Bullets IEEE 1451.2 Transducer to Microprocessor Communication Protocols

   and Transducer Electronic Data  Sheet (TEDS) Formats



Approved 1997 but being significantly revised. Pertains to a standard digital interface for connecting transducers (defined here as sensors and actuators) to microprocessors, which is being revised to include some popular serial interfaces such as RS-232, RS-485, USB for connecting a STIM (integrated with sensors and actuators) to a Network Capable Application Processor (NCAP). It will define a transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) and its data formats. It will define an electrical interface, read and write logic functions to access the TEDS and transducers. This interface will be usable by a wide variety of sensors and actuators. This project will not specify signal conditioning, signal conversion, or how the TEDS data are used in application. This standard was originally listed for public review in the October 24, 1997 issue of Standards Action. It is being resubmitted due to substantive changes to the text.



Papers, Articles and References

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1. Folder IEEE Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators: Transducer to Microprocessor Communication Protocols and Teds Formats, 1998




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2. Folder

Richard L. Fischer, Jeff Burch, The PICmicro® MCU as an IEEE 1451.2 Compatible Smart Transducer Interface Module (STIM), AN241

3. Folder

Rodger Alan, Calibration Visualization and Automation Software for IEEE 1451.2 Compliant Smart Sensors


Terms used in the IEEE 1451.2 standard specifications


IEEE 1451.2 family of Transducer Interface Standards, Reprinted from Sensors Expo 2002. San Jose, CA


S. Woods, J. Bryzek, S. Chen, J. Cranmer, E.V. El-Kareh, M. Geipel, F. Gen-Kuong, J. Houldsworth, N. LeComte, K.B. Lee, M.F. Mattes, D.E. Rasmussen, AIEEE-P1451.2 Smart Transducer Interface Module, Proceedings of SENSORS Conference, Philadelphia, PA; 1996 (October 22-24)





Stan P. Woods, The IEEE-P1451 Transducer to Microprocessor Interface, Sensors, Vol.13, No.6, June 1996.pp.43-48




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