Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 9, September 2008 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Chernetsova E. A., Shishkin A. D. Detecting oil pollution of water surface per contact sensor signals


The paper offers an algorithm for detecting oil pollution of water surface per the signals of sensors located on the surface under unknown signal and noise parameters. The algorithm is invariant to sensors allocation.



Poltavsky A. V. Controlling motion safety of a pilotless vehicle


The problems of flight safety provision under unexpected malfunctions of pilotless vehicle’s control system are discussed. Its algorithmic protection is offered.



Shakhnin V. A. Adaptive multi-contact sensor for flexible industrial nondestructive test modules


A magnetic contact sensor with automatic compensation of air-gap effect using local statistical modeling technique is described.



Masalsky N. V. Characteristics of a wave-guide acousto-optic correlator with time integration at SAW speed decrease


A numerical investigation of the behavior of a correlator with time integration at minor SAW speed decrease is undertaken. The correlator’s acousto-optic chip is based on the wafer of lithium niobates face parallel cut. The device’s key parameters are scaled according to SAW speed.



Shilin A. N., Gonszhal M.I . Digital photometer with two-cycle integration


An instrument for measuring glass light-transmission factor is described.



Shevelev Yu. V. Application of GOST R 8.264-2006 National Standard using metrological equipment from Etalon Scientific and Production Enterprise


The paper analyzes the selection criteria for RTD calibrators and discusses the performance of thermostats and RTD calibration workstations made by Etalon Scientific and Production Company for meeting GOST Р 8.624‑2006 requirements.



Nedel’ko A. Yu. Non-contact temperature measurement under strong electromagnetic fields


Fiber-optic pyrometers from Etalon Scientific and Production Enterprise are described.



Malyshev Yu. O. KS Series temperature calibrators – a portable calibration laboratory meeting GOST Р 8.624‑2006 requirements


The characteristics of KS Series calibrators are reviewed with regard to their compliance with GOST Р 8.624‑2006. Their application in various primary and secondary calibration tasks is discussed.



Shevelev Yu. V. KR-80 cryostat: high calibration capacity in –80…+40°C range


The compliance of KR-80 cryostat from Etalon Scientific and Production Enterprise with the requirements of GOST Р 8.624‑2006 and GOST 8.317‑78.



Nikonenko V. A., Kopytov V. V. State of the art in the measurement assurance of length measurements in 0.8….200 μm range


The paper presents the results of traceability studies in length  measurements. The uniformity of measurements is caused by the advances in microelectronics, integrated optics and material science ensuing the extension of measurement range to atomic scale.



Budnikov K. I., Klistorin I. F., Kurochkin A. V., Lylov S. A. A sensor for remote email monitoring


The paper presents a remote email monitoring sensor based on the analysis of enterprise’s network traffic packages. Sensor’s software structure is described, lab testing results are included.



Babayan R. R., Morozov V. P. Development and investigation of a high-precision fast ADC of the follow-up type


The paper describes the development and investigation of a high-precision fast ADC of the follow-up type made of domestic components.



Danilin A. I. A multi-functional sensing device for turbine blade deformation measurement


The implementation of an optoelectronic discrete-phase method for measuring the deformation state of operating turbine blades is discussed. The measurements are undertaken with the help of a sensor with integrated optoelectronic and eddy-current transducers. The components of the instrument error for various designs are evaluated.



Zverev V. M., Kondratiev A. A., Kuleshov А. А., Levin Е. V. High-frequency induction level meter


The paper describes the design and operation principles of a new high-frequency induction level meter for corrosive electroconductive solutions including radioactive and explosive ones. Meter’s functionalities and performance attributes are described.



Zharov I. S. Experimental research of spring flowmeters sensing element


A flowmeter with a resilient sensing element for gas, petroleum and heat network liquids measurement is considered. A test bench for sensing element investigation is described; test results are included.



Gurzhin S. G., Zhulev V. I., Nikitin S. V. Sensors based on new magnetoresistive effects


Desing, operation principle, and application features of new magnetoresistive sensors for various industries and healthcare are discussed.



Knorring V. G. Measurement in its historical evolution. Part 4. 10th–14th centuries Europe: theory and philosophical aspects of measurement


The fourth paper of the series dedicated to the history of measurement discusses the following topics: cognition tasks and methods from the viewpoint of medieval philosophers, first attempts to estimate intensive quantities, the evolution of physical process concept, ‘dynamic’ description of motion, some aspects of continuum concept.


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