Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 8, August 06 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Maslov L. P., Ermuratsky P. V. Receptor-type semiconductor resistive catalytic gas sensors


The paper discusses catalytic sensors promising high selectivity and sensitivity with the complex admittance of gas sensitive materialís surface layer as an analytical signal. The increase of sensorís sensitivity is related with the appearance of triode effect in the conductivity channel between the electrodes of current-conducting sensing lattice.


Anisimov V. A., Borisov A. G, Ivanova O. M, Krutovertsev S. A. Optical chemical sensor based on Nafionģ films


The paper suggests an ammonia sensor design with an U-shaped cylindrical waveguide coated with Nafionģ film as a sensing element. It investigates sensor performance parameters and shows that the response time depends on chemisorption speed on the surface and inside film. The moisture adsorption accelerates the transfer of ammonia molecules on the filmís surface but practically does not affect the diffusion speed inside the film. The paper shows that the sensor is absolutely selective to nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides and hydrogen sulfide.



Volgin L. I., Zarukin A. I. Pascal graph-based synthesis of relator logic elements for rank processing of analog signals


The schemes of relator logic elements are built on the basis of Pascal graph fragmentants. The schemes perform identification and selection operations for components of a given set of sensors' signals subject to their rank and address attributes based on retators Ė the circuit elements reproducing elementary operations of implicative (predicate) selection algebra



Paschenko F. F., Amosov O. S., Ivanov S. N. Control system design for electromechanical converters


The problems of control system design for electromechanical converters are examined. Two approaches to control problems solution are considered: based on state space models with Kalman filtering and based on neuron networks and fuzzy logic. The capabilities of both approaches are investigated.



Loktionov A. P. Investigation of shearing load transducers with measuring cells


A mathematical model concept is proposed for investigating the lateral bending of machineís or mechanismís load-bearing element. The relationships between the external load of the element, linear and angular displacements of measuring cells. A mathematical model is derived for a measuring cell and a shearing load transducer. Model experiments are undertaken.



Likhter A. M., Melnikov V. N., Nadeev A. I. Physical fields control in fishery systems


Physical field characteristics for some elements of fishing management systems are described. The solution of optimum fishing management problem is obtained using light fields. A structural diagram of a control system with simultaneous light and electrical actions is included.


Bodrov V. E., Krayachich A. V., Podboronov B. P., Svirskiy Yu. A. Metrological testing provision for TENZOR measuring and computing system


The paper outlines hard- and software that ensure the acceleration of certification tests of measuring and computing systems and the interpretation of the results obtained.



Grinchuk A. P., Taratyn I. A., Mironovich G. K., et al. State of the art and development prospect of Minsk Radio Materials Research Institute


The paper overviews key development areas and projects of Minsk Radio Materials Research Institute in the field of sensing technology. Sensing element designs for accelerometer, magnetometer, angular velocity meter, and gas sensor are described. Performance attributes of intelligent sensors, an automated aerography system, and a test rig for navigation and orientation equipment are briefly reviewed.


Mokrov E. A., Mednikov V. I. Security barriers as a sensor system


The paper offers a solution to the problem of sensitive medium design by organizing a durable system of protective sensors with desirable metrological performance.


Vazhenin Yu. I., Novikov V. F., Kulak S. M., Bakharev M. S. Application of magnetoelastic metalís memory for strain measurement


Investigation results of magnetoelastic metalís memory of a loaded ferromagnetic under load variations are presented. The paper establishes that the smaller is the base load, the bigger is the change of extraneous field strength of the magnetized area (demagnetizing effect) at equal load variations. The results obtained enable magnetoelastic memory application for the determination of metal strains by varying the metalís load. A variant of the technique implementation is proposed.



Luzanov P. A., Zarinov K. A. The effect of grain analyzerís design on measurement accuracy


The paper examines the effect of some design features of the InfraLUM FT-10 grain analyzer on the calibration model. Based on experimental results, reasonable relationships are obtained and the recommendations are made.



Baranov V. A., Polyakova E. S. Measuring and information temperature monitoring system for thermal treatment of vacuum electronic components


The problems measuring and recording equipment modernization for the thermal treatment section of vacuum electronic components production are discussed. A measuring and information system to replace Sch4501 control thermometers and KSP, KSM and other recorders is described.


Granovsky V. A., Skalon A. I. Metrological problems of MEMS and the philosophy of their solution


Measurement assurance (MA) problems of MEMS development are discussed. The problems are caused by MEMS design features, manufacturing and performance evaluation technology. The paper systematizes the problems and outlines the ways to overcome them. Some problems are examined with reference to inertial micromechanical sensors, such as accelerometers and angular velocity transducers. The paper makes the first step to creating the MA of MEMS. A critical area for future work is systematic ordering of uncoordinated efforts on the development of MA techniques and tools along with the systematization of MEMS development.







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