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Bullet From: Armin Heiniger - 28.12.2001


Looking for an optical line- or area-sensor with a dynamic-range of 20 Bit linear. At least 500 pixel. 100 frames per second.


Armin Heiniger

E-mail: a.heiniger@zsystem.ch


Bullet From: Mr. Yao Haidong - 4.12.2001


We are very interested in speed sensors and other equipments and looking for property speed sensor to meet our 

requirement of application on locomotive engine.


Mr.Yao Haidong

E-mail: gimda@online.ln.cn


Bullet From: Asko Ainikkam - 19.11.2001


Dear All,

Our company is looking a competitive sensor manufacturer for dimensions, position, angle, displacement measurement.


Best regards,


Asko Ainikkam

E-mail: asko.ainikkamaki@nc-point.fi


Bullet From: Moshe Weissberg - 18.11.2001


We are looking for UV sensors with the following specs:

 - Detection frequency: 365 nM;

 - Range (frequency): between 200 & 400 nM;

 - Power: 0-20 or 0-50 watts per square meter;

 - Output: mV, 0-5 or 0-10V or 4-20mA.


Best Regards,


Moshe Weissberg

E-mail: mesconm@mescontec.com


Bullet From: Luis G. Vazquez - 18.11.2001


Dear Sirs:


We need the following sensors:

 - One Pressure Transducer, 0-100 psi, at 400 degrees F, with 4-20 mA output;

 - One Pressure Transducer, 0-150 psi, at 400 degrees F, with 4-20 mA output.


 - Two current to pressure converter, 4-20 mA to 2-15 psi.

Please quote, and give the shortest delivery.


Luis G. Vazquez

E-mail: nyva@terra.com.pe


Bullet From: WeisScientific_YK - 14.11.2001


Dear Sir/Madam !


Please send us a Price quotation for the following items:


1. Thermocouple Probe for liquid Range -196/ +1090 deg.C.

The handle should stand 125 deg. C. The Cable should withstand 105 deg.C.

2. Thermocouple Probe for liquid Range - 50/ +1000 Deg. C.

The handle should stand 50 deg. C.


Awaiting your reply ASAP

Thanks and regards,



E-mail: weis@netvision.net.il







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