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Ashanin V. N. Analysis and synthesis theoretical problems of the measurement on heterogeneous structure


The analysis and synthesis basic theoretical problems of the measurement on heterogeneous structure, which relate to the nonlinear pulse closed systems was description on this works. The analog-digital systems theory applying possibility for the synthesis of the measuring converters on the heterogeneous structure is analyzed olso.


Keywords: the means of measurement, measuring converter, analog-digital system, heterogeneous structure, emergence, fractal.



Blokin-Mechtalin Yu. K. Methods and means of measuring transducers and systems for experimental aerodynamics precision increase


Following structural and algorithmic methods of measurement precision increase in systems for experimental aerodynamics are considered: methods of transformation of signals of strain gauges into code equivalent, structural construction of strain gauge measurement schemes and their errors, algorithmic methods based on principles of errors correction and parametric identification of transformation functions of measurement channels. Examples of application of considered methods and means for reduction of additive and multiplicative components of errors in developed measuring transducers and systems are presented.


Keywords: experimental aerodynamics, measurement precision, transformation of measurement signals, strain gauge measurement schemes, algorithmic methods, additive and multiplicative errors,



Semkin N. D., Telegin A. M., Voronov K. E. Capacitor detector to analyze the parameters of micrometeoroids based on organic films


The technology of manufacturing capacitor micrometeoroids detectors based on organic films (PMMA). Physical characteristics of the developed detectors and their views of implementation, the possibility of their use in field conditions.


Keywords: detector micrometeoroids, the technology of organic films, physical and mathematical model.



Umarhanov R. U., Kuchmenko T. A. Use of nano-sized coatings for an improvement of operational characteristics of piezodetektor


The carbon sorbents are investigated as a modifier of the piezodetektor sensitive element at the its operation in the flow with different flow rate of gas-carrier (10…600 cm3/min). The vapors of some organic substances, ammonia and water are selected as detected compounds. The main functioning features of piezodetektor with sensitive element covered by carbon nanotubes (CNTs), fullerenes, char coal have been established and in comparison with ones for polyethylene glycol adipinate. The optimal modifiers of work element of piezodetektor at operation in the wide range of gas-carrier flow rate are recommended CNTs.


Keywords: piezodetektor, drift, sensitivity, increase resistibility, carbon sorbents.



Milovzorov G. V., Milovzorov D. G., Zigangirov L. R. Vector-matrix technique for a simulation of three-component inclinometer systems

Generalized mathematical model of inclinometer system with three-component transducers, including small inclination angles of sensitive axis of flux gates and accelerometers from axis of orthonormalized basis of downhole instrument body.


Keywords: inclinometry, three-component transducer with flux gate sensors, three-component transducer with accelerometer sensors, vector-matrix mathematical technique.



Katkov A. N. Development issues of intellectual sensors and wireless sensor networks


Terms “intelligent sensor”, “wireless sensor network” are analyzed. Progress and dedication of intelligent sensors and wireless sensor networks are described. Problems of IS and WSN design are marked out. Requirement in IS and WSN development tool is singled out.


Keywords: intelligent sensor, wireless sensor network.



Veselov D. S., Voronov S. A., Voronov Yu. A., et al. Technology for the production of dielectric membrane structures for integrated gas sensitive sensors


Results of the development of new technology for the production of dielectric membrane structures for integrated gas sensitive sensors with reduced power consumption are presented. Developed technology, based on a division of etching operation of wells for membranes on two stages, allows to carry out all operations by group method, that may increase a productivity of serial production of sensors.


Keywords: gas sensitive sensor, sensitive layer, membrane, semiconductor substrate, thin film, heating element.



Kuz'min I. L., Khuzyashev R. G., Khakimov Sh. Z., et al. Data measuring device for the determination of damaged spot of power line


Autonomous device, which allows to measure normal and abnormal parameters of power line mode with any voltage class/ is presented.


Keywords: gas sensitive sensor, sensitive layer, membrane, semiconductor substrate, thin film, heating element.



Samotaev N. N., Podlepetsky B. I., Vasiliev A. A., et al. Metal oxide sensor with improved selectivity to ammonia


The measurement regime and the design of the sensor enabling very selective detection of ammonia gas in presence of CH4, CO and humidity were developed. The detection limit of about 5 ppm was achieved by the application of pulsing heating mode of gas sensor.


Keywords: ammonia, selective sensor, gas sensor.



Shagurin I. I., Tarnavsky V. M. SPI-interface module for primary processing devices of "system-on-chip" type


A structure and a functioning of interface module, providing a communication of sensors and primary transducers with controlling microcontroller or microprocessor in control measuring systems is described. Developed module realizes widespread interface SPI and it represents synthesized complex functional block, which may be used in control measuring systems developed in a "system-on-chip" form.


Keywords: sensor, control-measuring system, system on chip, interface module, serial peripheral interface, SPI.



Ershov M. N. Lever float gage: development of mathematical models of liquid level measurement


The article describes a way to calculate liquid level then lever float gage and tank inclinometer devices are used. Also, limitations and features of practical usage the mathematical models are considered.


Keywords: level measurement, fluid surface, float, inclinometer.



Nesteruk I. N. Inductive transducer of angular displacement


The paper describes the design and study of the basic parameters of the inductive transducer designed to measure the angular displacement of the rotor of the moving coil galvanometric scanner.


Keywords: measuring transducers, sensors, measurements.



Vostrukhin A. V. The microcontroller converter for the resistive sensor


The microcontroller converter of the resistive sensor into the binary code is considered. The process of control by a sensor current is realized in the converter.


Keywords: microcontroller, converter, resistor, resistive sensor, pulse-width modulator, counter, PWM-signal, analog comparator, binary code.



Goryunov V. A., D'yachkov E. A., Burkov Yu. G. Energy saving in pneumatic cylinder positioning systems


Some schemes of control devices for positioning of pneumatic cylinders in automatic control systems, which allow to decrease wasteful losses of compressed air.


Keywords: energy saving, pneumatic automation, programmed device.



Semeykin V. D., Skupchenko A. V. Control system for corporate data transfer systems


Application of neural networks models for problem solution in data transfer network control and management is described. Neural networks models built on a base of educable artificial neural networks (ANN) for effective solution of problems of traffic control, prognosis and management in data transfer networks were considered in a process of work implementation. Main technical feature is: algorithm was developed, which realizes a prognosis based on ANN and decision making for control and management of data transfer network.


Keywords: neural networks model, data transfer network control and management, prognosis based on artificial neural networks.



Besedina K. N., Vlasov A. I., Tokarev S. V., et al. Perspective of a creation of perception and processing tools based on photon crystals


Systematization and generalization of scientific and technological properties of a formation of opal nano-composites with properties of photon crystals were presented. Main attention was given to an analysis of areas of possible application of development results in modern sensor systems creation, in nanoelectronics, optoelectronics and number of other fields for a creation of new perspective elemental base.


Keywords: microelectronics, photon crystals, opal nano-composites.

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