Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 9, September 2007 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Bogush M. V. Vortex flowmetering evolution in Russia


The paper overviews the development phases of Russian vortex flowmeters with piezoelectric transducers from water meters up to industrial gas and steam accounting units for process needs and custody transfer. Design concepts and performance parameters of the various vendor devices are analyzed, development trends in this area are outlined.



Semyonov A. D., Khromov N. N. Nonlinearity compensation in measuring transducers based on dynamic neuron networks


The paper discusses the application of multidimensional two-layer direct propagation neuron network with linear activation functions and delay in each layer for compensating for measuring transducers’ nonlinearities.



Kudashov A. V. Root-mean-square voltage measuring method for virtual devices


Instrument design theory, methods and algorithms for measuring integrated parameters of electric power networks, such as root-mean-square voltage and supply frequency, are discussed.



Agafonov Yu. M., Akinshin N. S., Akinshin R. N., et al. Calculation of an operational amplifier-based  voltage-to-voltage converter for measuring teleautomatics systems


Calculation procedure and schematic circuit of a voltage-to voltage measuring converter are developed. Any subintervals of ±15 V interval can be its input signals, while its output is a standard 2…10 V interval.



Tikhan M. A. Selecting test signal parameters for getting the transient characteristic of pressure sensors


The relationship enabling the rational selection of a method and a device for experimental transient characterization of dynamic pressure sensor is built.



Yudin A. V. Estimation of power line instability factor in precision voltage regulators design


An estimate of power line instability caused by the random law of consumers connection is made. The estimate enables operation quality prediction of precision voltage regulators affected by power line disturbances.



Bobrinetsky I. I., Nevolin V. K., Ivanova O. M., Krutovertsev S. A. The sensitivity of the structures based on carbon nanotube bundle gratings to ammonia concentration changes in the atmosphere


The paper examines the dependency of the resistance of structures based on single-layer carbon nanotube bundle gratings on ammonia concentration changes in atmosphere. It shows that in the structures obtained using different techniques, various sensitivity mechanisms can prevail. Maximum sensitivity of structures equal to 0.33% per 1 ppm NH3 is attained on thin carbon nanotube gratings.



Belov A. A., Danilov V. S., Zubkov B. V., et al. Biotox-K instrument for express environmental monitoring


Design, operation principle and performance attributes of  Biotox-K instrument are considered. The instrument provides express measurements of integral chemical toxicity of water samples and aqueous extracts from various environmental objects, industrial products, drugs, food, etc. Шеы operation is based on a novel toxicity evaluation technology based on using high-sensitivity Ecolume specialized microbe sensors responding with bioluminescence intensity changes to the presence of toxic agents of various chemical nature in the analyzed samples.



Kozichev A. V. A microprocessor system for controlling coordinate tables position with absolute coordinates measuring


A microprocessor optoelectronic system is offered for controlling coordinate tables position of machining facilities, laboratory benches, etc. Its extended functionalities as against the conventional raster displacement sensors are ensured by absolute coordinate measuring.



Sokol-Kutylovsky O. L. Magnetoelastic weak magnetic field sensor


The design and the operation principle of a magnetoelastic weak magnetic field sensor based on a ferromagnetic core of amorphous alloy with compensated magnetostriction are considered.



Kuznetsov A. A., Konopasov N. G. An infrasonic pressure receiver


The description and key performance characteristics of the pickup infrasonic pressure channel are presented. The infrasound receiver is intended for recording acoustic vibrations in the frequency range 0.1…20 Hz but can be used also for signal sensing in background infrasound range.



Ryzhov S. N. Liquid and gas flow monitoring devices. Flow sensors


The paper overviews engineering parameters of flow sensors by 2 domestic and 5 foreign vendors. Their functionalities, merits and drawbacks are discussed.



Batovrin V. K. Open systems engineering


The paper discusses open systems (OS) engineering – the section of system engineering dedicated to building scaleable, portable, interoperable systems. The OS concept, life cycle stages, architecture frameworks, reference models, open standards, and profiles are described. Concluding remarks contain a sketchy description of OS engineering enablers.







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