Book Description

The proceedings contains all accepted papers of both: oral and poster presentations at SEIA' 2019 conference of authors from 31 countries. The coverage includes gas sensors, optical and fiber optical sensors, biosensors, IoT, sensors networks and applications, and new trends in measurement science: intelligent measurements, environmental measurements and remote sensing. We hope that these proceedings will give readers an excellent overview of important and diversity topics discussed at the conference.



Optical Sensor Systems with Micro-structured Grating in PMMA for POF-Applications

U. H. P. Fischer-Hirchert, S. Höll, M. Haupt, M. Joncic

High Performance of Cellulose Nanofibers/ Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): Poly(4-styrenesulfonate)/ Metal Oxide/Ionic Liquid Actuators

N. Terasawa

A Flexible Acoustic Sensing System and Its Application to IIoT – Manufacturing Field Site

Y. Serizawa and Y. Shomura

An Ultra-wideband Band-pass Filter for Cosmic Microwave Background Observations

Javier De Miguel-Hernández, Roger J. Hoyland

An Ion Beam Guidance Control Tool Proposal

L. Bengtsson

Femtosecond Laser Inscribed Tilted In-fiber Beam Splitter Used for Reflective Mach-Zehnder Interferometer

Hua Zhang, D. N. Wang and Chunliu Zhao

On-fiber Polymer Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator Microprinted by Femtosecond Laser

Changrui Liao, Zhengyong Li, Lei Xu, Ying Wang, Jun He, Zhiyong Bai, Shen Liu, Yiping Wang

Microfiber/SiC-nanowire Coupler for All-optical UV Photodetection

Ying Wang, Changrui Liao, Longfei Zhang, Jun He, Zhiyong Bai, Shen Liu, Yiping Wang

SAW Sensors Based on Nanoparticles Embedded in Polymer for VOCs Detection

C. Viespe, I. Constantinoiu, G. Popescu-Pelin

High-temperature Sensors Based on Femtosecond Laser-inscribed Fiber Bragg Gratings

Jun He, Xizhen Xu, Changrui Liao, Ying Wang, Yiping Wang

Portable Bioimpedance Device and Monitoring of Hydration in a Healthy Person Before and After Exercise

V. Leonov, M. Konijnenburg, H. Ha, B. Grundlehner, and N. Van Helleputte

Biofluorometric Gas-imaging System (Sniff-cam) for Body Volatiles

K. Iitani, K. Toma, T. Arakawa and K. Mitsubayashi

BaY2F8:Yb3+, Ho3+/Tm3+ Upconversion Phosphor for Optical Thermometer

H. C. Swart, Ashwini Kumar and Govind B. Nair

Novel Integrated Magnetic Sensor Based on Hall Element

Janez Trontelj, Damjan Berčan and Miha Gradišek

Mobile Optical Sensor System for DOM Monitoring in Stream Ecosystems

T. Posnicek, R. Preuer, G. Weigelhofer, A. Eder and M. Brandl

On the Fly Soil Classification Using Impedance Spectroscopy

Olga Chambers, Janez Trontelj, Jurij F. Tasič

Microfabricated Thermal Flow Rate Sensor

B. Neji

Low Frequency Hydrophone for Marine Seismic Exploration Systems

E. V. Egorov, A. S. Shabalina, D. L. Zaytsev and G. Velichko

Optical Method to Diagnose Circulatory Disorders

V. Shapar, V. Lysenko, A. Savchuk

Invisible Sensors for Early Prediction of Discontinuous Bed-leaving Behavior Patterns

H. Madokoro, K. Nakasho N. Shimoi, H. Woo and K. Sato

Development of a Sensitive and Selective Mixed-potential Ammonia Sensor for Automotive Exhausts

G. Nematbakhsh Abkenar, J. P. Viricelle, M. Rieu and P. Breuil

Optical Back-reflecting Sensor Based on Vertical Grating Coupler Configuration

A. Demeter-Finzi and S. Ruschin

Sensors Based on Ion Transfer Voltammetry across the Polarized Ionic Liquid/Water Interface

J. Langmaier and Z. Samec

Simulation of Crystallization and Mechanical Properties of Ge Thin Film for Flexible Sensor in Communication Devices

Y. Kogure, T. Funayama and Y. Uchida

Monolithic Integrated PIN Photodiode Study with Backend Stack Optimization

I. Jonak-Auer, F. Roger and O. Synooka

Design and Implementation of the Embedded System for Environmental Variables Measurement

M. Pies, R. Hajovsky and J. Velicka

Measurement System Development for Geotechnical Monitoring

M. Pies, R. Hajovsky

Concept for Detection of Device Failures Using Active Grid Analysis

A. Faschingbauer, C. Sigl

SVM Classification of Data Obtained from a Health Condition Monitoring System Using Flexible Force Sensing Resistors

Yasutaka Uchida, Tomoko Funayama, and Yoshiaki Kogure

Silver Nanoparticle-modified Polypyrrole Love Wave Sensors Sensitive to Acetone

M. Setka, F. A. Bahos, D. Matatagui, I. Gràcia, E. Figueras, J. Drbohlavová, and S. Vallejos

A Multivariate Emissivity Database for Industrial Infrared Radiation Thermometry

E. Chalkley

Prediction of Temperature in WSN Using Artificial Intelligence

L. Formanek, M. Chochul and O. Karpiš

Label-free Optical Fiber Sensing Platform Based on Lossy Mode Resonances

C. R. Zamarreño, P. Zubiate, A. Ozcariz, C. Elosua, A. B. Socorro, A. Urrutia, D. Lopez, N. De Acha, J. Ascorbe, J. M. Corres, M. Hernaez, J. Goicoechea, F. J. Arregui, I. R. Matías and I. del Villar

Message Compression Concept for Software Defined IoT Edge Devices

R. Poeschl and A. Faschingbauer

Laser-based Gas Sensors for Breath Analysis: From Research to the Clinic

S. M. Cristescu

Differential Pressure Sensing Based on Phase Sensitive Detection for Liquid Level Measurement

P. Esmaili, F. Cavedo and M. Norgia

Analysis of Climatic and Oceanic Variables in the Canarian Archipelago in the Last 15 Years through Remote Sensing

Nerea Marrero Betancort, Dionisio Rodríguez Esparragón and Javier Marcello Ruiz

A Simple Method for Determination of the Frequency Response of the Constant-temperature Hot-wire Anemometer

S. Takagi, A. Inasawa and M. Asai

Mobile Air Quality Monitoring System Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Wireless Sensors Networks

R. M. Camarillo, J. Flores, J. M. Camarillo, E. Hernandez, J. A. Ramirez, F. J. Castro

Real-time Fusion of MEMS Accelerometers/Gyroscopes with Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Road Networks for Enhanced Urban Localization

Hamza Sadruddin and Mohamed M. Atia

Possibility for Temporal Observation of Thrombus Generated in Extracorporeal Circulator Circuit by Photoacoustic Imaging Using LED

Takahiro Wabe, Ryo Suzuki, Kazuo Maruyama, Yasutaka Uchida

Direct Sensing of Time-varying Displacement in Nanopositioners by Piezoelectric Ceramics Transducers

A. Bazaei, M. Boudaoud, M. H. Ettefagh, Z. Chen and S. Régnier

Arrays of Gas Sensing Elements Based on Cerium Oxide-tungsten Oxide Core-shell Single-nanowires

O. Chmela, J. Sadílek, G. Domènech-Gil, A. Romano-Rodriguez, J. Hubálek, S. Vallejos

Extending Bee Hive Health State Monitoring by Integrated Acoustical Sensing and Machine Learning

A. König

Effect of Thin Film Interconnect Inelasticity on MEMS Pressure Sensor Hysteresis

Y. Hamid, D.A. Hutt, D.C. Whalley and R. Craddock

Correlation between Weather Conditions and Respiratory Pathologies in Gran Canaria by the Use of Remote Sensing

I. Caballero-Leiva, N. Marrero Betancort, J. J. Rodriguez Betancor, D. Rodriguez-Esparragón, J. Marcello

Mechanoluminescent Pulse Pressure Sensors

K. V. Tatmyshevskiy

Noise Analysis of PCB-based, Double-core Planar Fluxgate Sensor

M. Ortner, A. Roshanghias, M. Lenzhofer and T. Becher

New Approach to Sensing Amphiphilic Electrochemically Active Compounds

T. Navrátil, A. Rajcová, R. Jerga, V. Müllerová, S. Zacharov and J. Skopalová

Development and Mathematical Description of a Bistable Hydrogel-based Sensor Switch for Monitoring of the Relative Humidity

N. Gulnizkij and G. Gerlach

Carbon Fiber Brush Electrode for Detection of Bioactive Compounds Transported Across Biomimetic Membranes

J. Skopalová, D. Riman, R. Jerga and P. Barták

An Overview of Magnetometer Sensors Performance for the Purposes of Traffic Flow Monitoring

M. Hodoň, O. Karpiš, P. Ševčík, J.Miček and A.Kociánová

Adaptable Power Consumption Profiles for Wearable Localization Devices

Manuel Faustino, Jorge Calado, João Sarraipa and Ricardo Jardim-Gonçalves

Detection of the Glial-fibrillary-acidic-protein Biomarker with an Ultra-high-frequency Surface-acoustic-wave Lab-on-a-Chip

M. Agostini, G. Greco, M. L. Vieri, F. Amato and M. Cecchini

High-resolution Data Acquisition and Control System for Performance Monitoring of Domestic Solar Water Heaters

E. L. Meyer, J. C. Nwodo and O. K. Overen

Effect of the Channel Length in the Response of a MIS Transistor Sensor with Optical Gain for Nano-watts Light Signal

J. Hernández-Betanzos, A. A. Gonzalez-Fernandez, J. Pedraza and M. Aceves-Mijares

Secure PUF: Physically Unclonable Function Based on Arbiter with Enhanced Resistance Against Machine Learning (ML) Attacks

Mohammad El-Hajj, Ahmad Fadlallah, Maroun Chamoun, Ahmed Serhrouchni

Oxygen Gas Sensing Technologies New Features in Combustion Process

P. Shuk and C. McGuire

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Leakage Detection in Water Mains

F. Huber, M. Schwarz and B. Zagar

New Method for NO/NO2/NH3 Measurements and Differentiation with a Single Sensor

B. Ya. Farber, G. Graves, Y. C. Li, T. Rash and N. W. Currier

A Study on Low Latency Serial Power Line Tunnels for Sensor Data Transmission

K. Kellner, D. Hochwarter, M. Brandl

Design and Implementation of Environment Monitoring System Based on ZigBee

Fuzheng Zhang, Weile Jiang, Qijing Lin, and Hao Wu

Peculiarities of Testing of Measurement Instrument Software in Ukraine

O. Velychko, O. Hrabovskyi and T. Gordiyenko

VarroaCounter – Towards Automating the Varroa Screening for Alleviated Bee Hive Treatment A. König AlN Nanopowder for Biological and Optical Oxygen Gas Sensors

B. Berzina, L. Trinkler and V. Korsaks

Polyaniline Nanocomposites Based Sensor for Simultaneous and Selective Measurement of Ammonium Nitrate Aerosol and Ammonia Gas

M. L. Boukhenane, N. Redon, J.-L. Wojkiewicz and P. Coddeville

Detection Level of Honeybee Desease: Varroosis Using a Gas Sensor Array

A. Szczurek, M. Maciejewska, B. Bąk, J. Wilk, J. Wilde, M. Siuda

Sapphire Optical Fiber Sensor for Ultra High Temperature Measurement

Na Zhao, Qijing Lin, Zhuangde Jiang, Kun Yao, Bian Tian, Zhongkai Zhang

Ultrasonic Temperature Measurement

M. Reisinger, M. Schwarz and B. Zagar

raw-LoRa vs. LoRaWAN for Urban Monitoring: Two Wireless Sensor Network Architectures in Comparison

S. Tondini, S. Tritini, S. Croce, S. Seppi and R. Monsorno

Pulse Shape Dependence on Applied Voltage of Geiger-Mueller Detector

B. Almutairi, S. B. Alam, T. Akyurek, C. Goodwin, A. Olson, and S. Usman

Observation of CO Detection Using Aluminum-doped ZnO Nanorods on Microcantilever

R. Nuryadi, L. Aprilia, M. Hosoda, A. Udhiarto, D. Hartanto, M. A. Barique, Y. Neo and H. Mimura

First Step Towards a Magnetic Polymer-based Ethanol Gas Sensor

B. López-Walle, J. Bravo-Guerra, S. Gómez-Flores and E. Reyes-Melo

A New Amperometric Enzyme-based Biosensor for Specific Determination of 17β-estradiol

K. Spychalska, J. Cabaj

Lung Volumes and Ventilation Assessment Using Multifrequency Bioimpedance Meter

Vladimir Leonov and Huynsoo Ha

Cognitive Measurements: a New Paradigm of Measurement Science

Valery B. Tarassov

Magnetic Polymer Minirobots for Aquatic Operation: Design and First Characterizations

L. Miranda-Vázquez, B. López-Walle, S. Zapata-Reyes, J. Cisneros-Hinojosa and E. Reyes-Melo

Suspended Carbon Nanotubes Gas Sensor

S. Arunachalam, F. Nabki and R. Izquierdo

Continuous Sorting of Submicron Particles in a Pre-analytical Device Based on Acousto-fluidic Microsystem

A. Chaalane, D. Guneysu, M. Addouche, R. Zeggari, F. Lardet-Vieudrin, C. Elie-Caille, W. Boireau and A. Khelif

An Ontological Approach in Measurement Science: Towards a System of Measurement Ontologies

V. B. Tarassov, M. N. Koroleva

Rapid Strain Differentiation of E. coli-inoculated Urine Using Olfactory-based Smart Sensors

Aminat Adebiyi, Nam Than, Sarath Swaminathan, Mohammed Abdi, Amy N. Bowers, Andrea Fasoli, Alberto Mannari, Luisa Bozano

Communication Anomaly Detection in Cyber-physical Systems

P. Blazek, R. Fujdiak, M. Hodon, I. Zolotova, P. Mlynek and J. Misurec

New Trends in Measurement Science. Bayesian Intelligent Measurements

S. V. Prokopchina

Financial Measurement by the Means of Bayesian Regularization Approach

V. B. Dernovoi, S. N. Mishchenko

The Global Measurement. The New Trend in Measurement Science

Ilia V. Iljin, Svetlana V. Prokopchina

The Methodologies Aspects of Measurement in Energy and Housing Applications

S. Sheremet’ev, A. Frolov

Estimation of Uncertainty in Calibration of Precision LCR-meters on the State Primary Standard of Units of Inductance and Tangent Angles of Losses

Iu. Kuzmenko, O. Velychko, S. Shevkun and M. Dobroliubova