Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 6, June 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Mishin V. A., Borisova T. S., Kiselev S. K. Promotion of aeronautic cartographic data display trustworthiness in the airborne vehicle electronic indicator systems


The errors detection methods and instruments for aeronautic cartographic data display systems algorithm and software are considered. This systems are the parts of embedded aviation complexes. This methods and instruments allow to increase the airborne vehicle systems reliability and to decrease the piloting risks, related to the incorrect navigation information during a flight.

Keywords: embedded aviation complex, aeronautic cartographic data display indicator systems, algorithm and software, trustworthiness, reliability, piloting risks



Tikhonenkov V. A., Vinokurov L. N. The compensation of additive temperature error of strain gauge


The paper present the method of compensation of additive temperature error of strain gauge with a bridge measuring circuit taking into account nonlinearity of the temperature characteristic initial unbalance the sensor, consisting in simultaneous introduction in a shoulder of a bridge circuit of thermoindependent resistor Rsh and thermodependent Rb is considered.

Keywords: strain gauge, bridge circuit, additive temperature error, compensation, nonlinearity.



Kalinina L. N., A. Litvinov V., Nikolaev I. N.The particular of the MIS-sensors dynamic characteristics


This paper deals with the particular of dynamic characteristics, which was found on some type of the MIS-sensors. This particular consist in crossing through zero of the sensors signal during relaxation (after removal gas) and the sensors signal remain negative during long time. This phenomenon introduces relatively small error in measurements of gas concentration, therefore it can be neglect. However founded effect can be of interest for creation microscopical theory of trap centers, which are responsible for sensitivity to gases of the MIS-sensors.

Keywords: MIS-sensor, dynamic characteristic of MIS-sensors.



Ignateva E. V., Mikhailov Yu. A., Pankov V. V. On the sensitivity increase of silicon pressure strain transducers


The traditional methods of sensitivity increase are accompanied by increase of nonlinearity of the converting characteristic that limits their capabilities. The new membrane design optimization enabled to reach sensitivity more than 7 mV/V∙kPa with simultaneous decrease of nonlinearity. The nominal pressure of the strain transducer was decreased till 1 kPa.

Keywords: integrated silicon pressure transducer, nonlinearity of transforming characteristic, design sensitivity factor.



Galiev A.L., Gusev V. G., Orlov A. V. Method of constant energy pulse shaping


This article discusses one way to build momentum investigated the physical effects on objects with a constant energy. The description of the developed device, which "portions" impact on the object with a given pulse energy. We analyze the error of measurement, depending on the resistance of the object.

Keywords: physical object, nonlinear components, comparator, recorder, sensitivity threshold, energy.



Vas'kovsky S. V., Morozov V. P. Hierarchical design principle of debugging tools


Hierarchical design principle is formulated and most effective realization methods are considered for debugging systems of distributed microprocessor real-time complexes.

Keywords: integrated adjustment, hierarchical approach, real-time systems.



Tselishev E. S., Kudryashov I. S., Glyaznetsova A. V. New approach to construction of universal structure of dataware for control systems engineering process


The article is about Aggregation&Decomposition Technology of control systems automated design, and about its place in end-to-end design of IACS (Industrial Automatic Control System). It defines the problem of developing the logical structure of Data&Knowledge Base, which contains description of multivendor automation equipment. A universal order of choosing the control equipment features, independent of a concrete vendor, is offered. There is an analysis of two possible approaches to description of control equipment features and its choosing algorithms. An engineering process conditions for effective using of this or that approach are defined.

Keywords: control systems, technology of control systems automated design, automation equipment, measurement, data and knowledge base, methods of developing the logical structure of a base.



Volkov V. Yu., Batyshkina V. V. Accuracy enhancement of forecast of atmospheric air contamination level in automated system of environmental monitoring


It is proposed to use modified technical analysis method "inverted head-shoulders" for accuracy enhancement of forecast of atmospheric air contamination level in real-time mode in Novomoskowsk city in Tula region.

Keywords: measurements, forecast, contamination level, atmospheric air, concentration of contaminating agents, technical analysis models, "inverted head-shoulders" model.



Karasyov V. V., Karasyova A. V. Study of processes in primary circuit of contactless transducer of pulse signals


Description of transients received on a primary contour of the contactless converter is given on the basis of the air transformer used for data acquisition about a condition of rotating objects is presented by authors.

Keywords: rotating objects; contactless signal transmission; air-core transformer; inductively coupled circuits.



Lurje M. S., Baranov Y. S., Frolov A. S. Technological tests and checking vortical flowmeters for pulp-and-paper manufacture


The checking problem submersible vortical flowmeters is considered. The stand is described, allowing to simulate hydrodynamic processes, in the technological pipeline at flowmeter work. The basic mathematical parities describing test bed work are formulated. The imitating model of the stand in appendix Simulink of package Matlab is developed. Results of research of the stand on model are resulted.

Keywords: submersible, a flowmeter, the vortical, imitating stand, hydrodynamic processes, mathematical model.



Gorlov M. I., Shishkina N. A., Samtsov E. P. The superficial-condensate type


Praktical use of a microelectronic superficial-condensate type gauge for measuring steam contents inside the integrated circuits case is shown.

Keywords: humidity sensor, case, integrated circuit, steam.



Zadiraka I. S., Zinin Yu. M., Lobanov A. V. Sensor study for emergency protection system of bridge thyristor inverter


Current sensor for emergency protection system of high frequency bridge thyristor invertor and control switching circuit are considered. The sensor was designed as ferrite ring with output secondary coil. Connected by differential scheme primary coils are power conductors of bridge inverter circuit. Timing and parametrical dependencies of PSpice model of sensor are presented, which were obtained by circuit simulation in MicroCap 9 program.

Keywords: differential sensor, bridge inverter, emergency protection.



Babayan R. R. Current input amplifier


Principles of operation and circuit solutions for operational amplifier with current input are analyzed and the evaluation procedure of its parameters is also presented.

Keywords: current input amplifier, hybrid microcircuit, parameters.



Kosolapov A. M., Frantasoff D. N. Investigation of current transformer with error correction


The computer model of current transformer with error correction was investigated, the optimal statical and dynamical characteristics of the model have been determined.

Keywords: measuring current transformer, computer modelling, investigation of the metrological characteristics, error correction



New project of Emerson company: "User in the focus of attention"


New concept of production management is presented, which allows to simplify work of users of digital architecture Plantweb products and eventually to enhance product quality.

Keywords: user, control technology, process automation, wireless networks.



Volpian O. D., Kuzmichev A. I. Photonic metamaterials: Technological aspects of their obtaining


On the base of world literature analysis, the principal methods for obtaining optical metamaterials, in particular 2D and 3D photonic ones, are presented. Outlook of some technologies as well as resolving the problem how to create large-scale and low-cost fabrication are considered. New highly effective sensors, detectors and devices may be created on the base of photonic metamaterials.

Keywords: metamaterials, photonic metamaterials, nanoresonator, nanotechnology

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