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Gordeev V. A., Ivanov V. P., Mozgorina M. Yu., I Partola. S. Results of Ground Tests and Flight Verification of Fuel and Oxidizer Supply Pneumatic & Hydraulic System for Space Launch Vehicle “Angara


The article is devoted to new technological solutions which was inculcated into control algorithms of space launch vehicle “Angara” fuel and oxidizer supply pneumatic & hydraulic system. The main technological solutions are continuous measurement of pressure in fuel and oxidizer tanks, pressure derivative analysis and providing of well-timed change of tank pressurizing gas drain. The algorithms development goal is minimization of tank pressurizing gas drain. Positive results of ground tests and flight verification of algorithms are envisaged at the article.


Keywords: algorithms, input information filtration, allowable change range, parameters prognosis, space launch vehicle, fuel tank pressurizing, parameters optimization.



Andrienko A. Ya., Tropova E. I., Chadaev A. I. Principles perfection of onboard systems of safety control at earth-orbit injection


Principles construction of onboard systems of safety control operation of launch vehicles, methodical approaches to a problem of the analysis and forecasting of a condition of units and systems launch vehicles, and also strategy of an exit from abnormal situations are stated. The concept construction of such systems with two-level structure and the built-in expert system is proved.


Keywords: safety control, abnormal situations, expert system.



Kovchin I. S., Kovchin M. I., Martsinkevich V. B., Stepanyuk A. I. Acoustic information-measuring system for hydrometeorological monitoring of the coastal zone


The list of the hydrometeorological factors to the greatest degree influencing safety of navigation in a coastal zone is defined. In given article principles of construction of system of hydrometeorological monitoring are formulated. It is shown that realization of such system is optimum at use of acoustic sensors. The benefits of the use of acoustic sensors in such systems are shown.


Keywords: information-measuring system, hydrometeorological monitoring, acoustic sensors.



Funtikov V. A, Nadeev D. N., Ivanov A. I. The converters of biometry in codes with essential imbalance of each byte state entropy calculation


It is shown that for the neuronet biometry-code converters there exists the possibility to fix the imbalance of states “0” and “1” in their output bytes while testing by random input biometric samples. In high dimensional entropy calculations it is enough to reduce the scale of graphical chart that connects entropy with mathematical expectation of correlation coefficient module. It is offered to reduce the scale in proportion to mathematical expectation of states «0» probability deviation module from value 0,5.


Keywords: biometry, biometry-code converter, dependent data entropy, Hemming distances distribution entropy.



Druzhinin I. I. Metrological self-check of contact conductometers


A brief analysis of the error components of the contact conductometric sensors has been given. The possibilities of metrological self-check implementation on the basis of the structural redundancy provided by additional electrodes, are considered. Special features of the metrological self-check of the sensors using the four-electrode measurement method and sensors intended for measuring small values of specific conductivity, are shown.


Keywords: metrological self-check, intelligent sensor, conductometer.



Ilyasov I. R., Mukhamadiev A. A., Urakseev M. A. Construction principles of acoustooptic spectrometers for information-measuring systems for the analysis of the water environment


Construction principles of acoustooptic spectrometers are described, which are used at designing and working out of information-measuring systems of the analysis of the water environment. Classification and the description of the offered principles are resulted.


Keywords: acoustooptic spectrometer, information-measuring system, construction principles, the water environment.



Gryazin D.G., Skalon A. I., Chekmarev A. B. Test bench for dynamical characteristics control of micromechanical sensors and modules


Design description of test bench for the assignment of harmonic angular velocities in given frequency band relative to two perpendicular axes for the purpose of the determination of amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics of angular frequency micromechanical sensors and modules on their base and estimations of their dynamical inaccuracies are presented. Results of test bench characteristics study are given and features of its use for an estimation of dynamic characteristics of inertial micromechanical sensors and modules are described.


Keywords: inertial micromechanical sensors, test bench, dynamical characteristics.



Kuznetsov N.A., Potekhin D. S. Long-term monitoring system of loaded structures based on piezoelectric-resonance elements


The method of integrated determination of mechanical stresses and temperature in structures is presented. Experimental data on the determination of piezoelectric element-based embedded sensor sensitivity are shown. The question of practical realization of passive radiofrequency system for loaded structure monitoring is considered.


Keywords: automated monitoring, measurement of mechanical stresses and temperature, wireless data transmission.



Khakim’yanov M. I., Pachin M. G. Dynacard analysis in controllers for automation systems of rod subsurface pumps facilities


Dynacard processing in controllers for automation systems of oil producing wells operated by rod subsurface pumps is considered.


Keywords: dynacard, controller, pump, plunger, rod, oilwell.



Vostrukhin A. V., Yadykin V. S., Khabarov A. N. Decrease of energy consumption and increase of sensitivity the measuring circuit of resistive microcontroller sensor


The microcontroller sensor of temperature intended for construction of radio sensors with use of thermoresistance is considered. Decrease in average value of a measuring current in the converter is reached.


Keywords: microcontroller, thermoresistance, measuring current, binary code, analogue-digital converter, exemplary resistor, resistive sensor, sensitivity of a measuring chain, transistor key, resistance of a key.



Chertoriyskiy A. A., Sergeev V. A., Berintsev A. V. Measurement of frequency for low signals from differential sensors with large background in-phase noise


The spectral method of signal processing for differential sensors of self-oscillations is proposed. It is allowing considerably to increase noise-immunity for devices with their application. The microcontroller-based realization of the method for the flow meter-counter is considered.


Keywords: signal frequency, frequency measurement, spectral signal processing, differential sensors, in-phase noise, flow meter-counters.



Novikov V.F., Muratov K. R., Paderin K. S., et al. Band-cordless deformation sensor


We created band-cordless sensor for control deformation of nonmagnetic structural component (titanium, duralumin, plastics, concrete, rock etc.) The sensor can be used to control the transport critical cargo. The sensor is able to record the deformation in any time and remember its peak, witch occurred after magnetization of the band.


Keywords: sensor, strength, deformation, tension, magnetoelastic, quasireversible.



Kim V. L., Tsimbalist E. I., Cheburenko D. S. The differential nanovoltmeter


The difference nanovoltmeter structure was considered. This device have discrimination of 30 nV in 0,2…2 kHz frequency range.


Keywords: nanovoltmeter, synchronous detector, calibration.



Nikonenko V.A., Demidovich A. A. Development of metrological measuring devices for energy audit purposes


Domestic devices manufactured by OAO NPP “Etalon” are proposed as main instrumental support of energy audit.


Keywords: metrological assurance, energy audit, energy saving.



Malyshev Y. O. Furnace ПРТ 1100-2 for realization of fixed point of ITS-90


In the article considered structure of ПРТ 1100-2 furnace and results of realization cooper freeze point in that furnace.


Keywords: metrology, calibration, temperature, furnace, fixed points.



Nedelko A. Y. Data acquisition system from digital temperature sensors


The present article concerns the description of the digital temperature sensors controllers. Describes the ability of service software for data acquisition system, as well as rules and principles the controllers network creation.


Keywords: temperature sensor, temperature monitoring, controller, server application.



Granovsky V.A. Experience in branch standardization of metrological assurance


Prerequisites and results of the development of the system of standards for metrological assurance (MA) oriented to the use in navigation instrument engineering branch are presented. Branch standards (BS) regulate the content and the order of MA functions as interrelated components of MA system. The system is built as the part of quality assurance system of instrument manufacturing enterprise. Process approach is the methodological base for the development and the functioning of MA system. Each BS contains the description of realization process of corresponding metrological function and it focuses on the realization of this process by the regulation of the mechanism of specified process management.


Keywords: branch standardization, navigation instrument engineering, metrological assurance, system of standards, enterprise standard.

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