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Bullet From Shankar Adhi - 12.3.2013

    Subject: Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Fruits, Food and Beverages


I’m searching for a sensor/instrument for rapid determination of Ascorbic acid in fruits, food and beverages for research purpose. please let know the instrument details, accreditation, dealers and price.



Shankar Adhi

E-mail: shankarhorti@gmail.com


Bullet From Mahtab Seyedi - 3.3.2013

    Subject: Acoustic Sensors


I am looking for an acoustic sensor in gas pipe that it install in or out of long gas pipe for detection. Do you have this ?


Mahtab Seyedi

E-mail: taban_065@yahoo.com


Bullet From M C Fitness and Spa Inc. - 6.1.2013

    Subject: Quantum Biofeedback Sensor



I am seeking a company to manufacture / supply a quantum biofeedback sensor similar to: http://quantum-life.blogspot.ca/2012/09/new-design-quantum-geo-harness-mark-11.html


The Quantum Geo Sensor, plugs into a devices audio port & converts the audible sound tones to an electro magnetic frequency and then projects these energetic tones or frequencies.


We would like the sensor to have only one pad, as thin as possible and the length of the cord (that plugs into an audio port) only about 6 inches in length, unless a pad with Bluetooth is available and price is reasonable.


We require a quantity of 1000 at first and a monthly order of 5,000 - 10,000 units.


If you are able to manufacture a quantum sensor please send a quote.






c/o MC Fitness and Spa Inc.

Doing Business as 24 Hr Gym

Tel.: 604-537-8764

E-mail: mcfitnessandspa@hotmail.com


Bullet From Varun P. - 4.10.2012

    Subject: ISFET


We are lookin out for an ISFET sensors which senses NPK levels in soil (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Pottasium).

If you have it please send me the quote and datasheet.


Varun P.

Ryangs Infotek

E-mail: varun@ryangsinfotek.com


Bullet From Dr. Lee Hively - 14.08.2012

    Subject: Sensor That Can Sense Chemical Changes in Sweat


Last month's issue of Scientific American describes a wrist band sensor that "senses" epileptic seizures by changes in galvanic skin response. Seizure guide dogs can be trained to forewarn of an epileptic seizure up to 45 minutes before the event. Could both approaches be sensing a change in sweat chemicals? Can you suggest an appropriate wearable sensor ?




Dr. Lee Hively

Computational Sciences and Engineering Division

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PO Box 2008,

1 Bethel Valley Road (B6012/R204) Oak Ridge,

TN 37831-6418, (865)574-7188  (865)576-5943 (fx)

E-mail: hivelylm@ornl.gov


Bullet From Egor Savin - 22.07.2012

    Subject: CO2 Sensor for Mushrooms Farm


Dear friends!


I'm looking for CO2 sensor for mushrooms farm.


What you can recommend for me ?


Egor Savin

Tel.: +7 913 919 9306

E-mail: savin@ngs.ru


Bullet From Ani Maximilian - 7.02.2012

    Subject: Help with MQ131 Semiconductor Sensor for Ozone


I am working on Air Pollution Monitoring and Measurement using MQ131 Semiconductor Sensor for Ozone, which we integrated into our Air Pollution Monitoring System. However, things seem not to be going pretty fine for me now. I am having great weakness transforming the measured data into ppm or ppb. I have read and studied the datasheet, but it doesn't seem to help me after all. Therefore, would you want to show me how to convert the present result into ppm/ppb or better, convert the result into ppm/ppb ?




Ani Maximilian

Tel.: +8613914460042

E-mail: cumaximiliani@yahoo.com


Bullet From Muniprasad V. - 29.12.2011

    Subject: Short Distance Measuring Instrument


We are into screen printing industry, we need to check the distance between the printing bed & screen, suggest us the suitable instrument. distance will be min 5 mm, max 10 mm.


Thanks & Regards Muniprasad V.

Asst, Manager-Technical services

E-mail: maintenance@sjsindia.com


Bullet From Mehdi Sharafi - 27.11.2011

    Subject: NOx Gas Sensor


I'm working on a new selective, sensitive sensor of NOx gas sensor and need to apply a calibrated precise reference sensor in my testing setup chamber. So please inform me of any NOx sensor with sensing range about 1 ppm to 100 ppm.


I've found some kind of detectors but it doesn't give me any electric signal to use in my control system of my testing setup.


Thanks in advance.


​Mehdi Sharafi,


Post-graduate Student on Semiconductor Devices Semiconductor Devices

Laboratory Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) Tehran, Iran

E-mail: Mehdi.Sharafi@aut.ac.ir


Bullet From Milan AirLive - 23.06.2011

    Subject: Temperature and Humidity Sensors


I am looking for a temperature (and humidity) sensor with 2-wire RS-485 communication. Simple sensor or with outdoor housing.


Can you please help me with supplier ?

Estimated quantity is around 7500 -15000 per year.


Thank you a lot.



Milan Krejzlik


E-mail: milan@airlive.com


Bullet From Andrej Bachorík - 17.05.2011

    Subject: pH Probes




We are looking for RH and moisture sensors to be applied in Nuclear Power Plant at different measuring points which are certified with seismic resistance.

Could you please help us ? Thanks.



Ing. Andrej Bachorík


MERTECH spol. s r.o.

Na Záhumní, 12

97101 Prievidza, Slovak Republic

Tel.: 00421 46 542 4901, fax: 00421 46 542 6765

E-mail: mertech@mertech.sk


Bullet From Mark Meilak  - 12.05.2011

    Subject: Level Sensors


At work, we have a lifting system which uses two pneumatic cylinders each controlled by a switch valve and supplied from a nitrogen gas cylinder. Since the system is very rudimental and the operator needs to operate careful both switch valves quasi simultaneously so that the lifting system rises/lowers in a leveled manner. My idea is to add some intelligence to the system by installing a level sensor which controls solenoid valves to operate the two cylinders so that the system rises/lowers always level. the operator just selects if he wants to rise or lower the system. Do you offer such sensor ?


Mark Meilak


E-mail: meilakmark@gmail.com


Bullet From Ani Maximilian  - 8.05.2011

    Subject: Sensors for Project


Dear Sir/Madam,


We are working on a project in which the general OBJECTIVES are:


1) Gathering and measuring the environmental conditions in real time;

2) Take pictures or map the atmosphere which would help in determining our dirty the atmosphere is.


Based on the project objectives, I decided that the balloon payload needed to meet all the following design goals:


1. Accept and process GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude, and time).

2. Operate multiple cameras.

3. Transmit activities performed, location, altitude, and temperature data.

4. Perform environmental measurements.

5. Record and transmission of data.


Sensors Needed:


1) CO Sensors*

2) NO Sensors*

3) Ozone O3 Sensors*

4) NOx Sensors*

5) NO2 sensors*

6) SO2 Sensors*

7) Air Quality Control Sensor  for detecting a wide range of gases, including NH3, NOx, benzene, smoke and CO2

8) Pressure Sensors

9) Nuclear Radiation Sensors 10). Particulate matter sensors.


* The statistics of concentrations of trace gases measured at a site using the conventional measuring instruments for these gases/pollutantin ppbv was 26.8±13.9 for O3, 0.7±1.8 for NO, 10.1±7.9 for NO2, 10.8± 8.8 for NOx, 2.2±3.6 for SO2 and 505±335 for CO. The annual mean O3 mixing ratio varied from 30.1±21.0 ppbv to 32.8±19.1 ppbv during 2004–2006. The annual mean NOx concentration were 14.5±14.0, 11.0±11.3 and 12.7±11.8 ppbv in 2004,2005, and 2006, respectively. The corresponding SO2 values were 5.9±10.0, 6.1±9.9 and 7.6±10.2 ppbv in 2004, 2005 and 2006, respectively, showing an increasing trend over the period from 2004 to 2006.


The flight program would be the most challenging part. In addition to coordinating the cameras, environmental measurements, GPS data processing, radio transmissions, and data-logging, the BS2 had to be programmed to react to any problems that might occur. This meant having a program that can react to problems like a power interruption (and BS2 reset), loss of GPS signal lock, GPS malfunction, and incorrect GPS data. It also needs to note whether it’s going up or down (which dictated how frequently it transmitted data), as well as the start of the descent (which can exceed 100 mph).


Therefore, we would want to ask if you can provide us with any useful Sensors that can be sensitive to the above parameters. Could you also give some suggestions on this project ?


Waiting forward to hearing from you.


Ani Maximilian

E-mail: cumaximiliani@yahoo.com


Bullet From Saeid Salimi - 14.04.2011

    Subject: Fire Detection System


I am locking for price list of fibolaser fire detection system for a road tunnel with the following characteristic. Length should be about 2000 meters, width 11 meters, height about 7 meters.


Thanking you ,sincerely,


Saeid Salimi

E-mail: sa_salimei @yahoo.com



Bullet From John Kane - 20.10.2010

    Subject: Temperature Sensor


I am looking to get some accurate temperature sensing and recording equipment to wrap around pipework. Pipe diameters go from 2inch to 6inch and temperature range is from 4Deg C to -15Deg C.


We will also need them to be sent over pre-calibrated.


Can you send me through the cost and equipment data sheet as soon as possible ?




John Kane

Senior Energy Manager

E-mail: john.kane@dalkia.ie


Bullet From Zeeshan Asfar - 17.10.2010

    Subject: Carbon Sensor


Is there any sensor or method to identify the amount of carbon being coated on the filament (moving filament/ fibre) all round ?




E-mail: zeeshanasfar@gmail.com


Bullet From Me M.M - 11.10.2010

    Subject: Angular Position Sensor


I need an angular position sensor or digital position sensor. I have a rotor in a packing cylinder.it rotates from 0 to 1000 Hz . I need to know the exact angular position of the rotor. The sensor must be contactless. Please help me to find sensor.


Me M.M

E-mail: saint.light@gmail.com


Bullet From Isaac Benjamin - 6.08.2010

    Subject: Monitors/sensors for Soil and Rock Anchors


We are looking to purchase a monitors/sensors for soil and rock anchors. It need to be something similar to a load cell but it will be permanent on top of the anchor. Please recommend/suggest.


Isaac Benjamin

E-mail: ib@liritengineering.com


Bullet From Anubhav Bhardwaj - 29.07.2010

    Subject: Simulink Model of Yaw Sensor


I am trying to make simulink model of the sensor which would measure yaw / roll rate. As fae i did research and read many articles on your portal, which I found to be very useful. i did reasearch and suppose. However, I am still striveing with one problem, I do not know who to model trusferfunction of the gyroscope. Could you please provide me with some tips or explenation how to obtain transfer function of gyroscope.


Paweł Kret

E-mail: pawelkret@gmail.com


Bullet From Anubhav Bhardwaj - 10.05.2010

    Subject: CO2 Sensors




i am working on a project for which m using the Interface kit 8/8/8 (http://www.phidgets.com/products.php?product_id=1018) for interfacing the sensors with my embedded PC ""ebox 3310a".


Could you please suggest me the following sensors, which can work fine with these hardware:


CO2 sensors (analog);

CO sensors(analog).


With regards,


Anubhav Bhardwaj

E-mail: anubhavbhardwaj@hotmail.com


Bullet From Chrysikopoulou Marina - 30.04.2010

    Subject: Glucose Sensor for Online Monitoring


Dear Sir/Madam !


I am looking for a glucose sensor for on line monitoring. Have you any suggestion ?


Best Regards



Chemical Engineer MSc

Aerosol & Particle Technology Laboratory

Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI)

Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH)

PO Box 60361, 6th km. Charilaou-Thermi Road

57001 Thermi Thessaloniki, GREECE

Phone: +30 2310 498196, fax: +30 2310 498190

E-mail: mchrysi@cperi.certh.gr


Bullet From Nikunj Darji - 15.04.2010

    Subject: Wireless Temperature Monitoring System


We are manufacturing huge canisters for storage of spent nuclear fuel. For our canisters, we require a wireless temperature monitoring system. This system could be made of a thermocouple or RTD or thermistors, a wireless transmitter and probes to connect thermocouple or RTD or thermistors to the transmitter. Now the inside temperature of the canister is our main concern. We want to monitor the inside temperature of the canister with the frequency of one measurement per second to one measurement in 5 seconds. The canisters will be filled by water and the inside temperature will range from 0 0C to 250 0C. The external canister wall temperature will range from 700 0C to 800 0C. We are in the design phase and we are looking such a temperature monitoring system that could sense the temperature inside the canister and we could have it displayed on our computer at every second or maximum every five seconds. Now the possible set up could be thermocouples be placed inside the canister and connected to the wireless transmitter through extension wires. These wires shall be capable to do its intended function in the temperature range from 0 0C to 250 0C. The wireless transmitter will take these temperature readings and send it to the computer for monitoring. The thermocouple type we are trying to use is Type-T. So the transmitter shall be capable of getting connected to a Type-T thermocouple. We are going to have 4 thermocouples inside the canister.


So I would appreciate if you could provide me instrumentation that could satisfy this need and temperature requirements.



Nikunj Darji

Design Engineer (Nuclear Division)

Holtec International

555 Lincoln Drive West,

Marlton, NJ - 08053.

Contact: 856-797-0900 X 656

Tel.: 609-870-9319 (Cell)

E-mail: n.darji@holtec.com


Bullet From  Isaac Benjamin - 25.02.2010

    Subject: Soil and Rock Anchors Sensors/Monitors


We are a soil and rock anchors contractor and distributor and I tried to look for information about soil and rock anchors sensors/monitors that have the ability to measure the force/ stress and verify that the anchor is according to the design. If you have any information, I will appreciate if you can send me.


Isaac Benjamin

VP of business development,

Lirit Engineering ltd

Tel-972-9-8611852, fax-972-9-8611850

E-mail: ib@liritengineering.com




Bullet From  Ajmal - 4.02.2010

    Subject: Rotation Speed Sensor


I need a working solution that detects a rotation of cement mixer drums.





Email: ajmal_13@hotmail.com


Bullet From  Hamid Nassajpoor - 26.01.2010

    Subject: Moisture Sensor


I am looking for any kind of moisture sensor proper to work in high temperature condition (max =3000 C) ?




Hamid Nassajpoor

E-mail: h.nassajpoor@gmail.com



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