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Golovin A. V., Belyakov V. V., Vasil'ev V. K., et al. Devices and systems for ion mobility spectrometry


Review of devices and systems used in ion mobility spectrometry technology for the detection of minute substance quantities is presented. General scheme of devices based on ion mobility spectrometry, fields of usage, advantages and disadvantages of devices, accessible on the market, different ionization sources, and drift areas designs were considered. 

Keywords: ion mobility spectrometry, ionization sources, detection of minute substance quantities, drift cell, structure evaluation.



Vasil'ev V. K., Belyakov V. V., Pershekov V. S., et al. Calibration methods for ion mobility spectrometer

Calibration methods for ion mobility spectrometers using explosives vapors and products of corona discharge burning are considered. Calibration system integrated into overall control system of spectrometer is presented.

Keywords: ion mobility spectrometry, detection of explosives traces, calibration.



Belyakov V. V., Malkin E. K., Shurenkov V. V., et al. The pulse heating device in ion mobility spectrometer


Sampling device with pulse heating of intermediate carrier for ion mobility spectrometer is described. Numerical simulation of pulse heater structure was carried out. Design of sampling device using pulse heating of intermediate carrier was developed. Experimental results of sampling device testing are presented.

Keywords: ion mobility spectrometry, detection of minute substance quantities, surface heating by pulse heater, sampling.



Gromov E. A., Belyakov V. V., Varlamov N. V., et al. Ignition method of corona discharge with modulation of the field in ion source of ion mobility spectrometer


This article describes an improved version of the ion mobility spectrometer considered in [1]. The new method for the ignition of the corona discharge has been developed, which improves the stability of the ion mobility spectrometer and the resolution of the instrument. The system of forming a corona discharge without additional electrode used in a number of known structures for the pre-ionization has been developed, this simplifies the design of the proposed source and an electronic control circuit.

Keywords: corona discharge, ion mobility, electric field modulation, ion source of spectrometer.



Bakerenkov A. S., Belyakov V. V., Surenkov V. V., et al. System for the measurement of operational amplifiers in radiation hardness testing


Measuring system for operational amplifiers testing for radiation hardness was developed. Measuring system includes multiplexer card allowing to connect operational amplifiers of different types to the system. The possibility of definition and control of operational amplifier temperature is provided. The system allows to realize automatic control of experimental data collection, storage and processing which especially important to prolonged experiments. Experimental testing of the system in radiation hardness experiment was carried out. 

Keywords: operational amplifier, input current, bias voltage, measurement automation, multiplexer, radiation hardness experiment.



Barbashov V. M. Simulation of functional failures of digital systems from radiation influence


Simulation methods of functional failures of digital systems from radiation influence based on Brauer fuzzy automat model are considered. The possibility of explicit consideration in IC chips functional-logical models of the dependence of its radiation hardness from working mode, functional status, design-technological and circuit-analytical IC chip parameters is the principal difference of this method from traditional ones. Building methods for criteria functions for  belonging of basic elements to IC chips of different technologies are considered. Prognostic algorithms for transient and permanent radiation effects in IC chips are given.

Keywords: digital system failure, Brawer fuzzy digital automat, radiation hardness.



Podlepetsky B. I. Influence of ionizing radiation to characteristics of integral hydrogen sensors with MIS-transistor sensitive elements


Experimental data and simulation results of the influence of ionizing radiation to main metrological and operational characteristics of integral hydrogen sensors based on MIS-transistor sensitive elements with different circuit configurations are presented.

Keywords: ionizing radiation, hydrogen sensor, MIS-transistor sensitive element, metrological and operational characteristics.



Vodokhlebov I. N., Simakov A. B. Microwave radiation dosimeter


A new technique for measuring absorbed doses of microwave electromagnetic radiation is presented. The results of computer simulation and experimental studies of the detector element for microwave radiation dosimeter are shown. On the basis of a new technique and the developed detector, the breadboard model of the microwave dosimeter is created, its performance data are resulted.

Keywords: electromagnetic radiation, dosimeter, absorbed energy, detector assembly.



Mashinistov R. Yu., Shmeleva A. P., Chernyshev Yu. A. Control systems of TRT detector of ATLAS experiment for Large Hadron Collider


The description of hardware and software of one of the main systems of ATLAS experiment - transition radiation track detector, intended for track coordinates measurement and for electron identification, is presented. Control system of data reading electronics configuration and relevant software should be developed. 

Keywords: detector of elementary particles, data collection system, software, database.



Korolev A. N., Polishchuk G. S. Digital measuring systems based on the coordinate measuring of target image on the photosensitive CCD


The article deals with the engineering of digital measuring systems, based on the coordinate measuring of target image on the photosensitive CCD with submicron accuracy. The efficiency of such approach for development of wide range of instruments for angular and linear measurements is shown. The important questions related to the optimization of the optical target form and algorithms of video data array processing are discussed. The measured results and the additional qualities of such instruments that are important for measuring practice are presented.

Keywords: CCD-array, CMOS-array, linear and angular measurements, digital autocollimator, measurement of deviation from straight line, angular sensor.



Dobronravov O. E., Dryndin A. V. Data storage design for mobile measuring systems and smart sensors


Practical questions of data storage design for mobile measuring systems and smart sensors are considered. The basic requirements and design evaluation criteria for data storage based on flash memory are formulated.

Keywords: data-measuring system, storage device, flash memory.



Likhachiev I. G., Pustovoy V. I. The fiber optic pressure measurement system


Four-chanel interferometric fiber-optic sensing system is designed for accurate and reliable measurement of microdisplacement and pressure. The measuring system includes probes connected to the processing unit by the fiber optic cable and the computer for the data processing. High sensitivity of the system is provided by the Fabry-Perot interferometer used as a probe. The operation of the system is based on the straightforward detection and processing of the broadband spectrum of the light reflected from the probe. The spectral distribution unambiguously characterizes the value of measurement which is recovered by a proper processing technique. The employment of spectral encoding demonstrated high noise resistance of the system and insensitivitiy to the optical power variations. The pressure sensor resolution is 106 of the full pressure scale at the 20 ms measurement time.

Keywords: fiber-optical sensor, interferometer, pressure, measurement accuracy.



Barmashov I. S. Technology of plasma-chemical etching and MEMS-sensors manufacturing


Advantages of plasma-chemical etching method for manufacturing of capacitive MEMS-sensors are briefly considered. The inclinometer developed by OOO "Sovtest-ATE" on the base of this technology is presented as an example.

Keywords: capacitive MEMS-sensors, plasma-chemical etching, inclinometer.



Kasatkin S.  I., Vasil'eva N. P., Murav'ev A. M. Spin-gate and spin-tunnel magnetoresistive nanoelements and devices based on these nanoelements


Magnetosensitive elements based on spin-gate and spin-tunnel magnetoresistive metallic nanostructures and devices based on these nanoelements which were developed and manufactured worldwide were considered. Main fields of its usage were discussed.

Keywords: spin-gate and spin-tunnel magnetoresistive effect, metallic nanostructures, nanoelements.

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