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Raspopov V. Ya. Angular orientation microsystems for pilotless flying vehicles


Design principles for angular orientation systems for pilotless flying vehicles, including roll rotating ones, using microsystem sensors of physical quantities, are considered. Technical characteristics of orientation microsystems, developed at "Control devices" chair of Tula State University, are presented.


Keywords: angular orientation systems, strapdown attitude control systems, magnetometric orientation systems, pyrometric orientation systems, orientation videosystems, integration.


Matveev V. V. Strapdown system of orientation with accelerometer correction


The methods of correction of strapdown attitude control system of unmanned aircraft by means of micromechanical accelerometers. Reduce the structural scheme and simulation results.


Keywords: strapdown attitude control system, micromechanical gyroscope, accelerometer correction.



Ladonkin A. V. Catadioptric videosystem for flying vehicle roll and pitch angles determination


The structure and basic computational algorithms of orientation system based on catadioptric videosystem were considered. Accuracy characteristics, compensation methods of main errors and functional diagram are presented.


Keywords: catadioptric orientation systems, computational algorithms, accuracy characteristics.



Raspopov V. Ya., Ivanov Yu. V., Alaluev R. V., et al. Sensor parameters influence to working accuracy of strapdown inertial vertical gyroscope


Inaccuracies of sensors used in any measuring system are main factors which determine its quality and accuracy. An analysis of the influence of sensor parameters to characteristics of inertial vertical gyroscope which was realized on the base of Wiener filter.


Keywords: inertial orientation systems, micromechanical sensors, Kalman filter.



Pogorelov M. G., Shvedov A. P., Malyutin D. M. Accuracy characteristics analysis for magnetometric orientation system


Test results for magnetometric orientation system designed for the determination of pitch and roll angles of mobile objects. Inaccuracy equations were obtained and their analysis was carried out; an estimation of certain inaccuracies influence to the accuracy of system as a whole was given.


Keywords: orientation system, magnetic sensors, inaccuracies equation.



Bostrikova I. N., Vakushin V. A., Ivanov V. P., et al. A fuel & oxidizer draining control system for space launch vehicle “Angara”: results of ground tests and flight verification


The article is devoted to technological solutions, which were inculcated into fuel & oxidizer draining control system for space launch vehicle “Angara”. The main technological solutions of draining control system are discrete measurement of fuel and oxidizer levels in launcher tanks, level incoherence analysis and providing of synchronous tanks evacuation. The algorithms development goal is minimization of fuel and oxidizer remains in tanks. Positive results of ground tests and flight verification of algorithms are envisaged at the article.


Keywords: algorithms, parameters prognosis, space launch vehicle, synchronous tanks evacuation, secure fuel & oxidizer supply.



Stepanova L. N., Kabanov S. I., Bekher S. A., Nikitenko M. S. Microprocessor multichannel strain-gauge systems for dynamic tests of designs


Principles of construction of three high-speed microprocessor multichannel strain-gauge systems which are used at dynamic test of designs (resource tests of racks of the chassis of planes, control of car’s wheels in movement etc.) are considered. It is noticed that unlike known systems, power strain gages it is carried out by a direct current. For an influence exception on results measurements of temperature mistakes from a self-warming up, a power gauge joins quickly, for the period of measurement of deformations of a design.


Keywords: design, loading, strain, strain gage, bridge of strain gauge, strain gauge, micropro-cessor strain-gauge system, railway wheel, defect.



Tarantsev E. K., Konnov N. N., Papko A. A. Comparative analysis of methods of radar signal compression during its registration


Comparative analysis of existing lossless data compression methods with regard to radar signal in pulse-Doppler type radar signal registration subsystem.


Keywords: radar signal, lossless compression, compression methods.



Potekhin D. S., Tarasov I. E. Digital dielectric loss angle tangent meter for high voltage equipment


Problems of designing of precision measuring systems for the control of the parametres of the isolation of the high-voltage equipment are considered. The method of measurement of a dielectric loss angle tangent based on the restoration of the vector diagramme in the measuring scheme consisting of the controlled equipment and the reference condenser is offered. It is shown that for the given problem Morle wavelet-function is suitable where the entrance signal linear convolution can be realised in a digital form. The example of the realisation of the digital measuring instrument of a dielectric loss angle tangent based on EPLD combined with the application of specially developed IP-cores is given.


Keywords: wavelet -analysis, Bayes statistics, dielectric loss angle tangent.



Morozov V. P. Multichannel analog filter - sensor of power current harmonics


Design of modular multichannel analog filter for operative isolation of higher harmonics contained in load current of single phase local power network was considered.


Keywords: nonlinear loads, consumption current, harmonics, isolation, gyrator filter.



Bulatov R. F., Bystritsky V. Y., Polyakov S. V. Voltage asymmetry sensors for automated electromagnetic generators


Generation of signals containing information about voltage unbalance has been suggested basing on pair-wise comparison of controlled voltages against each other. Simultaneously phase shift correction among the compared voltages with the purpose to decrease ac components in the pickup signals is performed. A principal diagram of the created device is given.


Keywords: voltage asymmetry sensors, pair-wise comparison, sensitivity of sensors, phase shifts, signal correction, gain factor, phase control devices, output cascades, independent power supply source.



V. S. Feshchenko, A. A. Altukhov, S. A. Lvov, et al. The observation device in UV range of spectrum on the basis of the matrix diamond multielement photodetector


The new device of observation in UV range of spectrum on the basis of the matrix diamond multielement photodetector is designed, made and investigated. The device has a working range from 190 nanometers to 230 nanometers, with a maximum around 223 nanometers, the power equivalent to noise – 1,14∙10–18 W∙Hz–1/2, a dynamic range 1,5∙104.


Keywords: diamond, the multielement detector, the supervision device, registration of UV radiation, the ultra-violet astronomy.



Beloborodov A. V., Malofeev D. A., Finogenov L. V. Digital CMOS cameras for industrial application


This work presents the description of four digital CMOS cameras with different usage of photoreceiver matrixes. The cameras control is realized on USB 2.0 channel. Cameras have connectors of external synchronization and are able to control the light sources due to that fact one can develop on their basis the measuring systems for industrial application. An example of such cameras use in the inspection system of the external view of fuel pellets for nuclear fuel elements is presented.


Keywords: digital CMOS cameras, industrial production, arrays, control, measurements.



Kuchinsky K. I., Paterikin V. I., Plotnikov S. V. Adaptive system for an inspection of roll surface defects of railway cars wheels


The system for the inspection of roll surface defects of railway cars wheels is described. The system is based on eddy current sensors of transformer type and accelerometers. The results of field tests of system prototype and endurance tests of eddy current sensors and accelerometers are shown.


Keywords: defects inspection, eddy current sensor, accelerometer.



Grigorchuk V. I. Powerful diagnostic tool of Rosemount level indicators


Brief review of diagnostic tools of Rosemount level indicators is presented.


Keywords: graph, diagnostics, radar level indicator, echo signal.



Mardanov R. R., Petrushenko Yu. Ya., Sharov V. V. Method of determination of errors of the virtual instrument at temperature measurement of windings of electromotors


The method of determination of errors of the virtual instrument is stated at temperature measurement of windings of the electromotors, considering conditions of its application.


Keywords: error, measuring converter, thermistor, data acquisition device, virtual instrument, electric motor.



Kasatkin S. I., Murav'ev A. M., Amelichev V.V., et al. Magnetoresistive magnetic filed transducers with thin film nanomagnets


Results of experimental studies of magnetically hard Cr-Co-Ni nanostructures and theoretical operability analysis of anisotropic magnetoresistive transducers with nanomagnets based on magnetically hard nanostructures were presented. Use of nanomagnets allows, in the first place, to decrease control currents and to broaden operability region of magnetoresistive magnetic field transducers.


Keywords: nanomagmet, magnetoresistive sensor, anisotropic magnetoresistive effect, magnetically hard nanostructure.



Malyshev R. A. Brief analysis of testing methods for inertial MEMS sensors


Classification of testing types and parameter determination of inertial sensors is presented. Testing methods of inertial MEMS-sensors at different phases of product manufacturing were studied. Certain requirements to testing laboratory are given, a number of practical aspects of accelerometer calibration are considered.


Keywords: inertial sensor, testing laboratory, accelerometer calibration.



Kuznetsov O. P., Sukhoverov V. S., Shipilina L. B. Ontology in modern information systems


Problems of ontological approach to the building of information systems are characterized: theoretical - formal description of conceptual structures, methods of logical inference; estimation of semantic proximity; computer text processing in natural language; technological - a development of standards, programming environments and languages, specialized software for realization of theoretical methods. Examples of built ontology fragments and examples of ontological requests are presented. Mutual usage of ontologies and multiagent systems is shown.


Keywords: modern information systems, knowledge bases, ontology, logical inference means, semantic proximity measures, multiagent systems.

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