Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 9, September 2005 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Shamrakov A.L. Development prospect for piezoelectric sensors of pulsating, impulse, and acoustic pressures

The paper summarizes the development experience of pulsating, impulse, and acoustic pressures. The material presented reflects the state of the art and is topical because piezoelectric sensors are increasingly applied in space-rocket technologies and other industries. The most promising ways of piezoelectric sensors development are outlined.



Trofimov A.A., Konakov N.D. Transformer displacement sensors with extended measurement range


The paper discusses the possibility of measurement range extension for non-contact gain-phase linear displacement sensors due to conversion sensitivity improvement at the end of the measurement range.



Shamrakov A.L., Timofeev V.A. Force transducers for space-rocket technologies


Key phases of force transducers development in the Institute of Physical Measurements since 1961 till the present day are discussed. Performance data of force transducers and the underlying resistive-strain sensors are presented. The tasks accomplished with force transducers are considered. The challenges faced by intelligent force transducers are also determined and the ways to overcome them are shown.



Trofimov A.A. Angular displacements sensor


An angular displacement sensor included in the aircraft undercarriage parameters monitoring system is considered. Its design is described, and the operation principle using microprocessor-based signal processing is explained.



Kolganov V.N., Papko A.A. On the development and operation features of seismic sensors for nuclear reactor disaster protection systems

The paper considers the implementation features for the design concept of seismic sensors based on precision low-frequency accelerometers for nuclear reactor disaster protection systems. It shows and justifies the possibilities of accuracy improvement for seismic acceleration vector’s projection and magnitude measurements. The paper also justifies high calibration reliability for the whole measurement channel with the help of indirect performance monitoring technique for precision accelerometers. The requirements to engineering solutions that ensure high degree of electromagnetic compatibility both at testing and in real-life operation are formulated and implemented. The features of sensors operation in various disaster protection systems are also examined.



Kirianov V.L., Glukhov O.D. A multi-functional system for fluid media flowrate, density and temperature measurements based on high-precision Coriolis flowmeter


A technique for liquid mass flowrate measuring with the help of Coriolis flowmeter is discussed. Comparative performance data of the instrument developed in the Institute of Physical Measurements against foreign analogs are included.



Mokrov E.A., Vasiliev V.A., Belozubov E.M. Application of thermoprotective films for minimizing transient temperatures influence on thin-film resistive-strain pressure sensors

Thermoprotective films can be applied to minimize the effect of transient temperatures on thin-film resistive-strain pressure sensors. The paper discusses various models of such sensors. Optimal relationships for structural elements of thin-film resistive-strain pressure sensors with thermoprotective films are presented.



Novikov V.N., Chuvykin B.V. Digital processing systems for measurement information and mathematical modeling in sensor signal converting equipment

The problems of digital information processing in converting equipment based on mathematical modeling of sensor signals are discussed. An example of digital processing algorithm implementation for high-temperature linear displacement sensors is adduced.



Shakhov E.K., Chuvykin B.V., Ashanin V.N. Modern trends in integrating ADC development

State of the art in the development of integrating analog-to-digital conversion algorithms is discussed.


Chuvykin B.V., Grachev A.D. Information-energy approach to micropower transducers design

The design problems of micropower transducers for stand-alone intelligent sensors are discussed. Theoretical analysis results for technological, hard-/software, and system approaches to sensor equipment energy conservation are presented.



Blinov A.V., Novikov V.N., Chuvykin B.V. Functionally distributed integrated system for aircraft undercarriage parameters monitoring and control

A concept of measuring systems development based on a structure functional model is considered. The structure and description of aircraft undercarriage parameters monitoring system using backbone sensors are presented.



Novikov V.N. A control module for a strain-gage transducer

The paper describes a digital control module based on programmable logic array for a multi-channel system of strain-gage transducers.



Gavrilov V.A., Trofimov A.A. A linear displacement measuring system

Circuitry and design solutions used in a linear displacement measuring system based on transformer sensor are described.



Kozin S.A., Fedulov A.V., Pautkin V.E. The development of technology and special equipment for silicon and glass coalescence in a high voltage field

The paper overviews the technology, equipment, and rigging for electrostatic coalescence of semiconductors and insulators developed and patented in the Institute of Physical Measurements.



Kozin S.A., Fedulov A.V., Akimov I.G., Pautkin V.E. MEMS technology-based development of integrated semiconductor mechanical parameters sensors

The paper presents design and technological solutions for typical semiconductor mechanical parameters sensors based on MEMS technologies. These include piezoresistive positive and absolute pressure sensors, capacitive and piezoresistive fore-and-aft accelerometers, angular velocity sensors (for gyroscope), and rotational speed sensor. Sensing elements development is based on traditional microelectronics and MEMS technologies. The latter includes the formation of 3D silicon structures using orientation-dependent and plasma chemical etching.



Popchonkov D.V., Volokhov I.V., Gherasimov O.N. Technological methods for providing long-term stability of sensing elements in DAV-088 metal-film pressure gages

Basic technological methods used for ensuring long-term stability of operational parameters of thin-film resistive-strain absolute pressure sensors are presented.



Kornev V.V., Novikov I.Yu., Penzin A.N. Thermal processing technology for invar alloys of double vacuum remelting

Thermal processing modes for invar alloys are selected with the objective to increase their strength properties.



Volokhov I.V., Peskov E.V., Popchonkov D.V. The formation of two-layer thin-film structure for reducing temperature coefficient of resistance

The paper describes the experimental works to obtain H20N75Yu-alloy resistive thin film for its subsequent application in special-purpose thin-film tensoresistive pressure sensors. Operating conditions for two-layer resistive-strain sensors formation are selected. Preliminary tests of prototype sensor models on transient temperature affects confirm the compensation effect for temperature coefficient of resistance in two-layer thin film.



Bazhanov V.P., Balashov K.E. Reference base for sensors development and manufacturing

Current status and development outlook of reference and testing facilities for sensor equipment manufacturing and measurement assurance in the Institute of Physical Measurements are considered.



Luzghina O.N. The topicality of accelerated test problem

Critical analysis of existing accelerated testing techniques is undertaken. A decision is made on the expediency of focusing on the improvement of combined accelerated assessment techniques as well as on spending more efforts to evaluate the reliability indices of more complex prediction models.



Blinov A.V. Intelligent diagnosis and prediction systems

The problems of intellectualizing the condition diagnosis of informating-measuring system based on multifactor model development with rational selection of diagnosis features are discussed.



Vasiliev V.V., Kogelman L.G., Tyurin M.V. A calibration complex for pressure measuring system tuning and assessment

A hard-/software complex for the automatization of inspection, calibration, and assessment of a multi-channel pressure measuring system is described.








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