Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 8, August 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Burdinsky I. N. A digital system for processing hydroacoustic informational and control signals


A measurement system enabling real-time high-precision processing of hydroacoustic navigational and control signals is described. Experimental results of the system prototype are presented.


Buzanovsky V. A., Bulaev A. A. Chemical luminescent devices for gaseous media monitoring


Luminescent analytical devices for detecting oxides of nitrogen, ammonia, ozone, arsenic hydrides, phosphorus and germanium in gaseous media are considered.



Kovalenko A. V., Nikiforova M. Yu., Podlepetsky B. I. Characteristics and switch-in circuits of MIS transistor sensing elements


Transfer characteristics, total and dynamic sensitivity, power consumption and conversion range for various MIS transistor switch-ins into secondary measurement circuits are discussed. Application recommendations are included.



Russkikh D. V., Rembeza S. I., Zhironkin S. Yu., et al. Highly sensitive semiconductor sensor for gas media


Key fabrication stages of highly sensitive semiconductor sensors for gas environments are presented. The relationships between sensorsí adsorptive response and the concentration of ethanol and acetone in air are included.



Larionov V. A. Calibration of intelligent process sensors


A calibration method for intelligent sensors is discussed. The method is based on searching the best approximation polynomial for inverse conversion function.



Rudíko I. M. Selecting the parameters of an input matching filter for digital measuring system


A calibration method for intelligent sensors is discussed. The method is based on searching the best approximation polynomial for inverse conversion function.



Urazbakhtina Yu. O., Khrustalyova E.S . An adaptive algorithm for measuring data processing


The problem of rational resource utilization in an information subsystem of complex medical equipment at operation mode changes is considered. A resource management algorithm changing the structure and parameters of the information subsystem dependent on the current measurement mode is offered. The measurement mode recognition is based on measurement error estimates categorization to static and dynamic ones subject to the ideal observer criterion.



Cherepanov V. I., Golov E. M., Timashev S. A. Explosion-proof vibration sensors for industrial machinery operation control and monitoring systems


The research results of explosion-proof vibration sensors with sensing elements based on thermostable piezoceramics are presented. Structural materials, their processing and sticking techniques ensuring high reliability and durability are described. The results of ten-year sensors operation and their sensing elementsí degradation mechanisms are analyzed.



Glagolev A. E. Ultrasonic induction piezoconverters


Operation principle and design of an induction piezoelectric converter are described. The relationships between the deviceís conversion ratio and its elementsí design and electromagnetic parameters at ultrasonic signal generation and reception are investigated.



Babayan R. R. Microelectronic ADC and DAC


The paper offers combined structures of information converters based on domestic electronic components. The design proposed ensures accuracy and speed improvement.



Kim V.L., Kazakov V.Yu., Merkulov S.V. A computer system for measuring medical electrode parameters


The structure and performance data of a computer system for measuring the parameters of electrocardiography and electroencephalographic electrodes are presented.



Dreyzin V. E., Ishkov P. N., Ryzhikov S. S. Gas flowmetering problems in housing and communal services


General problems of energy consumption accounting related with unsatisfactory condition of instrumentation are discussed. Basic requirements to household gas meters are formulated.



Pronin A. N., Sapozhnikova K. V., Taymanov R. E. Sensor data validity control


The problems of sensor data validity provision are discussed. The paper shows the insufficient efficiency of conventional techniques and compares two methods used for controlling sensorsí metrological health. The first method concerns the development of a sensor system with common control equipment while the second one deals with independent sensors with embedded control tools.


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