.



Trofimov A. A. Permeance calculation in a multiturn large linear displacement sensor


The design of an electromagnetic large linear displacement sensor is discussed as well as the equivalent circuit for the magnetic circuit of a sensor with the edge joint of rotor and stator surfaces. Key expressions for permeance calculation in raster interface dependent on rotor’s rotation angle are presented.



Vasyukov S. A. Capacitance displacement sensors in impulse electrostatic suspensions


The application of analog and pulse capacitance transducers in electrostatic suspensions with PDM control of high-voltage potentials is discussed. The results of experimental investigation of cylindrical rotor alignment stability in suspensions are included.



Podmasteriev K. V., Petrova O. S. A device for indoor air temperature control


The results of theoretical research and modeling of the original device for indoor air temperature control are presented. The results obtained enable design parameters optimization.



Orlov I. Ya., Afanasiev A. V., Grigoriev A. Yu, Nikiforov I. A. An automated system for evaluating material emittance in the IR range

An automated system enabling emittance investigation in the IR range (2…25 mm) for various materials under the changing temperature of the emitting object is offered.



Volkov V. S., Zuev V. D., Krivulin N. P., Murashkina T. I. A procedure for evaluating the design parameters of a fiber-optic transducer with a spherical lens


A procedure for evaluating the design parameters of fiber-optic displacement transducer with a spherical lens moving under the measurand is offered.



Kulikov D. Yu., Rembeza S. I., Buslov V. A., et al. The Influence of magnetron sputtering conditions on electrical and gas sensitive properties of SnO2(Sb) thin films

Thin films SnO2(Sb) for gas sensors were synthesized by reactive magnetron sputtering using О1NI-7-006 standard equipment. The paper investigates the effect of oxygen concentration in Ar+O2 mixture during the sputtering and of films’ thickness on electrical and gas sensitive properties of SnO2(Sb) thin films.



Yevseev V. G., Krysin Yu. M. A device for determining the equivalent circuit of two-element one-port devices


A device implementing a method for determining the equivalent circuit of two-element one-ports is offered. The device operation is based on the following. A sine waveform is applied to the one-port under investigation switched, first, sequentially, and, second, in parallel with a reference one-port. The comparison of the information about the phase shifts of total current relative to metering circuit’ supply voltage provides unambiguous information about the equivalent circuit of the one-port under investigation. The device designed allows to determine both the equivalent circuit and the features of the one-port.



Korobeynikov A. G., Nesterova N. A., Korobeynikova M. A., et al. Process approach in the quality management at electronic instrumentation factories


The application of process approach principles ensuring product quality improvement at electronic instrumentation factories is considered.



Khakhulin A. A. On the requirements to the parameters of micrologic units for airborne instrumentation


The requirements to the electronic components of airborne equipment for high-speed control, data acquisition, and information processing in hard real time are formulated. The performance data of the logical components of 5584 series IC are presented.



Trofimov A. A., Mel’nikov A. A., Tsypin V. B. A multifunctional displacement sensor with digital output


A multifunctional mutual inductance sensor with digital output enabling simultaneous measurements of linear and angular displacements is described. Structural layout, basic performance data, and the block diagram of the secondary transducer are presented.



Alferov V. N., Krendelev V. A., Plotnikov A. V. Vibration monitoring system for a torsion shaft based on fiber-optic displacement sensors


The rotor run-out measuring system based on fiber-optic sensors is described. The transducer is a passive fiber housed in the same body with the optoelectronic transducer. For the distance to target 2.0±0.5 mm, the gap measuring error is ±2 mm. The applied software for processing the measurement data from 2 radial transducers shifted by 90° along the shaft azimuth together with a revolution rate transducer provides the time-varying gap values in 2 plains, the Furrier coefficients, and the Lissajous figures describing the shaft center’s orbit.



Shakhnin V. A. A sensor for flexible manufacturing modules sensitization


The design concept and the operation principle of a magnetoelastic force and moment sensor for flexible manufacturing modules are described. Based on analysis of electromagnetic processes, the possibility of the sensor˘s dynamic range extension is examined.



Ushenina I. V. A Rotating speed sensor on a programmable analog IC


A speed transducer is described whose analog part is based on Anadigm AN221E04 IC. The transducer is a part of engine’s disaster protection system.



Yakovlev I. V. A Low-level differential amplifier in high-speed microprocessors


The paper describes differential amplifiers of logic signals enabling the compensation for local amplitude decrease in microprocessors without significant speed reduction.



Itskovich E. L. Modern wireless communication networks in automation systems at industrial enterprises.


Local-area wireless networks used presently for connecting plant-distributed automation tools are described. The growing interest of automation systems’ users and vendors to wireless networks is discussed. The automation areas and plants where the application of wireless LANs looks the most promising are identified.

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