Bullets IEEE 1451.7 Transducers to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems Communication Protocols

   and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet Formats



This standard defines communication methods and data formats for transducers (sensors and actuators) communicating with RFID tags that follow the ISO/IEC 24753 standard. The standard also defines Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) formats based on the IEEE 1451 family of standards and protocols for accessing TEDS and transducer data. It adopts necessary interfaces and protocols to facilitate the use of technically differentiated, existing technology solutions. It doesn’t specify transducer design or signal conditioning.


There is currently no openly defined independent interface standard between transducers and RFID tags. Each vendor builds its own interface. Without such standard,

transducer interfacing and integration to RFID tags and systems are time-consuming and all vendors’ duplicated efforts are economically unproductive. The purpose of this standard is to provide interfaces and methods for interfacing transducers to RFID tags and reporting transducer data within the RFID infrastructure. It also provides means for device and equipment interoperability.


RFID technologies are rapidly emerging as the means of tracking products and assets. Standards are being developed to address these needs. Sensors can provide information about the condition of the products. And there is a great need to provide sensor data as part of the supply chain reporting. However there is a lack of openly defined standard interfaces between sensors and RFID tags. Since the IEEE 1451 suite of smart transducer interfaces for sensors and actuators are recognized sensor interface standards in industry, this project can fill that gap by providing such sensor-to-RFID tag interfaces to meet industry need.


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