Bullet Sensors and Systems Journal, No. 9, September 2010 (Contents and Abstracts)

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Kryshtal R. G., Kundin A. P., Medved A. V., et al. Liquids recognition by means of a sensor on surface acoustic waves of shear-horizontal polarization


Basic possibility of recognition of liquids by means of the single sensor on surface acoustic waves with shear-horizontal polarization is shown experimentally. No multi element sensor arrays were used in our work in contrast with the convenient recognition methods used in electronics nose or electronics mouth systems. Pulse characteristics measured at actions of some liquids are presented thus showing working capacity of the proposed sensor. Some experimental data demonstrating high enough reproducibility of measurement results is given. Some possibilities of application of molecularly imprinted polymers as selective layers in our sensors are discussed.

Keywords: liquids sensor, surface acoustic waves with shear-horizontal polarization, piezoelectric, sensors array, molecularly imprinted polymer, selectivity, morpholin, inverse fast Fourier transform, S-parameters.



Jezhora A. A. Cylindrical Electrocapacitor the Sensor


Calculation of capacity of the cylindrical sensor is resulted. The integrated equations for potential of electrodes of the condenser are resulted. The algorithm of their numerical decision is given. Adequacy of model to real designs is checked up.

Keywords: electrocapacitor sensors, model, accuracy



Prokina N. V., Dudkin V.  A. Direction finding of ground based objects with using of seismic sensors


The calculation of three-point seismic direction finder for moving ground based objects based on using of  seismic sensors with vertical sensitivity axis was considered. Methodological error of direction finder was estimated and testing results of direction finder model on real signals from going man were presented.

Keywords: seismic sensors, object bearing, geophone.



Avanesyan H. R. An evaluation of frequency distortions of random signals by a method of a comparison of their autocorrelated functions


In the article the method permitting to determine a frequency distortions of signals in circuits, located in a working mode both switching-off not supposing them and translation in a test mode is circumscribed. The method is based on a comparison of the correlation characteristics of random signals which are operational on an input and an output of a circuit. The criterion of detection and evaluation of frequency distortions of random signals have normal distribution is offered. The features of a method are considered.

Keywords:  distorsions, correlation, signal, spectrum.



Nikonenko V. A., Ermakov A. V., Studenok E. S. Problems of standard temperature transducers manufacturing and ways of their solution


Problems of Russian manufacturers of temperature measurement instruments in production manufacturing from Russian-made wire for thermal electrodes and ways of their solution are defined. It is proposed to regulate without delay platinum impurities composition and also to harmonize the regulatory base for thermometry.

Keywords: standard temperature transducers, resistance thermometers, integral characteristic of platinum, standard harmonization, platinum, impurities, tolerance class.



Nikonenko V. A., Sheludkov V. A. Domestic instrumentation in energy audit


Domestic instrumentation is proposed as main instrumental provisions of energy audit.

Keywords: metrological assurance, energy audit, energy saving.



Eremin I., I. SAW filters and sensors based on them. Check gages for micrometer range


Brief description of filters based on surface acoustic waves (SAW) is presented. Their technological and technical characteristics are presented which allow to carry out SAW devices development on the level of best examples in the world for any frequencies and passbands. Temperature sensors based on circular SAW-filters were developed. It is reported about the production of new generation of check gages for micrometer range.

Keywords: SAW temperature sensor, check gages for micrometer range, metrological assurance.



Malushev Yu. O. Metrological instrumentation and transmission facilities for the verification of contact instruments for temperature measurements in -190 C to +1600 C range


Metrological instrumentation produced by "NPP Etalon" open joint-stock company for verification and calibration of contact measuring instruments in industrial and laboratory conditions.

Keywords: thermometer, thermostat, calibrating device, furnace, reference points.



Polyansky M. A. Instrumentation and equipment produced by "Etalon" open joint-stock company for thermal physical measurements


Instrumentation produced by "Etalon" open joint-stock company for thermal physical properties of materials and methods for the determination of  heat flow surface density were presented.

Keywords: thermal conductivity, heat flow sensor, "auxiliary wall" method.



Rubanov V. V. Calorimeter unit UTM-1


The descriptions of calorimeter unit UTM-1 structure and its principle of operation and technical characteristics were given.

Keywords: verification, calibration, heat flow, calorimeter unit.



Nazirova D. Metran-150RFA. Annubar technology becomes available


New variable pressure drop flow meter Metran-150RFA was considered and its advantages in comparison with traditional flow meter units were shown.

Keywords:  flow meter Metran-150RFA, pressure drop sensor, averaging pressure tube, Annubar technology.



Raspopov V. Ya. Avionics for low-sized unmanned aerial vehicles


Construction and problems of development of low-sized unmanned aerial vehicles avionics and ways to their solution are considered.

Keywords: avionics, autopilot, unmanned aerial vehicle, control equipment, micro-systems technology.

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