Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 7, July 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Neshin K. G., Sokolov G. A. Noncontact Thermal Flow Measurement System for Liquids in Nonpressure Pipes and Free-Surface Flows


A thermal noncontact volumetric flowmeter is presented. The basic structure and operating principles of the measurement device are described. A numerical mathematical model is built. The approximations of the numerical data are developed.

Keywords: thermal flowmeter, flowmeter, volumetric flow rate, free-surface flow, measurement device, measurement, flow measurement, nonpressure pipe.



Tokarev O. D., Leonets V. A., Pavlyuk S. O., Chaus L. M. Algorithmic method of transducer's characteristics linearization


The method of linearization of transducer's nonlinear transfer characteristic algorithmic inverse functional transformation of output value is proposed. The linearization is implemented by universal fractionally rational function of Y=X/(1+CX) form by the use of the recalculation of transducer measurement results by standard microprocessor of measuring system. The method of the minimization of residual (non-exceptional) inaccuracy of the nonlinearity of linearized transducer's transfer characteristic is considered.

Keywords: transducer of physical values, linearization method, transfer characteristic, measuring system, tensometric transducer.



Grayevsky O. S., Badyeev A. V., Bazikin S. N. Method of reduction of temperature inaccuracy for optoelectronic level indicators


New methods of reduction of temperature inaccuracy for optoelectronic level indicators owing to variation of radiation sources and receivers based on amplitude-phase conversion of signals, are presented.

Keywords: optoelectronic level indicator, amplitude-phase conversion, temperature compensation method, working and compensating radiation receivers.



Pavlov A. N., Sypin E. V., Terent'ev S. A. Optical system of two-dimensional coordinate sensor of flashpoint centre based on fiber optic transducer


Optical system of two-dimensional coordinate sensor of explosion centre in gas-dispersed systems based on fiber optic transducer is considered and expressions for its design are presented.

Keywords: optical system, coordinate sensor of explosion centre, fiber optic transducer.



Titov S. A., Maev R. G., Bogachenkov A. N. Acoustic visualization system employing matrix ultrasonic probe


An acoustical visualization system having a matrix ultrasonic probe is proposed. In this system, the elements of the probe arranged perpendicularly to the direction of the probe movement are used for image construction, whereas the coordinate of the probe is measured based on the signals of the elements which are located along the direction of movement.

Keywords: acoustic visualization, ultrasonic probes, mechanical scanning, velocity measurement, internal defects.



Masal'sky N. V. Temperature characteristics of waveguide acoustooptical correlator


Temperature characteristics of real-time functioning acoustooptical correlator with time integration based on waveguide chip, which formed on Y-cut lithium niobate substrate, are experimentally studied and numerically simulated. Investigation results show that main device parameter maximum delay time is independent of temperature. The impact of thermal effects affects substantially an amplitude of correlation signal, an intensity of diffracted optical beam, and a width of working frequency band.

Keywords: acoustooptical correlator, temperature effects.



Kotelnikov A. А., Belyaev Yu. I., Golcev A. Yu., Kotelnikova M. G. Variable-duration decomposition of audio signals by alternating step filters


The single alternating SE-filters and СE-filters for decomposition of audio signals in is frequent time domains are offered. The analytical ratio for optimal set-up of filters and estimation of a level of suppression of side frequencies are resulted in case of discrete representation of a sound signal.

Keywords: variable-duration decomposition, SE-filter, СE-filter, amplitude-frequency characteristic, asymptotic damping, step filter.



Prasov M. T. The Hardware-software complex with use of the identified gauges for the management information system by a microclimate


In article questions of the control and management of parametres of a microclimate in various points of storehouse of production are considered. The approach of creation of structure of hardware-software means for a management information system-microclimate, based on use of the identified gauges is offered.

Keywords: hardware of the management information system of a microclimate, the identified gauges.



Efremov E. V. Special features of manufacturing technology of sensor equipment parts


Technological possibilities of manufacturing of sensors' critical details and assemblies are considered: technology of microstructure formation for special purpose alloys, allowing a manufacturing of thin membranes with necessary number of intact undamaged grains throughout membrane volume, advantages of electrical discharge machining for formation of thin membranes without fractures. The technology of elastic bridges for "pendulum" part formation is briefly described.

Keywords: pressing by moving spheres, microstructure, membrane, pendulum, elastic bridges.



Andreev M. Ya., Klyushin V.V., Okhrimenko S.N., Rubanov I. L. On the development of active-passive hydroacoustic stations with flexible extensive towed antennas


An estimation of possibility of using of COTS-solutions, AR2-solutions, and also an intellectualization of information systems in the process of the development of active-passive hydroacoustic stations (GAS) with flexible extensive towed antennas for surface ships (SS) is carried out.

Keywords: GAS with FETA, information-controlling systems, COTS-solutions, AR2-solutions.



Soldatov A. I., Makarov V. S., Sorokin P. V., Evtushenco G. S. Ultrasound level meter for horisontal tank


Level meter based on waveguide transmission line with location through liquid for horizontal tank is described. There is sensor structure with waveguide transmission line. This structure is covered by the patent of the Russia Federation. To increase the accuracy of measuring echo signals are processed by two comparators.

Keywords: ultrasound, reference channel, produced water, measurement accuracy, sensor of waveguide type, spark-safe circuit, reference reflector.



Kormiltsev I. V. Automation of registration of photo-electric spectra of crystals


The architecture modernized the universal spectral computer complex CSCU-12 is considered, allowing to make researches of photo-electric and optical spectra of crystals CdS, CdSe by a method exiton spectroscopy.

Keywords: stepping motor ShDR-711, voltmeter-electrometer V7-30, monochromator, automated measurement system, photoconductivity.



Sentjakov B. A., Shirobokov K. P., Svjatsky V. M. The pneumatic device for measurement of average diameter of elementary fibres


Authors it is offered and the pneumatic device for measurement of average diameter of elementary fibres by manometrical way is investigated.

Keywords: vertical inflation, pneumatic device, measurement of elementary fibers.



Fetisov V. S., Ilyushchenkov D. A., Mashkova N. A., Zinnurov D. R. Radio frequency identification technologies today and tomorrow


Principles of work, classification and fields of application for RFID systems are considered. The state-of-the-art and the nearest prospects of RFID development, manufacturing and market are analyzed.

Keywords: RFID system, tag, reader, wireless technologies.

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