Bullets IEEE 1451.3 Digital Communication and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS)

   Formats for Distributed Multidrop Systems (Approved 1999)


Defines a digital interface for connecting multiple physically separated transducers. Defines the TEDS format, the electrical interface, channel identification protocols, hot swap protocols, time synchronization protocols, and the read and write logic functions used to access the TEDS and transducer data. IEEE P1451.3 allows many transducers to be arrayed as nodes, on a multidrop transducer network, sharing a common set of wires. This standard will allow multiple, timesynchronized data channels to occupy a single transmission medium. Currently a spread spectrum on wire protocol is being discussed and considered by the working group. The standard was approved in 2003 by the IEEE-SA Standards Board. It was published 31 March 2004.



Papers, Articles and References

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1. Folder

Karen McCabe, IEEE Approves First Independent Standard for Iinterfacing Separated Sensor Ttransducers, 27 October 2003


IEEE P1451.5 logo


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