Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 7, July 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Shaidurov G. Ya. The works of Radio Engineering Department of Siberian Federal University in the field of measuring systems


The paper overviews the works of Radio Engineering Department of Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) in the field of measurements and instrumentation for radio navigation, subsurface radiolocation, automated control systems, sensors for dam condition monitoring, optoelectronic equipment for evaluating the geometry of large stationing aerials, microwave microelectronic, and other applications.



Patyukov V. G., Patyukov E. V., Legler V. V. Improving estimation efficiency of frequency-and-times parameters of frequency sensors signals


The paper discusses the methods for frequency sensor signal processing promising significant efficiency estimation improvement of time-and-frequency parameters.



Shaidurov G. Ya., Gondarev V. V., Myakotin G. S., et al. String sensors in automated hydraulic structure monitoring systems


Automated systems for hydraulic structure monitoring as discussed as well as monitoring techniques and tools based on string transducers.



Gondarev V. V., Lukianchikov V. N., Susloparov M. N. High-speed fire-alarm boxes


The paper analyzes the state of the art in the field of fast-response digital fire with 3 mm optical window. The examples of fire-alarm boxes developed by Meson Scientific and Engineering Center of Siberian Federal University are included.



Bondarenko V. N., Kuzmin E. V. Two-step phase locking system of a spread-spectrum signal receiver


Noise-immunity of two-step algorithm in phase locked-loop system of spread-spectrum minimum shift keying signal receiver is investigated. The results of statistical simulation of the algorithms proposed are included.



Bondarenko V. N., Klevlin A. G. Search of spread-spectrum signal with minimum shift keying


A parallel search algorithm for time-delay periodic spread-spectrum signal with minimum shift keying is proposed. The noise-immunity of the algorithm proposed is investigated.



Agamalov Yu. R., Bobylev D. A., Borovskikh L. P., Kneller V. Yu. Virtual self-verifying immitance analyzer with adaptive functionalities


The paper describes a self-verifying virtual immitance analyzer developed with the help of a new integrated approach to multifunctional measuring instruments design on the basis of adaptation and self-verification principles. The analyzerís structure and operation algorithm are presented as well as its measurement assurance features. The analyzerís performance data included prove its extensive metrological and functional capabilities coupled with minimum hardware costs.



Ananyev I. P. Two-component permittivity transducers based on self-excited oscillators with inertial stabilization of the oscillation amplitude


The analysis of the processes in the transducers of real and imaginary components of materialsí complex permittivity is undertaken. The measurements are based on the use of a capacitive sensor and a self-excited oscillator with inertial stabilization of the oscillation amplitude.



Vasyukov S. A. Zero offset compensation for a capacitive electrostatic suspension sensor


A way to compensate for nonzero signal of a capacitive electrostatic suspension sensor is discussed. The technique is based on the use of interchannel links.



Bobyrí M. V., Ivanov V. I., Milostnaya N. A., Shirabakina T. A. An automated system for thermal circuit boards check


A real-time automated thermal check system for detecting flaws in circuit boards of microprocessor module extension with the help of an IR imager is described.



Morozov V. P. Thermal stabilization system for hybrid microcircuit


An external temperature stabilization system for microchip diode pack is described. Experimental results are included.



Khakhulin A. A. Improving the efficiency of control, monitoring, and diagnosis of liquid-propellant jet engines


Primary issues of design philosophy for liquid-propellant jet engines control, monitoring, and diagnosis are discussed. Key directions of hardware improvement are listed; the value of digital signal processing and digital signal processors is determined.



Kuznetsov R. S. To the analysis of measurements validity in thermal energy accounting tasks


A procedure for detecting faulty results of commercial thermal energy accounting in closed heat consumption systems based on regression analysis technique is offered.



Belov M. V. A process control system using frequency drives


A modern process control system using variable speed drives for process parameters control is considered.



Beliaev M. M., Khitrovo A. A. A gas-jet resonance force cell


The possibility of applying a string force cell with gas-jet ejector in special conditions is examined. The gas-jet control system performs string excitation, oscillations maintenance, and reading. The viability of the technique proposed is proved by experiments.



Trofimov A. A., Novikov V. N., Gorbunov S. F. Angular displacement sensor for chassis parameters


A special purpose angular displacement sensor with digital output is considered. Its operation principle is discussed, the transformation function, calibration curve and key performance attributes are presented. The functional principle of sensorís electronic module and a 3D model are included.



Nadeev M. A., Zharkov M. V., Rogov A. V., et al. A multi-functional smart magnetostrictive transducer


Design concepts and precision improvement technique of a multi-functional smart displacement and temperature transmitter based on magnetostrictive transducer are discussed. Experimental results are included; the instrumentís software and performance data are described.



Korotkov M. A., Adaev I. S., Levin I. A. The experience of instruments selection and operation for ventilation and air conditioning systems tuning


The problems related with the operation of air velocity and flowrate meters for ventilation and air conditioning systems are discussed. The recommendations on instrument selection dependent on its applications are made. Basic instruments for air velocity and flowrate measurements are briefly overviewed with case studies of the products from KIMO Instruments (France) и Eco-Intech Scientific and Production Company (Russia).



Granovsky V. A., Kudriavtsev M. D. Plane angle measurement concept in view of traceability problem


The features of plane angle measurements traceability structure are discussed. The paper proves that the unit of plane angle measure (radian) conflicts with this structure. The contradiction can eliminated by introducing the complete angle as a unit of measure. The tasks to be accomplished for implementing this proposal are described. High-precision angular (circular) scales are examined from the generic viewpoint, and their design concepts are formulated. The methods for simultaneous calibration of 2 and more such scales meeting the formulated concepts and the redundancy factor are formulated.

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