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Bullet From: Star Lee - 30.12.2002


I am seeking the below item urgently.


The railway, train, subway will rolling on as speed under 4-5km/hour in order to arrive at arrival station after finished the race of  long time. At that time the wheel (with bearing) of railway will be very hot. So we would like to check the temperature of this wheel by sensor. The several sensors will be installed at the side of rail. And the sensor should be sensing the heat of wheel by remote way like laser or infrared ray or camera or others. Would you please inform me if you have this items ? If so I request you to send me the data sheets and price information.


Additionally please inform me if you have any agent or distributor in South Korea. If not, I will be very interested in agent or distributor in South Korea instead of your company.


I look forward to reply from you.

Kind Regards,

Star Lee

WIDEAXIS Corporation

Tel. no. +82 2 431 7774

Fax no. +82 2 431 7749

Mobile. +82 19 9148 2453

E-mail: starlee@wideaxis.com


Bullet From: Bob Beelek - 21.12.2002


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am looking for a sensor that can measure moisture or water content on flooring (Wood, Cement & Tile substrates). The sensor could also sense changes in surface area but in either case it must measure a range of several hundred feet. Reasonable cost is always an issue of coarse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Bob Beelek

packetPointe Technologies, Inc.

E-mail: bob@packetPointe.com


Bullet From: Andres Rivera - 18.12.2002


I am looking for a sensor to detect, not necessary quantify sulfur dioxide (SO2) in the gas phase or in solution.


Any info will be welcome.


Andres Rivera

E-mail: ARivera@closuremed.com


Bullet From: Nicola Pasquino - 29.11.2002


I am looking for information about sensors and transducers for Electromagnetic Field measurements in the high frequency range (i.e., above 100kHz). I need also documents about the leading-age research in the field and documents about commercial sensors.


Is there any particular resource you can point me that could be useful for my needs? I would really appreciate it.


Kind regards,

Nicola Pasquino

E-mail: npasquin@unina.it


Bullet From: JENASENSORIC e.V. - 29.11.2002


Dr Sir or/and Madam,


I`m looking for gas sensor for detection of ethylene until 100 to 1000 ppm.


Waiting your reply,

Thanks and regards

E-mail: renate.reisch@web.de


Bullet From: Al Bagley - 26.11.2002


Need a sensor to see ice optically. Must work - 30 to + 50 F. Can you help ?


Best Regards,

Al Bagley

E-mail: awb@phonetech.com


Bullet From: Kamal Chokshi - 6.11.2002


We need the sensor to measure and detect the UV C radiation . This is to be use for the water purifiers to check the intensity and working of the uv Lamps. Please send me the information by e-mail.


Kamal Chokshi.

E-mail: kcc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in


Bullet From: Sanjiv Bhaskar - 1.11.2002


Dear Friends, 


I need information resources for temperature sensors (NTC thermistors type) and humidity sensors (capacitive)



Sanjiv Bhaskar,

E-mail: sbhaskar@frost.com


Bullet From: Mircea Anton - 28.10.2002


Dear colleagues,


I am looking for the manufacturer list of methane gas sensors (semiconductor type).

Is there a methane sensor of MEMS type available ?



M. Anton

E-mail: anton_mircea@yahoo.com


Bullet From: A. O. Okelarin - 23.10.2002


Hello Sir/Madam,


Please can you tell me if your company sells piezoelectric films (Pvdf), if you do, please how do I go about buying this or getting a sample? Also please can you give me the equivalent circuit for a piezo film that is being mechanical stimulated at frequencies between 7 kHz and 30 kHz ? I would deeply appreciate your reply.


Thank you.

Okelarin A.O.

E-mail: A.O.Okelarin@newcastle.ac.uk


Bullet From: Carl Summers - 19.10.2002



I am in (desperate) need of a sensor, or information where to get one! It must be 12 volt DC, sensitive enough to detect 27,000 candle watt power from about 50 - 60 yards. I need to know make, model, company who makes it and a price.


Thank you.


Carl Summers

E-mail: carl_17225@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Dagmar Woitas - 15.10.2002


I am searching for the following sensors: temperature, relative humidity, light (in lumen), SO, SO2, NO.

Any hints/tips ?


Thank you !


Dagmar Woitas

E-mail: dagmar.woitas@stud.tu-muenchen.de


Bullet From: Kong Xiao Feng - 1.10.2002


Dear Sirs ! 


We are planning to design a automation system for marine. We need select a lot of sensors for level/pressure/temperature of tank/oil/water/hydraulic and speed sensor for engine speed. Could you introduce me your products ?


Hope to here from you soon.

Sincerely yours,


Kong Xiao Feng

E-mail: kongxf@radioholland.com.sg


Bullet From: Wiepko Oosterhuis - 27.09.2002


My company needs to supply a multi frequency calibrator for sound measuring systems, e.g. Sound Level Meters, Acoustic Transducers etc. The Bruel and Kjaer Company makes the Model 4226. Is there an alternative unit available, from another source ? What would be the price ex USA ?


Please advise,


Wiepko Oosterhuis

E-mail: wiepko@maxi.net.au


Bullet From: Otton C. Brenes - 30.08.2002


We are interested in scanning laser particle instrument to monitor contamination in laminar flow cameras that use EPA filters. Would you please send a list of manufacturers.



Ing. Otton C. Brenes

E-mail: corelsa@racsa.co.cr


Bullet From: David M Garcia - 22.07.2002


I am looking for a wireless skin thermistor sensor to provide biofeedback for running studies. The sensor needs to be rated at least +/- 0.1 degrees C from 0-70 degrees C. I would like to use multiple sensors (4-6) in various places around the body. Any help would be much appreciated.


Thank you,

David M Garcia

E-mail: David.Garcia@nike.com


Bullet From: Richard Hole - 21.06.2002




Do you know of sensors that will activate an electrical signal when there is a small spit of rain so I can automatically shut my windows ?


Also do you know of a sensor that can sense pollution, bad odors or poisons so I could use it to automatically close my windows ?


Your help is appreciated,

Regards Richard

E-mail: webmaster@advantagein.com


Bullet From: Srinivas Duddu - 21.06.2002


Dear Sir/Madam,


Please let me know if any pulse repeater modules are available in the market.

My requirement is:

I have a massflow meter with a pulse o/p. This o/p has to be multiplied, into 02 signals.

Please help/ suggest !



Srinivas Duddu

E-mail: chemtrols@vsnl.com


Bullet From: J. Saba - 20.06.2002


Dear Sir;


We are international industrial, commercial Co., Our Headquarters are located in Jordan. We are dealing with trading and importing Electrical/Electronic Measuring Equipments. As we have a very soon urgent tender, we requesting kindly your advice to quote us about best prices for the following item(s):



With the following Specifications:

Type : AC-14

No. : 1094791

0.06v / tr/ min

IMAX = 0.07A

IMAX=5000 tr/min

Manufacturer : RADIO ENERGIE 91 MASSY


We will be grateful if you send us as soon as possible the following:



* SHIPPING INFO. TO Jordan (C and F).



* Any notes related to this inquiry (specifications, payment, prices).



We will be grateful if we received your response as soon as possible.


Sincerely Yours,

Eng. J. Saba.

Sales Engineer.

Tel: + 962 6 4022492, fax: + 962 6 4029471

P.O. Box: 300 Amman 11512, Jordan

E-mail: secureco@go.com.jo


Bullet From: Bart J.E.A. Sutorius - 18.06.2002


Dear reader,


I am very interested in (a comparison of) the specifications & prices of CO2 sensors that can be used for Indoor Air Quality purposes (range 0-2000 ppm); either built in or wall mounted.


If you know of the existence of such a comparison and/or if you can give me any other leads (i.e. list of manufacturers), I would be much obliged to receive this information.


Thank you very much in advance.


Bart J.E.A. Sutorius

SUTORIUS projecten

President Kennedylaan 146 HS

1079 NL Amsterdam

E-mail: sutorius@xs4all.nl


Bullet From: Licen Ljudmila - 20.05.2002


Dear Sirs,


We are looking for a 3D force transducer. Please send us an offer, price, delivery, rebate.


With kind regards,



Licen Ljudmila

E-mail: ljudmila.licen@siol.net


Bullet From: Simeon Simeonov - 8.05.2002


Dear Sir,


I am a senior student at Naval Academy in Bulgaria. I am looking for a temperature sensor which must provide accuracy to +/-0.01 C deg. I need it because I am going to design a liquid termoregulator bath which must heat the fluids within it and to measure and control their temperature with the mentioned above accuracy. I have found some sensors but they are too expensive for me. I'll be very pleased with any information you can send me about the precision temperature sensors and how to assemble such a system. Please, answer me as fast as you can.


Best Regards, 


E-mail: simeonoff78@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Saul Kramer - 28.04.2002


Hi !


Control Applications is Israel's leader in control systems. We are an OEM company with energy metering systems and are looking for good products and prices for ultrasonic flowmeters. Please inform me if you are a manufacturer of ultrasonic flowmeters (from 10 GPM - 400 GPM).


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Saul Kramer,

International Marketing

Tel: +972-3-6474998

E-mail: saul@ddc.co.il


Bullet From: S.Prabhu - 17.03.2002


Dear Colleagues,


We are a research group at the University of Akron , Department of Polymer Engineering working on the development of Carbon nanotube sensors. We are at Present working on Carbon Nanotube coated films and will be working on Single walled carbon nanotube / Polymer coated Sensors. We have our set up for a Glucose sensor and will also will be developing Chemical sensors (oxygen, Hydrogen, CO, CO2, NO, NO2 etc.) We are also looking into the development of Cantilever DNA Arrays.


I would appreciate some useful input from the IFSA members, who work on related areas. I will also be happy to talk about a potential commercial application of 'Carbon nanotube Sensors'.





E-mail: sprabhu@uakron.edu


Bullet From: Quan Anh Pham - 4.03.2002


Dear sir/madam,


Our compliments to Sensors Portal for its resourcefulness.


We are working on a project to build a robot that would seek fire and extinguish it. At the moment, we would like to build a robot to seek "candle flame." We were hoping you could provide us with some leads as to how this can be achieved. We were thinking of photoresistors, heat sensors, etc... but we are not sure if they can be incorporated to work together, or if they work exclusively.


Would you be able to point us to the "potential" parts that we need? With your experience and knowledge, I am sure we can realize a solution.


Thank you kindly,


Quan Anh Pham

E-mail: qapham@engmail.uwaterloo.ca


Bullet From: Ganapati R. Naik - 28.02.2002


Dear Sir,

This is Ganapati R Naik from L&T Embedded system, Mysore. We want to produce our own medical sterilization product. It measures the vapor concentration of hydrogen peroxide and water separately. Product annual number is 4000-5000. Could you please send us information regarding:


- Hydrogen peroxide sensor;

- How it works ?

- Regarding Datasheets.....etc.


Thanks and regards,

Ganapati R. Naik

E-mail: GanapathiRN@myw.ltindia.com

Bullet From: Leonid Bekers - 24.02.2002


Dear Sir,

Research group TECHRON under support of the Riga Technical University has developed a new converter of micro displacements with sub-Angstrom resolution. I would appreciate greatly your attention to this information. We invite all interested investigators, manufacturers and designers of similar systems for presenting working experimental prototypes and for personal preliminary contacts.


Yours sincerely


Bonifaty Lubgin.

E-mail: leon.b@parks.lv


Bullet From: Eatech International - 15.02.2002


We need the Ultra-Violet Insensitivity sensor to sense the UV of the sunlight at ambient, can you advise where we can get it? We need a million pieces a year.



Eatech International

E-mail: eatintl@hotmail.com


Bullet From: Antonio D. Soler - 14.02.2002


We are looking for information about nanosensors or microsensors (nanotechnology) manufacturers developers.



Antonio D. Soler

E-mail: mesurex@activanet.es


Bullet From: Orazio Razzano - 30.01.2002


Dear Sir,

since months, I am looking for an optical linear fiber sensor, radar laser technique for distributed temperature measurement. With this system it is possible the fire detection in association with temperature or rate of rise of temperature measurements. It can be used for rail and road tunnel fire protection for hot spot measurements, for cryogenics liquid leak detection. I know systems like Fibrolaser, traded by Cerberus/Siemens, or York now owned by Shlumberger, or Hitachi.


Orazio Razzano

E-mail: orazzano@sigmacontrol.it






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