Book Description

This book on magnetic microwires for magnetic sensors applications is inspired by a rapidly growing interest in the development of functional materials with improved magnetic and magneto-transport properties and in sensitive and inexpensive magnetic sensors. The research is demanded by the last advances in technology and engineering. Certain industrial sectors, such as magnetic sensors, microelectronics or security demand cost-effective materials with reduced dimensionality and desirable magnetic properties (i.e., enhanced magnetic softness, giant magnetic field sensitivity, fast magnetization, switching etc.). Consequently, the development of soft magnetic materials in different forms of ribbons, wires, microwires, and multilayered thin films continue to attract significant attention from the scientific community, as the discovery of the so-called giant magnetoimpedance effect in these materials makes them very attractive for a wide range of high-performance sensor applications ranging from engineering, industry to biomedicine.

One of the recent tendencies related with development of industrial applications in the field of magnetic sensors is the miniaturization of the magnetic sensors. This tendency stimulated development of technology for magnetic materials with reduced dimensionality, such as thin films and thin wires. Consequently, since 2010 glass-coated metallic microwires exhibiting giant magnetoimpedance effect are using in real technological applications for low magnetic field detection owing to high magnetic field sensitivity.

This book aims to provide most up-to-date information about recent developments in magnetic microwires for advanced technologies and present recent results on the remagnetization process, domain walls dynamics, compositional dependence and processing of glass-coated microwires with amorphous and nanocrystalline character suitable for magnetic sensors applications.

We hope this book will stimulate further interest in magnetic materials research and that this book can be of interest for PhD students, postdoctoral students and researchers working in the field of soft magnetic materials and applications.