Book Description

The air gauging principle is known for decades and is widely applied in a wide range of the dimensional measurements, especially in motor and aerospace industry. Measurement with air applied almost all possible parameters of the flow: air gauges exploited rotameters (flow type air gauges), Venturi chambers (velocity type air gauges), water columns (low pressure air gauges) and other manometers directly indicating the back-pressure (high pressure air gauges). They were combined into differential measurement units, connected with compensation devices, incorporated into ejectors and other complicated units increasing their multiplication and measuring range.

Air gauges provided both contact and non-contact measurement, selection and control signals in active and passive control. Various transducers and manometers were connected with different types of electric devices to generate measurement signals for further processing. Introduction of piezoresistive transducers enabled to achieve an electronic signal and convert it into digital one.

Air Gauges: Static and Dynamic Characteristics presents results of the researches and theoretical investigations on the air gauges performed mostly in the Division of Metrology and Measurement Systems, Poznan University of Technology, Poland: 6 governmental projects were performed successfully by the research team, with 26 patents gained. Further 5 patent applications were initiated, and 4 industrial implementations of innovative devices were made. Tens of the diploma works and two doctoral theses were prepared, with more than hundred publications. Some of the projects involved international cooperation, thanks to the series of CEEPUS programs.

This book does not provide the very basic knowledge on the air gauges available in any handbook on dimensional measurement, and it requires some knowledge on the flow, measurement, uncertainty estimation principles, and other engineering sciences. The reader will improve his knowledge on the air gauge performance and modeling, will find description of the investigation apparatus and interesting patented solutions of the innovative air gauging heads and measuring systems.