Book Description

The third volume titled ‘Sensors, Transducers, Signal Conditioning and Wireless Sensors Networks’ contains nineteen chapters with sensor related state-of-the-art reviews and descriptions of latest achievements written by 55 experts from academia and industry from 19 countries: Botswana, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Jordan, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, UK, Ukraine and USA.

This book ensures that our readers will stay at the cutting edge of the field and get the right and effective start point and road map for the further researches and developments. By this way, they will be able to save more time for productive research activity and eliminate routine work.

Built upon the Series 'Advances in Sensors: Reviews' - a premier sensor review source, it presents an overview of highlights in the field and becomes. Coverage includes current developments in physical sensors and transducers, chemical sensors, biosensors, sensing materials, signal conditioning energy harvesters and wireless sensor networks. Sure, we would have liked to include even more topics, but it is difficult to cover everything due to reasonable practical restrictions. With this unique combination of information in each volume, the Advances in Sensors book Series will be of value for scientists and engineers in industry and at universities, to sensors developers, distributors, and users.

Like the first two volumes of this book Series, the third volume also has been organized by topics of high interest. In order to offer a fast and easy reading of the state of the art of each topic, every chapter in this book is independent and self-contained. All chapters have the same structure: first an introduction to specific topic under study second particular field description including sensing applications. Each of chapter is ending by well selected list of references with books, journals, conference proceedings
and web sites.

Like the first two volumes, the third volume is also published in two formats: electronic (pdf) with full-color illustrations and print (paperback). I shall gratefully receive any advices, comments, suggestions and notes from readers to make the next volumes of Advances in Sensors: Reviews book Series very interesting and useful.