Book Description

Sensing and Measurement is the key technology area in the development of these lasers. Advanced sensing and measurement technologies are required to acquire, analyze and transform data into information that is useful to enhance the performance and capabilities of these lasers systems.

Beginning with a brief introduction to the basic concepts of sensors and transducers, classification of various sensors, the monograph discusses characteristics of various sensors, sensor signals, signal conditioning and their operations in chemical lasers scenarios. The emphasis is laid more on applicable diagnostic techniques, data processing and hardware selection. Further, design methodology and implementation of customized data acquisition system required for gathering and analyzing information in real time regarding various critical parameters vital for optimal system performance has also been detailed.

The goal of this monograph is therefore to enable scientists and technologists working in rather complex area of chemical lasers to achieve the best technical performances. Till now such topics have been covered scantly in open literature and that too in the research papers only.