Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 8, August 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Rutkovsky V. Yu., Sukhanov V. M., Glumov V. M. A system for measuring radial gas-turbine unit’s shaft vibrations


The equations describing the dynamics of gas-turbine unit’s mechanics subject to elastic radial-angular vibrations are derived. A mathematical model is developed for the structure of rotational velocity (RV) sensor’s output signal. The model allows for the distortions of the geometry of sensor magnetic circuit’s air-gap caused by shaft vibrations. The equations describing the relationship between shaft bearing’s condition and the RV sensor signal’s parameters are introduced and an initial search algorithm with subsequent tracking of quality indices changing with the object’s “aging” is synthesized on the basis of adaptive filtering technique. A method for on-line monitoring of support bearings condition applicable at gas gas-turbine units of gas and oil pipelines is developed. The method is based on the detection of compressor’s RV sensor signal for getting the information about the changes of key process parameters.



Bogush M. V. The design of piezoelectric transducers for ultrasonic gas flowmeters


The design experience of electroelastic piezoelectric transducers ultrasonic for flowmeters using numerical modeling by finite element method is described. Theoretical and experimental amplitude-frequency curves of ultrasonic wave’s emitters and receivers are presented, and the ways to optimize their design are investigated.



Zhirabok A. N., Pisarets A. M., Yakshin A. S. Sensor fault diagnosis in technical systems


The problem of sensor fault diagnosis in technical systems is considered. The paper shows that the application of additional sensors and the transformation of diagnosis tools can improve the degree of defects distinguishability.



Volkovitsky A. K., Karshakov E. V., Harichkin M. V. An airborne survey system for magnetic field anomalies mapping


The paper describes a new method for processing magnetic measurement data obtained from an aircraft. The classical magnetic noise model is supplemented with a stochastic model of anomalous terrestrial magnetic field. The results of numerical processing of actual data are included.



Mikhailov P. G., Varlamov A. V. Microelectronic sensors. Design and development


State of the art and development outlook of microelectronic sensors are overviewed. Sensor structure decomposition is proposed that enables sensor consideration as a complex system. Basic design stages and their features are identified.



Petrenko V., Tsubin A., Koval’chuk L. A pyrometric system for remote measurement of heated objects’ surface temperature


This paper presents a new pyrometric system for remote non-contact measurement of heated object’s surface temperature and data communication through a two-wire line. The system is based on Analog Devices’ components, the intelligence modules are based on ADuC812 MicroConverters.



Serebryakov D. I. Experimental investigation of a fiber-optic level relay prototype


The results of experimental investigations of a fiber-optic liquid level relay are presented. They confirm the correctness of the relay’s design parameter values and of the way chosen to reduce the temperature error.



Yegorov V. V., Kalinin A. P., Rodionov I. D., et al. Hyperspectrometer as an element of intelligent machine vision system


The paper shows that the hyperspectrometer is a necessary element of an intelligent machine vision system enabling the receipt of colored (spectral) information about the visual environment. The description of a hyperspectrometer is presented, and the examples illustrating its opportunities are adduced.



Lementuev V. A. A multi-bit digital comparator for GHz frequency range


The structures and state-of-the-art circuitry of specialized logical comparison devices are examined. Such single-cycle multi-bit digital comparators are applied in microprocessor VLSI systems including signal and image processors. Simulation results for 0.13 μm CMIS technology-based 32–64-bit comparators are included.



Likhter A. V., Nadeev A. I. Optimization of optical information transmission channel parameters in fishing management systems


The paper examines the mathematical models of optical information transmission channels and optoelectronic equipment used for controlling biophysical processes in fishing systems. The optimization results of optical and optoelectronic information transmission channels with optical signal filtering in automated control systems are presented.



Ostrovsky Yu. V., Paschenko A. F. An automated data acquisition system for broiler raising process parameters


The problems of biotechnical system parameters measurement are discussed. An automated data acquisition system for broiler raising process parameters is offered. System structure and tasks and software capabilities are described.



Zaiko A. I. Complex approach to the error definition


The paper discusses the complex approach to the definition of measuring instrument errors. It summarizes the results of the approach application for calculation and experimental determination of measuring transducers and channels characteristics, for signal restoration by discrete readings, their probabilities and spectral data processing. Recommendations for their optimization are made. The paper also overviews complex approach applications in various industries and discusses its prospect.







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