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Study, Conception and Fabrication of an APS Image Sensor in Standard CMOS Technology

for Low Light Level Applications Such as Star Trackers



Author: GOY J

Advisor: COURTOIS B.

Coadvisor: KARAM J.M.

Thèse de Doctorat INPG, Spécialité Microélectronique

Defense: 04/06/2002

ISBN: 2-913329-79-9

Pages: 120




In the field of image sensors, the technology called "CMOS sensors" or APS (Active Pixel Sensor) has been recently developped, based on the integration of MOS transistors within each pixel, whose role is to amplify and drive the signal throughout metal lines crossing the image array. The spatial field, in particular, is interested in this technology because of its low sensitivity to radiations, and because its price and performances are now reaching the one of the best actual CCDs. This thesis explores the improvements which can be done to the current CMOS sensors in order to facilitate their use in satellites. This improvements concern especially the study of the photosensitive part (photodiode or photoMOS), the choice of a pixel architecture which could improve the gain and reduce readout noise, and the realization of a sequential scanning system with possibility of adjustable exposure time and windowing. In this perspective, several solutions have been realized and tested, and results give a wide idea of the advantages and drawbacks of each kind of sensor.


Identifiers: microsystems, design of radiation hardened circuits and sensors




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