Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 8, August 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Zhilkin A.A., Protalinsky O.M., Frenkel' M.B. Electronic government: regional aspect


Issues of regional informatization are elucidated. Mechanisms of the integration of information resources taking into account federal structure of Russia, organizational processes, process of implementation and development, and also electronic government architecture are considered.

Keywords: regional electronic government, Web-services, integration of information systems and resources, state and municipal services in electronic form.



Golovin Yu.V., Zakharov A.V., Petraev A.V. et al. Hardware-software system "Campus map" in management system of an institute of higher education


The information on the development of hardware-software system "Campus map" with the goal of an optimization of management system of an institute of higher education through transformation of provided services to electronic form is presented. Methods of traffic analysis and its prioritization based on traffic sensors with using of decentralized structure of traffic control were studied and developed in the working process.

Keywords: hardware-software system, AGTU campus map, identifier, access control and management system, electronic services, calculation system for Internet traffic.



Protalinskaya Yu.O., Filonenko A.V. Organization activities management based on the integration of the system of balanced performance indices and quality management


Methodology of combined usage of balanced performance indices system and quality management system was developed for effective management of organization activities. Results of trial operation of management system built on the base of proposed approach are presented by example of IT-company.

Keywords: management system, balanced performance indices system, quality management system.



Kichko D.V., Filonenko A.V. Prediction model for performance indices of organization activities based on neural network


Prediction model for performance indices of organization activities based on neural network was developed to support decision making on organization management.

Keywords: simulation, prediction, neural networks, balanced performance indices system.



Kantemirov V.I. Analogue-digital transformation of random signals


The mathematical model of analogue-digital transformation of random signals taking into account a way of reception of a digital equivalent is presented.

Keywords: random signal, time discretization, stochastic model of selection, the analogue-digital converter.



Belov S. V., Popov G. A. Analysis of some features observability object of protection


Work is dedicated to shaping for full set of the requirements, having vital importance for efficiency of the operating the system of the observation on object of protection, as well as primary analysis of the contents of these requirements.

Keywords: observing system, camera, observability, protection, set of indices, estimation model.



Pavlov A.V., Steshenko V.V. Decentralized control of corporate computing network based on traffic sensors


Algorithms of traffic control for solving of a problem of more effective use of corporate computing network resources are presented. Methods of traffic analysis and its prioritization based on traffic sensors with using of decentralized structure of traffic control were studied and developed in the working process. Following problems are solved: traffic analysis, traffic prioritization, traffic control.

Keywords: traffic control, traffic sensors, priority, decentralized control, corporate computing network.



Khomenko T.V. Search of compact space of sensor equipment operational characteristics in searching design


Choice principles for operational characteristics of temperature sensors and pressure sensors were considered. General operational characteristics of examined sensor equipment types in search design were revealed.

Keywords: automated system of searching design, sensitive elements of control systems, physical principle of operation, operational characteristics, evaluation criterion for technical solutions.



Protalinsky I.O., Zhcherbatov I.A. Activity coordination of industrial manipulators based on sensor information


Activity coordination system of two industrial manipulators in single working zone is described. The coordination is realized through information incoming into the system from sensor system. ANFIS net is also included into the system for the determination of penalty function influence on industrial manipulator motion.

Keywords: industrial manipulator, ANFIS net, activity coordination.



Golubkin I. A., Sherbatov I. A. Universal sensory subsystem of the mobile wheel robot


In presented article the universal sensory subsystem intended for gathering and the analysis of the information on environment surrounding the mobile robot is considered. The system is supplied by ultrasonic sensor controls and a laser measuring instrument of distances that allows to provide necessary accuracy and reliability at low cost. The function chart of system with instructions of mainframes is developed. The universal touch subsystem is offered to use in the mobile robotised devices of different function and designs.

Keywords: mobile robots, sensor system, information-measuring system, functional states of robot.



Sorokin A. A., Dmitriev V. N. Multivariate approach for the design of sensor networks for monitoring system of especially protected natural areas


A multivariate approach for the design of sensor networks for monitoring system of natural areas was developed.

Keywords: natural territory, monitoring, sensor network, designing, system.



Popov G. A., Alekseev A. V. Sensor weight based on radiated modes of planar optical waveguide


A description of sensor weight based on radiated modes of optical planar waveguide is done. The design of sensor and basic functional relationships for calculating weight based on measurements of radiation from waveguide and calculating parameters of optical waveguide.

Keywords: sensor weight, planar waveguide, radiated modes, anisotropic waveguide.



Ivanov V. I., Titov V. S., Golubov D. A. Using generic parameters of the measuring circuitry for identification of multiple-unit double-pole chains


There are suggested multipurpose set of generic parameters of system function of the measuring circuitry for multiple-unit double-pole chains, suchlike as sensors of the varied values, under pulses control. There are argue the recurrence formula for generic parameters.

Keywords: multiple-unit double-pole chains, measurement of parameters



Voskov L. S., Tsyganov S. V. The problem of interference between wireless networks in automation systems of enterprises and its solution


A problem of WLAN (IEEE 802.11) and WPAN (IEEE 802.15) standards interference minimization when using single frequency band in automation systems of enterprises is described. The proposal is to estimate energy spectrum using introduced universal algorithm. Two estimation examples which use IEEE 802.15.4 gathering device are also described.

Keywords: automation systems, wireless network, interference.



Gerasimov D.V., Pavlov A.N., Sypin E.V. Design of quick-operating multi-threshold pyrometrical device for object temperature control


Design principles of optical system for quick-operating pyrometrical sensor for the detection of methane and coal dust inflammation in coal mines on initial development stage, and also for the determination of pre-accident object heating in controlled zone.

Keywords: pyrometry, optical system, explosion suppression, dangerously explosive atmosphere, flash of combustible mixture, temperature, radiation spectrum



Serieznov A. N., Stepanova L. N., Kabanov S. I. The acoustic-emission system for continuous and discrete signals recording


The microprocessor acoustic emission (AE) system operation is discussed in the article. The system allows to perform discrete and continuous signals recording during constructions strength structural tests. To avoid data loss under the conditions of measuring channels noise level increase it is proposed to use “floating” discrimination thresholds. Scheme of device that implements floating discrimination threshold is given and its way of operation analyzed. Practical example of AE system application for steel specimens welding quality control is described in the article.

Keywords: microprocessor system, “floating” discrimination threshold, acoustic emission, diagnostics, construction, localization, discrete and continuous signals, welding and solidification, joint weld.



Prasov M. T. Interface of the management information system-microclimate to the identified gauges.


In article one of possible ways of interface of the individual identified gauges of the automated monitoring system and management of a microclimate is considered. The structure of hardware-software means of the block of the individual identified gauge is offered.

Keywords: a way of interface of the identified gauges from the management information system- microclimate, hardware-software means of the identified gauge.



D'yachkov E.A., Chaplygin E.I., Goryunov V.A. Positioning of reciprocating motion pneumatic mechanisms


Methods of manual mode work control of reciprocating motion pneumatic mechanisms using jet pneumatic automation tools.

Keywords: positioning, pneumatic mechanism, jet pneumatic automation, manual positioning mode.



Grigoriev V. A. Fiber optic indicator of fluid level


This paper concerns measurement technologies and is designed to high-precision definition of boundary between two media with different refraction index.

Keywords: fiber optic indicator, transmitting and receiving optic fibers, boundary between two media with different refraction index

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