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Bullet From Leonardo Engineering - 24.12.2004

     Subject: Speed Sensors


We are looking for a speed sensor. Max speed is 25 000 rpm, 24 VDC operated and 0-10 VDC output.


Please quate for above specification. Matter urgent, replay soon.


With regards,




PLOT NO. V-32 (B), 9TH MAIN,
Tel: 91(080)28363201 (6 llines) 
Fax: (080)28363293
E-mail :


Bullet From Nastas Tasos - 10.12.2004

     Subject: Motion or Vibration Sensors


I am interested in making my own lucid dreaming device. I need a motion sensor, or possibly a vibration sensor that could detect Rapid Eye Movement during deep sleep, but not sensitive enough to detect just normal eye movement. 
Any suggestions ?



Nastas Tasos

E-mail: nastast@otenet.gr

Bullet From DOCROBGAR@aol.com - 17.11.2004

     Subject: Optical Current Sensor Patent


Anyone interested in my optical current sensor patent ? The sensor is line powered, bi-directional and works over a massive range. Its an invasive device and takes a parasitic fraction of 1 Volt from the line to operate. It returns a two colour LED light signal and two channel opto-isolator, volt free outputs that accord to the presence polarity and phase of a current. Threshold of detection is 0.003 Amps, yet will also pass 10 Amps. It is basically a system of LED's that give information to an observer and isolated information to a machine. The LEDs are protected from high voltage and high current by an electronic suit of armour, they only require one tenth of the normal forward voltage to light and can carry 500 times the normal LED Max. current.


Enquiries to +44(0)1446 741180

E-mail: DOCROBGAR@aol.com


Bullet From Qing Zhao - 16.11.2004

     Subject: Methane Sensor


Dear Sir/Madam,


We are looking for sensor for transducer which is used in security and monitoring coal mind areas. The standard of test of the sensor (mathane) is 0-4% CH4. Time result no late than 15s. I'm not an expert. Need your professional advise and help. If possible, please send me some information on the product that we are looking for and price list.


Qing Zhao

E-mai: qingsatloff@aol.com


Bullet From Asogaran Asogarann - 10.11.2004

     Subject: Sensor for Human Presence Detection



I am looking for a good sensor to detect a human presence in house or office area.



E-mail: asogaran@hotmail.com


Bullet From Mark Decker - 6.11.2004

     Subject: Sensor for Recording Regional and Teleseismic Earthquakes


We are looking for sensor for recording regional and teleseismic earthquakes.


Please quote this unit in USA Dollars, quantity 5, 3 component broadband sensor for recording regional and teleseismic earthquakes with the following specs:

  • max power consumption 1 watt

  • flat instrument response to motion between 100 seconds and 50 Hz

  • dynamic rance - min 180db at 1Hz

  • mass locking and unlocking system

  • adjustable feet for instrument leveling

  • contemplated delivery is Jan 20, 2005

  • protective travel case included

Mark Decker, VP-Sales,

Bandwidth Solutions

1413 Deer Ledge Trail

Cedar Park, TX 78613

Tel: 512-659-6604, fax-512-250-8532

E-mail: mark@bandwidthsolution.com


Bullet From Jody Spurrell - 22.10.2004

     Subject: 4-20 ma Reley


Looking for something that is like a 4-20 ma relay, or 4-20 ma to control a relay.


Any suggestions?


Jody Spurrell

Vanson Halosource, Inc.

Tel: 360-942-5552, ext 309

E-mail: JSpurrell@vanson.com


Bullet From Darryl Massey - 21.10.2004

     Subject: Pressure Transducer


We are looking for a low cost OEM type pressure transducer with low power consumption. Range 0-20 Bar with a threaded pressure connection. To be used on water at 25 Deg C max. Qty 100 / month.



Darryl Massey

Mobile: 082-650-8505

Phone: +27-31-208-1866 /+27-11-397-2222

E-mail: darryl@dcm.co.za


Bullet From Randy Curtis - 21.10.2004

     Subject: Ball Hitting Detector


Hello, I am looking for an inexpensive sensor that would detect a ball hitting a certain location on a vinyl or canvas panel. Can you steer me to a company that makes that ? Thanks.


Randy Curtis

E-mail: RCURTIS@owensdesign.com


Bullet From Khairul Syakirin - 6.10.2004

     Subject: Turbidity Sensors


I am looking for turbidity sensors. They should measure the pH of water.


The problem is:


a) I do not know, which shop sell this product in Malaysia;

b) How I can use it without PLC? Can I use a relay ?

I heard from somebody that we can use Binary Language but I not know how to make it.


I would like to connect this sensor to a motor. This motor must be switch on when water is unclean and stop when the water is clean. Please show me some direction.


Khairul Syakirin


E-mail: syakirin_11@yahoo.com


Bullet From Bhupinder Singh - 20.9.2004

     Subject: Sensors Book


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am looking for a book that can explain about the all electrical & electronic sensors, their types, usage in industry (textile, oiling, etc.) with full detail. Please help.


Thanks & Regards,

Bhupinder Singh

E-mail: bhupinder_bains@rediffmail.com


Bullet From Afrius Indra - 15.9.2004

     Subject: Pressure Sensor


I have a problem with my pressure sensor, RKC-CZ-100P-HB-SN, Could you share information about that equipment ? Thank you.

Afrius Indra

E-mail: sba_kalibrasi@cbn.net.id


Bullet From Greg Kielton - 7.9.2004

     Subject: Ultrasonic Transducer


I have received a requirement from a customer for a transducer previously supplied by Black Stone Ultrasonic, Inc. Could you help me to locate this company ?




Greg Kielton

E-mail: greg@totalsky.net


Bullet From Bashar - 7.9.2004

     Subject: Sensors Needed


I need some help in selecting the appropriate sensors for my research. I need to measure the pressure that a bridge abutment will have on a soil embankment on a small model that I will build. I need the following sensors:

1-One load cell measuring up to 250lb.

2-Two LVDT measuring up to 1 in.

3-Three strain gages.

4-Six pressure cells measuring up to 75 psi.

5-Something to measure the rotation of the abutment with when movement is restricted at the bottom. Not sure what sensor can do the measurement ???
6-One data acquisition system.

I know that there is no enough information, but If you think that you can help, please let me know and I will e-mail you all the information I need.




E-mail: balmalik@aol.com


Bullet From Praful Jain - 20.8.2004

     Subject: Sensor to Detect Capsules / Tablets




I am looking for sensor to detect Capsules/Tablets in ALU -ALU pack after sealing in blister pack machines. If any one worked with this kind of applications please send me details.


With regards,


Praful Jain

E-mail: prafuljain@vsnl.net


Bullet From Patrick Lim - 1.8.2004

     Subject: Pressure Transmitter


We are looking for Pressure Transmittors quotation. Details are the follow:


1) Pressure Transmittor: PT-Range -100 M bar To + 0 02 Pcs.


2) Pressure Transmittor: PT-Range -25 M bar To + 0 02 Pcs.


Please quote your best prices along with literature.


Best Regards,

Patrick Lim


E-mail: universal.ms@pacific,net.sg


Bullet From Frank Arguello - 24.7.2004

     Subject: Help on Sensor Technologies


Dear Sir/Madam:


I understand that the latest technology in stud detection involves the use of radar technology. However, all stud detectors/finders/sensors that I am able to find in the market (based on my Internet searches), work either by dielectric differences in materials or metal detection technology. Could you help me?


Thank you very much in advance.


With kind regards,

Frank Arguello

E-mail: ArguelloF@aol.com


Bullet From Saravanan Se - 23.7.2004

     Subject: Smell Sensor System


I am from Bannari Amman Institute of Technology. I am intersted in doing my project on smell sensors by interfacing with computer for that i need some guide. I need some details and materials cost of that sensor and how does it work.


Saravanan Se

E-mail: sesaravanan@yahoo.co.in


Bullet From M. Elmas - 20.7.2004

     Subject: Looking for Sensors/Loggers for Speed Wind


We are looking for sensors / loggeres to measure the speed of the wind. Can you reccommend anybody?



M Elmas

Barlo Plastics GmbH

Z.hd. Herr A. Hillebrand

Manfred von Ardennestrasse 1

04808 Thallwitz, Duitsland

E-mail: melmas@planet.nl


Bullet From Patrick Lim - 12.7.2004

     Subject: Looking for Sensors


We are lookin for RKC Pressure Sensors, CZ-100P-HB-SN type, pressure range : 0 - 1000 kgf/cm2, rated output: 1/756 mV/V.

Kindly advise cost and delivery for a similar features.


Best regards,

Patrick Lim

E-mail: universal.ms@pacific.net.sg


Bullet From: Ravindra Barlingay - 10.7.2004

     Subject: Intelligent Sensors


I am developing and intelligent sensor using a programmable system on chip and DSP for comfort and security of homes. These sensors will be both wireline and wireless based on IEEE 1451 standard. I am looking out for the further research or development support.




Prof. Ravindra Barlingay,

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication,

Priyadarshini College of Engineering & Architecture,

CRPF Campus, Hingna Road,

Nagpur - 440010, India

Tel: 0091712 - 2549770

E-mail: ravi_barlingay@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Tarun Sainani - 9.7.2004

     Subject: Presence Sensors


I am a final year electrical engineering student from Bharati Vidyapeeth engieering college. I am working on a project for which I need information about "SENSORS TO DETECT THE PRESENCE OF A PERSON IN A ROOM" and the availability and cost of these sensors.


Kindly send me the information.

Thanking you

Tarun Sainani.

E-mail: sainanitarun@rediffmail.com


Bullet From: Ezra Abraham - 21.5.2004

     Subject: N2 Sensor



Dear Sir, Madam,


We are Looking for N2 sensor. Can you connect us with one or more manufacture of N2 gas sensor ?


Best Regards,

Ezra Abraham



Bullet From: Kayode Bayo - 7.3.2004

     Subject: Soil Moisture


I need a complete circuit diagram for soil moisture design and construction. I am a Nigeria student and will be very thankful if you can  help me as soon as possible.



E-mail: kayshank007@yahoo.com


Bullet From: DF - 17.2.2004

     Subject: Ultrasonic Distance Sensors




I am looking for ultrasonic distance sensors. They should measure distance in the range 10m.... and be accurate and very fast. Gravels fall down from belt on the storage outdoor shape carroty we want when distance belt from top carroty became 12 m give one command.


Thank you.

E-mail: rahimi_f@nicico.com


Bullet From: Bahram Mortazavi - 18.1.2004

     Subject: Glucose Sensor


Please inform us about manufacturer of glucose sensor used in alcohol process in wort(Molasses) PH =4--6 and foam sensor (continues) I -P 4-20 mA. Our company want to buy 2 sensors.


I am waiting for your  reply as soon as possible.



Bahram Mortazavi

Mortazavi Com

E-mail: bahramus@hotmail.com


Bullet From: Farahida Khamarul - 27.12.2003

     Subject: Capacitive Sensors




I'm looking for a capacitive sensor which which can be used to detect raindrops intensity on glass (windshield). I also interested to know how this sensor works and where can I get this capacitive sensor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you.


Farahida Khamarul

Final Year Student

Universiti Tenaga Nasional


Tel: 6012-2142842

E-mail: legollas99@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Richard Hole - 21.12.2003

     Subject: Sensors to Detect Dust, Smoke or Chemicals




Do you have affordable sensors to detect dust or smoke or chemicals so I would be alerted to shut my windows before the smell get's inside?


For example, if the neighbor mowed the lawn dust and fumes can be smelt. Would there be an affordable sensor to sense that and if so what would it cost?


Your help will be appreciated

Regards Richard

E-mail: webmaster@advantagein.com


Bullet From: Leon - 18.12.2003

     Subject: Linear Heat Detector


Hi, i'm the mechanical engineer working for a tunnel project in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We are using Siemens Fibrolaser Linear Heat Detector as the fire detection system. My question is, what is the temperature setting to activate the fire alarm? The manufacturer recommended 58 degree C, but that is the setting in UK. The tunnel is semicircular shape, 3 lanes, 8.5m height, 710m in length, the detector is mounted at the top center of along the tunnel. Malaysian climate is warm and humid throughout the year. The temperature range is from 21 degrees Centigrade to 32 degrees Centigrade. the tunnel will be use as a road tunnel, high volume of vehicle is expected. I need answer urgently, thank you.



E-mail: leon@pece.com.my


Bullet From: Gilmar Ribeiro de Oliveira - 2.12.2003

     Subject: Humidity Sensor


I'm starting a new project Humidity control for agriculture ( soil Humidity ). This product will be used for control the quantity of the water the plantation (soil) needs. I would like to know, what is better sensor for I use in my project ?


Best regards,

Gilmar Ribeiro de Oliveira

Development Engineer

Sense Eletronica LTDA,


E-mail: gilmar@mg.sense.com.br


Bullet From: Carlos Arevalo - 14.11.2003

     Subject: CO2 and O2 Solid State Sensors



I am looking for CO2 and O2 solid state sensors with 4-20 mA or 0-5 VDC outputs. To measure CO2 and O2 in a greenhouse environment (in the soil too).



Carlos Arévalo

E-mail: carevalo@fiec.espol.edu.es


Bullet From: Khoichi Takayama - 13.11.2003

     Subject: Analog Output Sensors


I am looking for analog output (0-5 Vdc) temperature, barometer, and humidity sensors. Only typical ambient ranges need to measured.


Thank you,


Khoichi Takayama

E-mail: THEGAIJIN1@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Bob Parent - 13.11.2003

     Subject: Beam Generator


Need a beam generator that can be reflected off of flame and then received back. The time it takes to be received back would then be used to determine how far away the flame is.


Bob Parent,

Tel: 559-692-2177

E-mail: parent@sti.net


Bullet From: Adam Wilcox - 12.11.2003

     Subject: Moisture Sensors




I was wondering whether you had any images which shows a moisture sensor and could you help me with a design brief plz


Adam Wilcox,

E-mail: Awilcox@tewkessch.gloucs.sch.uk


Bullet From: Cathy Nguyen - 8.10.2003

     Subject: Moisture Sensors


Do you have some type of moisture sensor that would be able to measure the moisture of the ceramic material in the parts pictured in the files? If so, please contact me as soon as possible with the information. Thank you for your time and help.


Cathy Nguyen

Tel: 949-757-8624

Fax: 949-863-0171

E-mail: Cathy.Nguyen@EmersonProcess.com


Bullet From: THANDUXOLO LANCE QANDANA - 23.09.2003

     Subject: Temperature Sensor


I am searching for IC temperature sensor AD22103. I just want its cost and the place to buy it. I have tried a number of places. It is for my school project @ PETECH.


Thak you.


E-mail: s20120958@student.petech.ac.za


Bullet From: Opt Technological Services - 10.09.2003

     Subject: CO2 ,Oxegen and Humidity Sensors


We are looking for small CO2 ,oxygen, humidity sensors for biomedical application with low cost . If successful we will place more order.


Opt Technological Services

E-mail: contact@opttechnology.com


Bullet From: Bourig Ali - 9.09.2003

     Subject: Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor


I am looking for information about a hydrogen peroxide sensor, capable of detecting concentration in hydrogen peroxide lower than 20 ppb.


Bourig Ali

E-mail: bourigali@yahoo.fr


Bullet From: Ernst J. Verster - 4.09.2003

     Subject: Wireless Sensors Network


Dear reader,


I'm looking for a device to connect to the Internet. I found on Sensors Web Portal http://www.sensorsportal.com/HTML/DIGEST/Digest_May_2002.htm and I'm very curious. We are building a Wireless network in Jacobswoude (The Netherlands) and started a project to offer the citizens of Jacobswoude 'neighborhood-watch' (If this is the right word). It should be simple, doesn't use to much energie etc. It had to have the possibility to send an alarm, in what form doesn't matter. I have build it now with a Basic II and a CS8900 device. For developing it is good and simple but to expensive for let say 200 to 500 pieces. Please let me know I you have more info of that subject.


Thank you,


Ernst J. Verster

E-mail: familie@verster.com


Bullet From: ace_dens@hotmail.com - 1.09.2003

     Subject: IR Sensor Interfacing


I am looking for the circuit diagram for IR sensor interfacing with microcontroller 89C52. The circuit is basically a 'counter' which will sense the number of objects being sensed by the IR sensor. At the output of the microcontroller shall be a counter or any other you would recommend. Please also send the software of 89C52 microcontroller.


E-mail: ace_dens@hotmail.com


Bullet From: Bahram Mortazavi - 10.08.2003

     Subject: Sensor of Glucose




Our company want to buy a sensor of glucose 4-20 mA. Please send me inform about this sensor producers.




Bahram Mortazavi

E-mail: bahramus@hotmail.com


Bullet From: James Liu - 30.06.2003

     Subject: Low Cost Low Pressure Sensor


Hi, I am looking for low cost low pressure (1 in water) sensors, in millions.




James Liu

E-mail: James.Liu@honeywell.com


Bullet From: Sachin Jain - 27.06.2003

     Subject: CO2 Sensor




I am looking for low cost CO2 sensors, I am not looking for any instrument, but I need voltage output sensors output in form of voltage or from any microprocessor/ microcontroller will also be okay for me.


Thanks a lot in advance.


Sachin Jain

E-mail: sachinjain_78@hotmail.com


Bullet From: Arvind Tiwari - 26.06.2003

     Subject: Temperature Sensor


Dear Sir,


I would like to know if there is any temperature sensor/microcontroller which can be interfaced with PC having temperature variation of +/-0.5 degree C, which can set user defined temperature. It would be highly thankful to you if you could also let me know the price and the place/vendor from which i may procure the same.


Thanking You, sincerely,

Arvind Tiwari

E-mail: arvindtiwari02@yahoo.com


Bullet From: Praful Jain - 26.06.2003

     Subject: Capacitive Sensor




I am looking for a capacitive sensor which can work with non metal object detection in Pharam blister i.e alu to alu foil and alu to pvc also. Please help me out with good sensors for the same.


Prauf Jain

E-mail: prafuljain@vsnl.net


Bullet From: Mohamad Jonaidee Awang - 24.06.2003

     Subject: Biosensor Developing and Commercialization


Hi ,


I'm Jonaidee from Malaysia. I'm looking for people who are interested in developing biosensor to verify or detect herbal content in herbal

products. We are developing one and need partnership with oversea company to commercialized this products. 


Thank you.


Warm Regards,

Mohamad Jonaidee Awang

Medical Information Associate

Lilly Malaysia

Phone : 603-7957837 ext 155

Fax : 603-79579808

E-mail: jonaidee@lilly.com


Bullet From: Sven Blank - 23.06.2003

     Subject: Small Sensors (ph, Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature)



I´m looking for small sensors (ph, Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature) that can be used in wastewater.


Sven Blank

E-mail: Sven.Blank@iai.fzk.de 


Bullet From: E. Agafonov - 17.06.2003

     Subject: Ultrasonic Distance Sensors


I am looking for small ultrasonic distance sensors. They should measure distance in the range 50...100 mm

and be accurate and very fast - response time <10ms.

Dr. E. Agafonov

Fachhohschule Ulm (Germany)

E-mail: agafonov@gmx.de






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