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Bullet From Turner Walker J. - 20.11.2008

    Subject: High Temperature Humidity Sensor


I am looking for a high temperature humidity sensor for  temperatures up to 700 or 800 degree Fahrenheit.


Turner Walker, J.

E-mail: wjturner@ufl.edu


Bullet From Wassima AKhrif - 17.11.2008

    Subject: Sensor to Detect the Direction of the Rotation


Dear Sirs,


I am looking for a system that detects the sense of rotation of cement mixer drums in a concrete truck mixer. Any help would be great.


Best Regards.


Wassima AKhrif

E-mail: wassima.akhrif@gmail.com

Tel.: +212 37 71 57 21


Bullet From Robert Chew - 30.09.2008

    Subject: Leakage Detector


I am looking for a sensor/manufacturers that could give me data reading on solid 1 meter thick concrete tunnel walls to detect leakage.


Robert Chew

Bertda Services (SEA) Pte Ltd

Queen's Road, Blk. 3 #02-147

Singapore 260003

Tel: 65-6471-2155, fax:65-6471-3176

E-mail: bertda@singnet.com.sg


Bullet From Chaitali Diwan - 5.09.2008

    Subject: Electrochemical   Biosensor


We need electrochemical biosensor, which can measure fats & proteins in milk.


Chaitali Diwan

E-mail: chaitalidiwan17@yahoo.com


Bullet From Chetan Mathad - 26.08.2008

    Subject: Chemical Sensors


I want the details of chemical sensors used to measure n.p.k of the soil.


E-mail: mathad.chetan@gmail.com


Bullet From Aqeel-ur-Rehman  - 25.08.2008

    Subject: Wireless Soil Moister Sensors


I am looking for wireless soil moister sensors with ZigBee support for our Agriculture Project. Could you please help me with the manufacturers list who can supply to us ?


Ph.D. Fellow

FAST-NU, Karachi, Pakistan

Member of Center for Research in Ubiquitous Computing (CRUC)

Cell # (92) 3002069659

e-mail: k046016@nu.edu.pk, hamdard_aqeel@hotmail.com


Bullet From Subhash Gupta  - 24.08.2008

    Subject: Low Cost Laser Sensor


I am looking for a low cost laser sensor to measure distances up to about 10 m, 30 m, and 40 m. Medium accuracy is fine


Subhash Gupta

Hytech Micro

E-mail: hytech@bol.net.in



Bullet From Sangeet S.   - 16.05.2008

    Subject: Distance Sensor with Voltage Output


I need a low cost distance sensor with voltage output. It can be of ultrasonic or laser. We are hoping it with a range of 100 cm and output voltage up to 10 V.


Hoping a reply with its price and specifications attached.


E-mail: sangi4u@gmail.com


Bullet From Semih Ozsuca  - 16.04.2008

    Subject: Piezoelectric Sensor and an Argon-Ion Gas Laser


For research purposes we are looking for quotation and net price for:


Piezoelectric Sensor:


a. Piezoelectric Sensor for measuring pressure on a biomedical research

b. The pressure measurement can be around 50 kg

c. The Piezoelectric Sensor must be very small sized such as some mm dimensions.


Laser :


a. Argon-Ion gas

b. Single Wavelength between 456 - 515 nm

c. Radiation Power not less than 1 W at 488 nm

d. Polarization not less than 100:1

e. Divergence not more than 1 mrad

f.  Beam Diameter not more than 2 mm

g. Supply 380/220 AC 50 Hz

h. Power consumption not more than 10 kW

i.  Average life not less than 1000 hours


With Best Regards,


Semih Ozsuca

Marketing & Sales

Sangari International Trade Inc. - Turkey

E-mail: semih@sangari.com.tr


Bullet From Pradeep Kumar - 17.03.2008

    Subject: Glucose Sensor Transducer


Looking for a glucose autosensor transducer, which works on reverse iontophoresis.


Pradeep Kumar


S. K. Associates

Coimbatore 641014


E-mail: mvpradeepemb@gmail.com



Bullet From Jay Huebner - 9.02.2008

    Subject: New Sensing Technologies


We are developing new sensing technologies that can detect an extremely wide variety of chemicals in water, and wish to know for which chemicals there is the greatest need and the least supply.


Jay Huebner

University of North Florida

Jacksonville, FL, USA

E-mail: jhuebn@unf.edu


Bullet From Ajay Mittal - 6.02.2008

    Subject: Wireless Soil Moisture Sensors


I am looking for wireless soil moisture sensor for our agriculture project. Could you please help me in give the manufacturer list who can supply to us ?




Ajay Mittal

Tata Consultancy Services

E-mail: ajay.mittal@tcs.com

Website: http://www.tcs.com


Bullet From Ajay Garg - 4.02.2008

    Subject: Sensors


I would like to know the following with respect to Sensors:


1. Latest global industry trends

2. Sensors in Automotive Industry - Demand and Supply

3. Key suppliers in South East Asia for fuel level sensors and air pressure sensors.



Ajay Garg

E-mail : agarg@ariba.com; akgarg71@gmail.com


Bullet From Andhra Pradesh - 23.01.2008

    Subject: Hexan Vapour Detection Sensors


I am looking for Hexan Vapour detection sensors.





Andhra Pradesh

Mobile: 9848125992

E-mail: zeetpanels@yahoo.com


Bullet From Ben Brown  - 22.01.2008

    Subject: Tilt Sensor: highly damped


Looking for a single-axis tilt sensor with high internal damping. Response time should be ~3-5 seconds. Range ~5-10 degrees. Preferred  output is high-level analog (~5V), but others considered.


I have tested the HLPlanar NS-5/E which is fine, except that its response if much too fast (although it is specified with 3 second response time).


Thank you,


H. Ben Brown, Jr., Project Scientist

The Robotics Institute, 4217 Newell-Simon Hall

Carnegie Mellon University

5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891

Phone: 412-268-7658, fax: 412-268-6436

E-mail: hbb@cs.cmu.edu


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