Bullet Sensors Related Ph.D. and D.Sc. Theses



Study of Biosensors Based on an Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor



Author: Li-Te Yin

Advisor: Dr. Shen-Kan Hsiung

Defense: 01/03/2002





The objective in thesis is going to use a separative extended gate field effect transistor (EGFET) company with biologically enzymological technology to develop disposable glucose biosensor. Separative EGFET is divided the ion sensitive membrane from the field effect transistor. Accordingly, the field effect transistor does not need to put into solution and will not be affected by illumination. The separated ion sensitive membrane has advantage of simple and easy structure, fabrication and encapsulation, which can reduce the cost of device. The sensing part of this sensor was study in five structures based on glass substrate, and the SnO2/ITO glass was found as the structure with best characteristics such as hysteresis, drift and light-induced. Moreover, this structure was use to realize a low cost disposable enzyme modified extended gate field effect transistor (EEGFET) glucose sensor.


Identifiers: ISFET, EGFET, enzyme modified biosensor, glucose sensor, tin oxide




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