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Stetsyura G. G. Distributed systems with combined calculation and data communication processes: background, opportunities, application fields

The paper discusses the design concepts of distributed control and computation systems where the computing is applied to the data in process of their transmission through the communication channel. The examples of such systems are adduced. The paper is based on a series of works undertaken in the Information, Analytical, and Control Systems Laboratory headed by I.V.Pranghishvili for many years in the Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Lebedev V. G., Kulida E. L., Kryukova I. P. The features of safety management systems at chemical weapon storage and disposal facilities

The features of safety management in chemical weapons storage and disposal facilities and operative decision-making support for safe operation of hazardous objects are discussed.

Podlazov V. S., Sokolov V. V. Circuitry of high dimensionality single-stage switches

The ways of high dimensionality single-stage switches composition form primary switches are discussed as well as the requirements to switch components.

Vas’kovsky S. V., Morozov V. P., Zaitsev A. A. The programming of electronic device debugging systems

The paper discusses an approach to formal description of electronic device debugging process during the development of computerized hard-/software debugging complexes for various-type target systems. The approach is based on the mechanism of event recording and identification.

Fischenko E. A. Real-time compression of qualitative digital video

The results of the studies on hard-/software and program-distributed real-time compression of digital video are described. For software implementation of compression, parallel-pipeline techniques of asynchronous distributed computing organization are proposed as well as scaleable VLSI architecture and its optimization technique. The structure of a distributed system for digital video compression in a network and the experimental investigation results are included.

Pranghishvili I. V., Imnaishvili L. Sh. Synthesis of multi-functional sequential modules

The problems of multi-functional sequential modules synthesis are discussed. A modified word-operator method is offered that allowed to synthesize a stage of a shift register with wide functionality.

Shubin A. B., Alexandrov E. G., Kharchenkov G. G. A modified phase shift estimation algorithm for elastically attached parts of a deformable object

A relative shift estimation algorithm for elastically attached parts of a rotating object is described. The shift magnitude is related with the phase change of harmonic signals from two sensors connected with different parts of elastic object. Simulation results are included.

Anuashvili A. N. Security devices for unobtrusive moving object detection

The protection of important objects, such as A-plants, airports, sea ports, rail stations, transportation routs, governmental houses and other strategic sites is a topical problem. The detection and recognition of unobtrusive (hidden) objects, processes and phenomena is even more so important. The paper briefly describes a new technique and a tool for such objects detection.

Babayan R. R., Morozov V. P., Osipov A. B. Microelectronic temperature sensors

At controllers testing for various subsystems of compound objects when the application of standard measuring instruments or systems is impossible, it is often necessary to develop additional sensors resistant to external influences, in particular to vibrations and noises. The devices presented in the paper reflect the recent experience of such problems solution in the Institute of Control Sciences.

Bezmenov V. S., Yefremov V. A., Yefremova T. K., et al. High-precision pneumoelectronic batcher for liquid products

The paper discusses the experimental research of metrological characteristics of pneumatic liquid batching systems with time batching and reveals batching error sources. A functional principle and hardware implementation of a combined high-precision pneumoelectronic batching system with electronic timer are developed.

Semenov V. S. Investigation of the domain structure in a thin-film magnetic recording head

The change in the domain structure of a ferromagnetic strip used as a magnetic conductor in thin-film magnetic recording and sensing heads is examined. The paper shows that under the exposure of homogeneous external field along the longer side of the strip, the domain walls splitting the strip into domains shift and remain uncharged, while a magnetization zone appears at the edges of the strip. This zone turns out to be a magnetic leakage field source for the thin-film magnetic head’s record.

Aristov L. I., Kerimov O. M., Kiselyov L. N., et al. Instrumentation for nitrogen and oxygen content in helium measurements for cryogenic rocket engineering

An emission-spectrum gas analyzer for real-time monitoring of 3…2000 ppm nitrogen and 2…300 ppm concentrations in helium is presented.

Zhadobin N. E. Magneto-elastic strain transducers with Hall devices

Hall devices expand the application area of magneto-elastic transducers and improve their measurement performance. Based on the analysis of electromagnetic processes in magneto-elastic strain transducers, the paper examines the application prospect of Hall devices for measuring the output signals of magneto-elastic transducers with ac and dc power.

Bodrunov S. D., Zakharevich A. P., Bogoslovsky S. V., et al. Comparative analysis of micromechanical and SAW gyroscopes

In the last decade, MEMS have been developed in many countries. By now, the world of silicon micromechanics exists with two dominating technologies, surface and volume.

Aksenov A. I., Bobrinetsky I. I., Nevolin V. K., Simunin M. M. Temperature characteristic of CNT structure’s resistance under atmospheric conditions

The paper analyzes the conductance characteristics changes of multi- and single-layer carbon nanotubes and their grids in the temperature range from the room temperature up to 200°C. The structures’ conductance temperature dependency is shown. General patterns of conductance decrease in various structures are discovered. A mechanism of thermally initiated carrier transfer in the zone of nanotube contact with the electrode is proposed that prevails over desorption processes under atmospheric conditions.

Kozlov A. V., Yurchenko A. V. The effect of ambient parameters on energy characteristics of a silicon solar battery

A solar battery monitoring station is presented. The influence of the temperature on solar battery’s output performance is estimated based on operation results. Temperature coefficient of idling voltage and short-circuit current are calculated as well as some other parameters.

Taimanov R. E., Sapozhnikova K. V., Lukashev A. P., Pronin A. N. Quality control in advanced reliability sensors manufacturing

The necessity of quality management system improvement at the plants manufacturing sensors with normalized long-term calibration period is justified. The paper notes that the special validation of the manufacturing process underpinned by additional control results confirms the realizability of the normalized calibration interval. Additional control should include process stability tests (low scatter of sensor parameters’ change rates) and accelerated tests justifying the specified calibration interval. Additional control can be organized based on the analysis of error changes within the range significantly smaller than the standardized error value for the manufactured sensors. The necessity and comprehension of additional control are illustrated with practical case studies.







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