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International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) Publishing is a publisher of scientific and technical works related to various engineering areas including sensors, transducers, MEMS, NEMS, sensor instrumentation, sensor networks, metrology, signal processing, measurements, etc. reaching around the globe to collect essential reference material and the latest advances and make them available to researchers, academics, professionals, and students in an accessible formats.

In 2014 we have started to publish Open Access Books. Our mission is to serve the needs of engineering and sensor community at large by working with capable researchers and professionals from across the world (including IFSA members) to produce the most accurate and up to date scientific and technical resources.

IFSA publishes periodical products such as IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), Sensors & Transducers open access journal (ISSN: 2306-8515, e-ISSN 1726-5479), Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ISSN: 2938-2602) open access journal since 1999, 2005 and 2023 respectively.

Since 2011 IFSA is also publishing books, since 2014 - open access books, and since 2015 - Conference Proceedings.

Why Open Access Books and Journals ?

  • Increased return on public investments and eliminate public money losses due to carry out the same researches with the almost the same results.
  • ​Increased visibility over the World and citation. Researchers in developing countries can see your work.
  • European Commission, Research Council and others mandate for open access publications of research results. Often, the open access publication is compliant with grant conditions
  • Quick publications accelerate the technical and scientific progresses.

Top Reasons to Publish Open Access Books with IFSA Publishing

  • The maximum number of pages is not limited. Now you should not spend a lot of time and can eliminate additional efforts to put your manuscript in the limited number of pages. Create without limitations !
  • Very reasonable fixed price, which does not dependent on the number of book pages. The publication fee is lower in comparison with other established publishers and is constant regardless of the number of pages.
  • High visibility. All IFSA Publishing’s books are listed on Sensors Web Portal – a primary Internet sensors related resource, increasing visibility and discoverability for your work. Information about published books also included into the IFSA Newsletter (146,000+ subscribers) and announced in professional LinkedIn Sensors Group (5,000+ members) at no additional charge to ensure the maximum possible distribution. As a result, citation rates of our authors are significantly increased.
  • All book types accepted. IFSA Publishing accepts complete monographs, edited volumes, proceedings, handbooks, textbooks, technical references and guides.
  • Available in different formats. The open access eBook is freely available online and accessible to anyone with an Internet connection at anytime. In addition to this free electronic version, a print (paper) edition (hardcover, paperback or dust jacket hardcover) in full color is offered for those who still wish to buy a printed book. Various book sizes are possible for print books. The book format is preliminary discussed together with the authors. IFSA Publishing is the first publisher in the World who have started publish full-colour, print, sensors related books.
  • Freely available online. IFSA Publishing's books are freely and immediately available online at Sensors Web Portal's web links upon publication and are clearly labeled as 'Open Access'. They are accessible to anyone worldwide, which ensures distribution to the widest possible audience.
  • Authors retain copyrights. IFSA Publishing’s books are published under the Creative Commons 4.0 International License CC-BY license. It can be reused and redistributed for any purposes as long as the original author is attributed.
  • High quality standards. IFSA Publishing’s open access books are subject to the same high level peer-review, production and publishing processes followed by traditional IFSA Publishing’s books.
  • Authors benefit from our IFSA Membership Program. IFSA Publishing's books charge an open access fee at the beginning of the publication process. Our payment IFSA Members receive a 10 % loyalty discount on this publication fee.

Open access books and conference proceedings published by IFSA Publishing, S.L. are indexed in the Book Citation Index and Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Web of Science) by Clarivate Analytics (former Thomson Reuters).


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