Book Description

The proceedings contains all accepted and presented papers of both: oral and poster presentations at ASPAI' 2020 conference of authors from 23 countries. The coverage includes artificial neural networks, emerging trends in machine and deep learnings, knowledge-based soft measuring systems, artificial intelligence, signal, video and image processing. We hope that these proceedings will give readers an excellent overview of important and diversity topics discussed at the conference.



Dwelling Detection on VHR Satellite Imagery of Refugee Camps Using a Faster R-CNN

L. Wickert, M. Bogen and M. Richter

Automatic Thresholding Methods for Diabetic Retinopathy’s Detection

Moumena Salah Alhadithi

Predicting Heart Disease Stage by Tuning Convergence and Cross Validation

Dibakar Sinha, Dr. Ashish Sharma

Acoustic Room Impulse Response Simulation with GPUs

David Diaz-Guerra, Antonio Miguel and Jose R. Beltran

Hybrid Feature-based Approach for Face Shape Identification

Theiab Alzahrani and Waleed Al-Nuaimy

The Strategy of Service Recommendation to Bank Customers Using Machine Learning Algorithm

A. Sharifihosseini

An Ensemble of Transparent Models to Predict Car Parking Occupancy

L. Pfeiffer, G. Bologna, Y. Rekik, M. Bénard and N. Foukia

Identification of the Ultra Short Laser Parameters during Irradiation of Thin Metal Films Using the Interval Lattice Boltzmann Method and Evolutionary Algorithm

M. Paruch, A. Piasecka-Belkhayat and A. Korczak

Enhanced Error Estimation of Robot Path Accuracy Using Artificial Neural Networks as an Approach to Increase the Robots Accuracy

M. Neitmann, M. Brysch, S. Meyer, and M. Sinapius

Exposure Time Simulation Thanks to the LIP (Logarithmic Image Processing) Model with Noise Reduction by Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

M. Carré, M. Jourlin

Low Cost Quality Metric for DCT Domain

G. Spampinato, A. Bruna, A. Buemi and G. Messina

Modifying Gradient of a Loss Function to Tackle Class Imbalance

I. Kilbas, R. Paringer, N. Ilyasova, A. Kupriyanov

Algorithm for Data Balancing Based on Gradient Descent

A. V. Mukhin, I. A. Kilbas, R. A. Paringer, N. Yu. Ilyasova, and A. V. Kupriyanov

Sample-Efficient Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutional Strategy via Simulated Rollouts in Neural Networks

H. Xue, S. Böttger, N. Rottmann, H. Pandya, R. Bruder,G. Neumann, A. Schweikard and E. Rueckert

Determination of Psychotic Behaviour Using a Network of Chemical Oscillators

Ashmita Bose, Jerzy Gorecki

Binary Pattern Descriptor Based Face Recognizer for Access Control System with Real-time Dataset Generation

Sarthak Srivastava, Narendra Kumar Shukla and Himanshu Ujjawal Singh

Using Deep Learning for Sonar Targets Localization

Q. Bruel, F. Heitzmann, D. Morche, J. Huillery, E. Blanco and L. Bako

A Study of Cardiac Contractility Estimations from Single-beat Pressure Volume Loop Data Edward Marcus

The Concept of a Control System Shell for Autonomous Mobile Robots

M. Kosior, P. Przystałka and W. Panfil

An Efficient Method for Voice to Voice Recognition and Synthesizer

Naeem Hadiq, Nibras Nazar, Sumeena Salam, Neha Parveen, Sobin C. C. and Rohit Chivukula

Quantum Low Entropy Based Associative Reasoning

M. Jankovic, and A. Exadaktylos

On Improving the Accuracy of Visible Light Positioning System using Deep Autoencoder

Lina Shi, Xun Zhang, Yanqi Huang, El-Hassane Aglzim, Andrei Vladimirescu

Deep Learning Model for Upper-body Action Recognition Using Body-worn Sensors

M. Martinez-Zarzuela, S. Saez-Bombín, F. J. Díaz-Pernas, D. González-Ortega and M. Antón-Rodríguez

Fine-grained Vision-based Vehicle Classification

K. Zahn, A. Caduff, J. Hofstetter, M. Rechsteiner, P. Bucher

Chinese Short Text Classification Based on Interactive Attention Mechanism

Qinyu Bian, Yuan Rao, Leipeng Wang, Fan Yang, and Shipeng Dong

Temporarily Activated Patterns for Multi-trial Functional Connectivity Data

Gaëtan Frusque, Julien Jung, Pierre Borgnat and Paulo Gonçalves

Bot Detection in Social Networks Based on Machine Learning Techniques, User Information and Activities

Sandeep Singh Sengar, Sanjay Kumar, Pradyot Raina and Mukul Mahaliyan

Gender Differences in EEG Features While Driving

I. Stančin, K. Friganović, M. Zelenika Zeba, A. Jović and M. Cifrek

A Comparative Study of Sequence Identification Algorithms in IoT Context

P.-S. Gréau-Hamard, M. Djoko-Kouam and Y. Louet

Multi-objective Optimization of Meta-learning Scheme for Context-based Fault Detection

M. Kalisch, A. Timofiejczuk and P. Przystałka

Training Capsule Networks with Virtual Dataset for Object Segmentation

J. Hollósi, Á. Ballagi

CT Scanner Classification with Neural Nets and Sensor Noise

M. Gerlofsma, M. Petkovic, P. van Liesdonk and V. Menkovski

Comparative Analysis of Various Machine Learning Approaches for Bitcoin Price Prediction

Abhishek Muvvala, Rohit Chivukula and T. Jaya Lakshmi

Improved Pixel Selection Strategy for Reversible Data Hiding in Binary Images

I. C. Dragoi and D. Coltuc

Characteristics of a Voice to Identify a Speaker

S. Kinkiri, B. Bakarat and S. Keates

AI in Gastronomic Tourism

G. Pavlidis, S. Markantonatou, K. Toraki, A. Vacalopoulou, C. Strouthopoulos, D. Varsamis, A. Tsimpiris, S. Mouroutsos, C. Kiourt, V. Sevetlidis and P. Minos

Software Development Analysis for Energy Efficiency Using Process Metrics

A. Kruglov, D. Atonge, D. Strugar, G. Succi, S. Ergasheva and X. Vasquez

Learnings and Option Pricing: How Machine Learning Generates an Explainable Heavy-Tailed Solutions of Option Prices

Chansoo Kim, and ByoungSecon Choi

On the Efficiency of Inpainting Methods for Marine Snow Removal in Underwater Images

Bogdan Smolka

Support Vector Machine with Heavy-tailed Distribution Data

Chansoo Kim, and ByoungSecon Choi

Exploring and Exploiting the Implicit Language Model in Recurrent Neural Networks for Handwriting Recognition

Arseniy Nerinovsky, Andrey Filchenkov

Industrial Field Autonomous Systems: AI-assisted Distributed Applications at Edge

Y. Fourastier, C. Baron, H. Chaouchi, C. Thomas, P. Esteban, V. Lehonov, J.-P. Smet

VALIS, a Novel Immune-inspired Supervised Learning Algorithm with Applications to Soft Measurements

A. N. Averkin and P. M. Karpov

Intelligent Agents for Industry 4.0: Architecture of Hybrid Knowledge Formation System

Valery B. Tarassov and Maria N. Koroleva

Monitoring and Controlling of Industrial Systems on the Basis of Bayesian Intelligent Measurements: Application to Petroleum Industry

E. Perestoronina

Methods and Means of Bayesian Intelligent Technologies for Management Accounting and Cost Formation

S. Mishchenko

Facial Expression Recognition using an Advanced Modeling of Completed Local Binary Pattern

An H. Ton-That, Nhan T. Cao

Uncertainty Estimation for Non-destructive Detection of Material Defects with U-nets

B. Lehner, T. Gallien

Deep Learning Approach for Skin Lesion Attributes Detection and Melanoma Diagnosis

Saeed Alzahrani and Waleed Al-Nuaimy

Unsupervised Embedded Gesture Recognition based on Multi-objective NAS and Capacitive Sensing

J. Borrego-Carazo, D. Castells-Rufas, E. Biempica, and J. Carrabina

VPNet: Variable Projection Networks

P. Kovács, G. Bognár, C. Huber and M. Huemer

Radio-based Object Detection using Deep Learning

Aditya Singh, Pratyush Kumar, Vedansh Priyadarshi, Yash More, Aishwarya Praveen Das, Bertrand Kwibuka, Debayan Gupta

An Effective Handwriting Text Recognizer for Historical Documents based on Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks and Advanced Spelling Correction

P. Minos, L. Tsochatzidis, K. Markou, S. Symeonidis, X. Karagiannis, V. Stamou, S. Markantonatou and I. Pratikakis

Text Classification with Transformers and Reformers for Deep Text Data

Roghayeh Soleymani and Jérémie Farret

Profiling the Performance and Energy Efficiency of Edge Accelerators in the Context of Computer Vision

R. B. Ayala Meza and Jérémie Farret

Bayesian Intelligent Measurement Technologies and Soft Measurements. Methodological Aspects and Application

S. V. Prokopchina

Training of a cycleGAN Net by the use of Air/water Images Dataset Obtained by Taking Pictures of Colored Plastic Bricks Submerged in an Ad-hoc Pool

M. Guarneri, P. Castellini, M. Ciaffi and E. P. Tomasini